Medical Advice on "Neurology"

Dr. Shivam Om Mittal
Hello, Welcome to Strokes on the left side of the brain will cause weakness in the right side of the body and right facial weakness. Please let me know if you have any other questions. For more information consult a neurologist  ... View thread »

Dr. Hitesh Kumar
Hello, Welcome to Possibly there been some compression or inflammation of the inferior alveolar nerve, which passes through the mandible and then emerges as the mental nerve. The mental nerve supplies the part below the lower lip and ... View thread »

Dr. Rajyaguru
Hi, Welcome to I understand your symptoms well. Actually, what you have is cluster headache only. Your symptom profile fits into the classic description of cluster headache. The relief with antibiotics was a mere coincidence. The ... View thread »

Dr. Prakashkumar   P.Bhatt
Hello, Welcome to MOG-antibodies are common in children with acute demyelinating syndromes (like optic neuritis in your case) with both monophasic and relapsing disease courses. MOG is myelin oligodendrocytes glycoprotein normally ... View thread »

Dr. Sudheer  Ambekar
Hi, Welcome to Tingling sensation in the left arm can be due to nerve compression in the neck or in the arm. You will need a thorough physical exam followed by electroneuromyography study of the arms and legs and if possible, MRI of ... View thread »

Dr. Aida  Quka
Hello, Welcome to I reviewed, and I am glad to confirm that we can exclude any possible motor neuron disease, neuropathy, or muscle disorder. I would recommend checking vitamin D, plasma levels for possible deficiency, and thyroid ... View thread »

Dr. Anshul  Varshney
Hello, Welcome to Your history is suggestive of neurological issues with very less possibility of anxiety. Following are the possibilities that I can think of : Amylotropic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Multiple sclerosis. Young onset ... View thread »

Dr. Aida  Quka
Hello, Welcome to I agree with you on the fact that this drug can lead to erectile dysfunction as a known adverse effect. On the other hand, this adverse effect is not permanent, and it is reversible after stopping the drug. So, I do not ... View thread »

Dr. Aida  Quka
Hello, Welcome to You should know that trigeminal neuralgia is a common complication of shingles or herpes infection. As blisters appeared the first time, it means that the herpes infection was present (probably HSV1 (herpes simplex ... View thread »

Dr. Aida  Quka
Hello, Welcome to I understand your concern and would explain that this type of headache could be related to hipnic headache. Anyway, a brain MRI or CT scan is necessary in order to exclude a possible brain lesion, as the headache is ... View thread »