Medical Advice on "Infertility"

Dr. Dattaprasad Balasaheb Inamdar
Hi, Welcome to Chance for pregnancy depends on status of ovulation. If ovulation has occurred, normally there is 25-30% chance of pregnancy. HPT (home pregnancy test) is fairly about 99% accurate in predicting pregnancy if done ... View thread »

Dr. Sameer Kumar
Hello, Welcome to I have gone through the reports (attachment removed to protect patient identity). The sperm analysis shows azoospermia (complete absence of sperm from the fluid ejaculated during orgasm) and testicular failure. If ... View thread »

Dr. R Balakrishnan Menon
Hello, Welcome to Let me start by giving the right schedule for MTP kit. Mifepristone 200 mg orally single dose, will dislodge an embryo from the uterine lining. This will have some gastric problems but no bleeding. After 48 hours of ... View thread »

Dr. Vidya
Hello, Welcome to There are two possibilities here. One is a chemical pregnancy, where only the pregnancy test result come positive, and there is no evidence of sac on ultrasound. Second being a healthy pregnancy is a delayed conception ... View thread »

Dr. Sameer Kumar
Hello, Welcome to The presence of pinkish-brown spotting in the proliferative phase of your cycle does indicate that you are having inadequate endometrialization possibly due to decreased serum estradiol levels during the phase. Also ... View thread »

Dr. Sameer Kumar
Hello, Welcome to As you are on day 8, ET (endometrial thickness) is low for the day of the cycle. You should be starting on Progynova (Estradiol) 2 mg one tablet twice a day for the next seven days. Your follicular scan days should be ... View thread »

Dr. Sameer Kumar
Hello, Welcome to You have been wrongly guided by your doctor because there is no apparent need for PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapy and injection into ovaries to rejuvenate the ovaries to produce better quality eggs. The therapy ... View thread »

Dr. Neha Singh Rathod
Hi, Welcome to As age advances, there are hormonal changes which alter the chances of pregnancy. Stress, anxiety, work pressures, change of place, change in climate alter fertility. Smoking, alcohol, caffeine intake, inactive lifestyle ... View thread »

Dr. Sameer Kumar
Hello, Welcome to Was it a missed abortion or a spontaneous miscarriage? Do you have kids now or this was the first pregnancy ... View thread »

Dr. Sameer Kumar
Hello, Welcome to As the follicular size has already crossed 22 mm, there are high chances that you would ovulate in the next 24 hours naturally. However, by rule hCG dose is offered when the largest follicular size has crossed 20 mm, ... View thread »