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Q. Are the abnormalities in abdomen X-ray stones?

Answered by Dr. Chitrangada.

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Hello doctor,

I am a nurse and I had the stomach flu about a week ago and decided to take a VD pelvis and abdomen radiograph of myself. Upon taking the radiograph, a number of small abnormalities in the pelvis were seen. At first glance, they appeared to be stones, but after taking repeat X-rays, one week later, the small circular spots have not moved at all. A urinalysis was ran and came back completely normal. I suffer from irregular periods but other than that, I am in good health.

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Dr. Chitrangada
Radiodiagnosis, Radiology


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I assume the radiographs were taken to evaluate any calculus, stone along the urinary tract. However, the small opacities seen in the pelvis are phleboliths within the veins of your pelvis and not stones. These phleboliths would not cause any discomfort to you and are asymptomatic. With irregular periods, I would recommend a pelvic ultrasound with KUB also to evaluate post void residue which can cause recurrent sub-clinical UTI. Take care.

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