Skin Rashes

A change in the color or texture of the skin is called a skin rash, which commonly results from skin inflammation. Some conditions that cause skin rashes are impetigo, rosacea, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), cellulitis, etc.

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How to treat itchy skin and wounds in a Parkinson's patient?

Query: Hello doctor, My mother is Parkinson's patient with gait problems and cannot walk. She is having skin itching with wound on both sides of inner thighs and chest area below the neck for the last one month. We give her Atarax tablet and use T bact on the wound and Ritch lotion on the surrounding s...  Read Full »

Dr. B. T. Priya


Answer: Hello, Welcome to I went through the pictures (attachment removed to protect patient identity). It is looking like she is suffering from a rare disease called a bullous disorder, bullous pemphigoid which will be having blisters and ulcerations. It is an autoimmune disease. It need...  Read Full »

How to treat an itchy bruise due to insect bite in a diabetic?

Query: Hello doctor, Patient is a 59-year-old diabetic, having a rash on the knee probably insect bite from a bush. It is itchy and looks like a bruise. The rash is present for about a week. Patient is currently on Janumet 50/1g, Alkaline 24, and Spirulina capsules.   Read Full »

Dr. Sneha Mariam Varghese

Venereologist, Dermatologist

Answer: Hello, Welcome to From your history, it is unclear what your concern is. It would advise you to attach a photo to guide you better. Since you are a diabetic, there might be slow healing and that is why a suspected insect bite rash is persisting. You can apply Fusidic acid cream tw...  Read Full »

What can cause skin infection during pregnancy?

Query: Sir/madam, I am 3 months pregnant Iam suffering for skin infection like rashes came onto my whole body I consult my gynecologist doctor she gave me avil tablet and oldid cream but still it's not working  Read Full »

Dr. Sneha Mariam Varghese

Venereologist, Dermatologist

Answer: Hello , Welcome to icliniq Hope you are having a good day. 1) From your history I understand that you are deeply concerned because of your pregnancy and the skin rash that is there . Let me assure you that , there are certain rashes and condition that co- exist with pregnancy and it is comple...  Read Full »

Will chronic problem in gut give rise to skin rashes?

Query: Hello doctor, For the last year or so I have been experiencing a troubled gut, gassy disposition, constant rumbling in the stomach, and frequent burps. Since then I have stopped consuming lactose, heavy foods such as cheese, full-fat milk, and paneer since but my stomach is still unsettled a year o...  Read Full »

Dr. Subharanjini Ramesh


Answer: Hi, Welcome to If your gut is not normal, it will definitely affect your skin. First thing, include a lot of probiotics in your diet. Take two cups of curd daily. Have small frequent meals like two to three hours eat something. Your meal should be breakfast, lunch, and dinner with two...  Read Full »

How to treat the infected skin rashes in inner thighs?

Query: Hello doctor, I have rashes on my inner thighs. They are itchy and have infected areas of dark color. There is no pus but just itchiness.  Read Full »

Dr. Bincy Varghese

Venereologist, Dermatologist

Answer: Hi, Welcome to It seems the rash and itching on the inner thighs could probably be due to a fungal infection of the skin. This is very common especially in tropical countries and more so in the hot humid summers. To accurately diagnose the same, further information like images of the ...  Read Full »

What should I do for weird rashes on the back of my arms?

Query: Hi doctor, I am a female in my mid 20's. I have noticed a weird pattern on the back of my arm today. I do not know how long it has been there. It does not hurt or do anything. Just wondering what it is? And what I need to do about it?  Read Full »

Dr. Aditi Dhanta


Answer: Hi, Welcome to I have seen your photographs (attachment removed to protect patient identity) and to me it seems like pityriasis versicolor. It usually occur in humid weather or sunny season. Apply the following medications and it will be helpful.  Read Full »

I am having severe pain in rightside back lower body with rashes. Why?

Query: Hello doctor, Having severe pain in rightside back lower body with rashes. I will attach photos.  Read Full »

Dr. B. T. Priya


Answer: Hi, Welcome to You have got herpes zoster (attachment removed to protect patient identity). It is caused by Varicella zoster virus. Very painful blisters will be there. Must be started on antivirals at earliest. Tablet Acyclovir 800 mg 5 times a day or other equivalent. For pain Paracet...  Read Full »

Why have a few reddish spots developed on my baby's head?

Query: Hi doctor, My baby boy, who is 8 months 14 days old. His weight is 7.6 kg and height is 27 inches. He is taking Arbivit-3 and Zincovit drops daily according to the doctor's advice. Are his weight and height fine? From few days, there are some reddish spots developed on his head and in some parts of...  Read Full »

Dr. Navreet Sharda


Answer: Hi, Welcome to Your son's weight and height are in normal range, but it is definitely towards lower side. I expect his weight to be between 2 to 3 kg at the time of birth. He need close monitoring as far as growth is concerned. If he is gaining weight adequately in the next coming mont...  Read Full »

What could be the reason for predominent skin problems in joints?

Query: Hi doctor, I am a 35-year-old male. I have a problem in my skin, especially, on joints. I have had already consulted a dermatologist and she suggested consulting a rheumatologist based on the symptoms. Due to COVID-19, I could not consult but now it is spreading very fast. Could you please help? I...  Read Full »

Dr. Naval Mendiratta


Answer: Hi, Welcome to I have gone through your query and reports. (attachment removed to protect patient identity). Your vitamin D is significantly low for which you are already on the supplement. I want to ask you about skin problem and joint pains. Since the prescription was not fully ...  Read Full »

Can you transmit skin infection by coming in contact with them?

Query: Hello,This is not an average question but I hope someone may help me. A few months ago I have been diagnosed with atypical dermatitis. My simptoms were red spots regularly appearing and disappearing. They were not itchy except (slightly) on the scalp and forefront. Shower was exacerbating the sympt...  Read Full »

Dr. Subhash Kashyap


Answer: hi the type of description of your reasons it appears that you are having hives or urticaria. it is a slightly raised red or white lesion which occur on the skin and disappear on its on after few minutes or hours this occur due to allergy to some internal or external agent that maybe water, in case...  Read Full »

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