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Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment is done to align teeth that are crooked or improperly positioned. They are used to close gaps between teeth, straighten crooked teeth, improve biting or chewing, prevent excessive tooth wear, and correct improper bite. The appliances used for orthodontic treatment are either removable or fixed.

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My four teeth need to be extracted for placing braces. Why?

Query: Hi doctor, I put on braces last month for my upper teeth. I notice that if I am put on an expander, I will not need extraction. They want to extract four teeth. I want a second opinion. How long does it take for an expander to work? I only have 17 months left on my duty station.  Read Full »

Dr. Mayank Khandelwal

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Hope you are doing well. I thoroughly read your query and understand your concern. Orthodontics has changed a lot since its inception about 120 years ago. Previously, it was a non-extraction protocol that was in the trend, followed by extraction protocols in the 1970...  Read Full »

My expanders put pressure on the mouth. Please help.

Query: Hello doctor,I got orthodontic expanders a while ago, but they put pressure on the top of my mouth every time I turned them. So when I went to my orthodontist, they told me not to turn them anymore. Will that affect the treatment?  Read Full »

Dr. Mayank Khandelwal

Answer: Hello, Welcome to The expanders are given to expand the palate and create sufficient space for teeth eruption and crossbite correction. When we expand using the expanders, we exert pressure on the palatal sutures to separate them and gain the width. However, this separation is gradual...  Read Full »

Should I remove my premolar while receiving ortho treatment?

Query: Hi doctor, I have been on orthodontic treatment for the past two and a half years, and now my orthodontist tells me I have to take out four teeth (premolars) to stop the flare of my front upper teeth. Is that something I can trust? This flare was present during the first year of treatment, and it i...  Read Full »

Dr. Mayank Khandelwal

Answer: Hi, Welcome back to There are certain borderline cases wherein the orthodontist is always in a dilemma whether the case can be finished without extractions or will be required. However, there is also a middle option for the same, that is IPR (interproximal reduction), where certain tee...  Read Full »

My child's dentition is maligned. What should I do to correct it?

Query: Hello doctor, Kindly suggest the treatment for the following conditions for a child of growing age. The problems are brachyfacial tendency, mildly convex profile, mildly prognathic maxilla, mildly prognathic mandible, moderate maxillary constriction, moderate mandibular constriction, class II molar ...  Read Full »

Dr. Mayank Khandelwal

Answer: Hello, Welcome to You have given excellent details for your case. As the signs enlisted and details of x-rays and photos attached (attachment removed to protect the patient's identity), you know that she does not have an aligned dentition. Your child is of growing age and still has the...  Read Full »

Is it normal after bracket placement the pieces of tooth to come out?

Query: Hello doctor,I had a bracket replaced this morning, and I think he put some stuff on my tooth. I do not know what it was, but now my tooth is coming out in pieces. Is that normal?  Read Full »

Dr. Mayank Khandelwal

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Brackets are placed on the tooth using composite material, which is also white in color. We place the composite on the base of the bracket and put it onto the tooth, and excess composite flows out through the sides of the bracket from between the base of the bracket an...  Read Full »

Can I get Invisalign treatment for protruding front teeth without extraction?

Query: Hello doctor, I am interested in getting Invisalign treatment because my upper front teeth are protruding, although the issue is not severe. Recently, I have started feeling some discomfort due to this misalignment. Additionally, my teeth are closely compacted. I would like to know if it is possible...  Read Full »

Dr. Mayank Khandelwal

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Yes, aligners can be a viable option for addressing protruding upper teeth. The first step is to calculate the amount of space needed for proper alignment and assess the existing space. If the difference is significant, extractions may be necessary to achieve satisfa...  Read Full »

Will the glue used to stick the braces to my molars damage my teeth?

Query: Hello doctor, I have braces and have had them for about a year. When I first got them on, they put glue on my molars to prevent me from biting my braces. The orthodontists said the bond would eventually disappear, but the glue is still present almost a year later. Is this normal, and will it damage...  Read Full »

Dr. Mayank Khandelwal

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Yes, it is necessary to put glue on molars to avoid biting them, which is called raising the bite. Almost 50% of cases need that. It is done mainly in deep bite cases where upper teeth interfere with the lower braces and might cause breakage of lower braces due to co...  Read Full »

Should I remove my premolars for wearing braces?

Query: Hi doctor,I had braces before but my teeth have shifted not as they used to be but still they require treatment, now dentist suggested it is because of wisdom teeth. It was pushing my front teeth and the orthodontist said it was because my lower jaw and upper are not matching. My lower teeth are als...  Read Full »

Dr. Mayank Khandelwal

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I read your query and can understand your concern. I have reviewed the photo you shared (attachment removed to protect patient identity). Your teeth are shifted and crowding is present. Regarding your dentist's opinion, yes, there are chances that wisdom teeth might...  Read Full »

I got swollen gums after the wire change. What is the reason?

Query: Hello doctor,I am a 15-year-old male taking Ibuprofen and Melatonin. I woke up this morning with swollen gums in between my top front four teeth—no redness or tenderness. I just changed my wires a week ago and had a double z spring added to those four teeth to close gaps. I brush and floss twice a...  Read Full »

Dr. Mayank Khandelwal

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Good to know that you are well aware of your oral health and have concerns about the changes occurring. Were you prescribed Ibuprofen and Melatonin by the treating orthodontist for braces purposes only or some other reasons? The wire change, as well as the elastomeric c...  Read Full »

I do not wear my twin block appliance during meals. How long should I wear it?

Query: Hello doctor,How much longer will I need to wear a twin block appliance if I do not wear it only while eating meals compared to wearing it the whole day? I do not engage in contact sports or swimming, but I brush my teeth at least three times a day.Thank you  Read Full »

Dr. Mayank Khandelwal

Answer: Hello,Welcome to blocks are removable appliances used to correct the position of the lower jaw. They maintain the jaw in a forward position, forcing the muscles to stretch and adapt to the new alignment. For faster muscle adaptation, it is important to wear the appliance consistentl...  Read Full »

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