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Pain In Thigh

Aching or throbbing pain in the thighs and calves in infants is due to growing pain. It usually occurs at night which might result in disturbed sleep and affects both legs. Overuse of the leg muscles during daytime is the most common cause of growing pain. Rubbing the legs, using a heating pad, stretching exercises, and taking pain-relieving medications help relieve growing pain.

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Can erectile dysfunction cause pain in ankles, legs, and thighs?

Query: Hi doctor,I have pain in my ankles, legs, thighs, and testicles. The pain is sharp, sometimes randomly, with erectile dysfunction. I wake up, and it slowly gets worse. Last week it got worse. Yesterday it was much more noticeable and did not go away and increased throughout the day. And today, it is...  Read Full »

Dr. Alexander Davis

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I can very well understand how difficult this situation must be for you. What caught my attention is that you mentioned pain in the testicles. Sometimes the severe mistake is made to attribute testicular pain to some issue with the spinal disks or other neurological pro...  Read Full »

I have pain at the injection site. Please help.

Query: Hi doctor, I had a fall recently. The doctor gave me a painkiller injection on my buttocks. Now, I have developed a pain on the right side of the thigh. There is pain only when I touch it, and there is a pain in the place where the injection was given.  Read Full »

Dr. Goswami Parth Rajendragiri

Answer: Hello, Welcome to You had a history of fall. So, you are having a musculoskeletal pain problem. A non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug like Ibuprofen can be taken for five days. A hot compress can be applied. Avoid movements that cause pain. Take rest. If there is no improvement, the...  Read Full »

Why the pain in my otherwise numb right thigh worsens on sleeping?

Query: Hi doctor, I am in my early thirties with a bodyweight of 160 lbs and a body height of 5' 2.5". Currently, I have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, mixed hyperlipidemia, fibromyalgia, high cholesterol levels, and hip issues. The outer part of my right thigh has been numb for three months. I ...  Read Full »

Dr. Arpit Varshney

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I have read your concern in detail and I will surely help you out. The numbness and leg cramps you are experiencing are commonly known as sciatica. They can be cured with proper sitting posture, regular exercise, and specific vitamin supplements. You should consume v...  Read Full »

I get constant pain in buttocks along with thigh pain. What should I do?

Query: Hello doctor, I have had permanent cramps and constant aches in both buttocks. I have pain down the back of the legs in the calf and when I walk it feels like it is about to cramp and I get pain in front of the thigh. I have a constant aching feeling. When I press my skin on both thighs it feels so...  Read Full »

Dr. Anshul Varshney

Answer: Hi, Welcome to It looks like a nerve compression to me. If all investigations are normal, it does not mean it cannot be nerve compression. It could be meralgia paresthesia or neuralgia. I would recommend you take Vitamin B12 shots. Also, discuss with your doctor to prescribe you a...  Read Full »

I am dealing with extreme thigh pain. What to do?

Query: Hi doctor,I have been experiencing severe pain in my left thigh for the past week. Initially, I thought it might be related to my hip, but now the pain extends from my hip down to my knee. It is a deep, aching discomfort. Interestingly, when I sit in a perfectly still position, the pain gradually su...  Read Full »

Dr. Sumit Chawla

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I read your query and understand your concern. Pain extending from the hip to the thigh can have various causes, such as spine-related issues leading to neurological discomfort or hip pain referring to pain in the knee joint. To determine the most appropriate course of a...  Read Full »

I have a small blister on my thigh. Please help.

Query: Hi doctor, I have suffered from sore on my right thigh for the past three days. It started eight days back like a small blister. I am unable to walk correctly. Kindly suggest medicine for this that has appeared in the past three days. Yes, it is a painful lesion and there is oozing. There is no feve...  Read Full »

Dr. Sandhya Narayanan Kutty

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I understand your concern. The concern you are facing is termed furuncle. This is a sore-like bacterial infection that affects any part of the body. From the details mentioned, the sore could be due to friction on the thigh area during walking. They may also occur d...  Read Full »

I have pain in my left thigh and enlarged ovaries. Can these be due to PCOS?

Query: Hello doctor, I have had pain in my left thigh for six months and pain during ovulation since the last two periods. I had similar pain six years ago also. I went through hormonal blood tests and a pelvic ultrasound scan. The blood tests showed normal levels of hormones are TSH: 1.7 mlU/mL, FSH: 4.4 ...  Read Full »

Dr. Sanap Sneha Umrao

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I have read your query and understood your concern. Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is a common condition and it may cause symptoms like irregular periods, scanty menses, acne, and excessive weight gain. However, it may not always cause symptoms. Furthermore, PCO...  Read Full »

I have experienced a painful and bruised area on my leg, following a pop. What could be the cause of this?

Query: Hello doctor, I felt a pop on the inner side of my upper thigh a month ago. I have severe pain and bruising which keeps spreading around and down the leg. Please help me.  Read Full »

Dr. Anuj Gupta

Answer: Hello Welcome to It looks like a hamstring injury (attachment removed to protect the patient's identity). I need a little information, kindly answer them. What were you doing at the time of injury? What treatment have you taken till now? Thanks and regards.  Read Full »

I have been experiencing itchy red round patch rashes around my inner thighs. Please help.

Query: Hi doctor,I have been experiencing red round patch rashes around my inner thighs, which are itching and paining. I am irritated. I applied a lot of anti-fungal creams, but I am not getting any results. Please help.Thanks.  Read Full »

Dr. V. Srikanth Reddy

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I understand your concern. You may suffer from fungal infection, commonly affecting the inner thighs, groin, and buttocks. It can be treated by a course of anti-fungal treatment, including tablets and creams. Do not use soap over that area. Mistreatment with counter stero...  Read Full »

I have pain in my knees and thighs and MRI showed AVN of both hips of the femoral head and neck. Please help.

Query: Hi doctor, I have pain in my knees and thighs. I have consulted many doctors, and they asked me to get a MRI scan done. My recent MRI report the last month showed that I m suffering from AVN of both hips of the femoral head and neck and also a bulging disk in L5 which is causing pain in my lower bac...  Read Full »

Dr. Sharoff Lokesh Mohan

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I understand your concern. Alendronate has a prolonged process to make you better and pain-free. You require an injection. Stem cells do not work, so please do not go for it. All the patients I have seen have failed to use stem cell therapy. Also, refrain from core dec...  Read Full »

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