Medical Advice on "Otolaryngology (E.N.T)"

Dr. Shyam  Kalyan N
Hello, Welcome to Bad smell during breathing could be due to various reasons. Let us see those one by one. Malignancy: an intranasal (inside the nose) or intraoral (inside the mouth) malignancy can produce foul smell, that can be ... View thread »

Dr. Subhadeep   Karanjai
Hi, Welcome to The first thing that comes to my mind is a disease called atrophic rhinitis. Here, the mucous membrane and structures inside the nose shrink and the nasal cavity is filled with crusts, which get infected and smell. In ... View thread »

Dr. Shyam  Kalyan N
Hello, Welcome to For swelling in the pre-auricular area, my differentials are: Lymph node enlargement. Parotid gland swelling. Skin tumor. Parapharyngeal space growth. Since it is rubbery and movable, I feel it is more like a ... View thread »

Dr. Syed Tehmid
Hello, Welcome to Nasal trauma and consequent inflammation can cause symptoms like you are complaining. Epistaxis and stuffiness can be present. Since you have been examined at ER and they did not find any signs of fracture, there is ... View thread »

Dr. Syed Tehmid
Hello, Welcome to The condition is called aphthous stomatitis. It usually follows a brief period of stress to be emotional or physical, as a febrile sickness. You need to take a short course of antibiotics, topical analgesics, ... View thread »

Dr. Deepthi  Maringanti
Hello, Welcome to I have gone through your complaints. Repeated attacks of a low-grade sore throat suggest that it could be chronic pharyngitis. The other common causes of chronic sore throat are due to acidity and gastroesophageal ... View thread »

Dr. Shyam  Kalyan N
Hello, Welcome to I understand that you have done strep test, which is a rapid test to find out whether the pharyngitis has bacterial origin. The strep test is positive and this means most probably the Streptococcus pyogenes detected ... View thread »

Dr. Vinay  S Bhat
Hello, Welcome to Since your throat is not used to the smoke, which contains a large number of chemicals, it got injured and started to pain. Chronic smokers will not experience pain due to a permanent change in the cells of the throat, ... View thread »

Dr. Shyam  Kalyan N
Hi, Welcome to Do you have pain or decreased hearing? Did he rule out wax and outer ear infection? Could he see the ear drum ... View thread »

Dr. Baidya Nath Majhi
Hello, Welcome to Yes, it is technically possible to implant a small GPRS (general packet radio service) chip in your post aural region. But, that type of device cost a lot. I do not think that anyone can access to that type of device ... View thread »