Q. Can you suggest any alternative medicine for tubal blockage and infertility?

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Hi doctor,

We have been trying to have a baby, but I have a block in my fallopian tube. As a result, eggs cannot reach the uterus from my ovary. And my endometrium is too thick or too thin at times, so my doctor is also confused. My AMH level is 0.9 ng/mL. I had an abortion four years back and was diagnosed with a thyroid problem. After that have never gotten pregnant again. Is there any medicine to cure all this? Please help me. I have stopped all medicines out of frustration.

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Dr. Alka

Ayurveda Specialist


Welcome to icliniq.com.

I have read your query very carefully. You did not mention your previous reports, your age, weight, and other medical histories. Are you taking thyroid medicine continuously? What is your husband's health status? As infertility is a complicated procedure and a lot of factors are responsible for it, I need to know all this.

Your AMH (anti-mullerian hormone) value is below normal, but it is not the only factor that matters in the success of IVF (in-vitro fertilization).

The endometrium is the innermost layer of the uterus and helps in the implantation during pregnancy, as your endometrial thickness is not consistent it might be one of the reasons behind your previous abortion.

As far as blockage of tubes is concerned, it may have many reasons like pelvic inflammatory disease, genital tuberculosis, etc. Your doctor must have mentioned about your cause after examining you.

  • In modern medicine, there are some surgeries for tubal blockage. But, that can be performed after complete evaluation and success rate varies interpersonally.
  • If you want to take some break from allopathic treatment, then try alternative medicine. But, your age and other factors will matter a lot.
  • In alternative therapy, there are some techniques for tubal blockage, for that, you have to go to a nearby ayurvedic hospital and panchakarma center. They will explain the complete process with the pros and cons after taking a look at your reports and doing a clinical examination.

Along with that, start ayurvedic medicines for infertility. If your husband's health status and reports are not regular, then he must get a clinical examination done.

The medicine will only be useful if tubal blockage get removed. You can also try IVF after maintaining your uterine health.

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