Medical Advice on "Psychologist/ Counsellor"

Dr. Ajit  Naik
Hi, Welcome to Hearing a strange voice is a symptom of psychosis which can be a symptom of depression. Low mood, lack of interest in previously pleasurable activities and lethargy are some significant symptoms of depression. Genetic ... View thread »

Dr. Parth  Singh
Hi, Welcome to There is no short cut to quit smoking. There are two methods you can try. The natural method. You decrease the number of cigarettes by 20 % each week till you reach to a point where you smoke only 4 to 5 cigarettes per day ... View thread »

Dr. Padmapriya  Chandran
Hi, Welcome to Pregnancy and motherhood involve changes in both body and mind for a woman. Be proud of it. It is too early to think of weight loss, especially when you are feeding your baby. Give some time for your body to come back to ... View thread »

Dr. Dhruv Thakkar
Hi, Welcome to Do not worry, I have understood your problem. Let me talk about the second problem first, because it needs to be solved as a priority. Your repetitive thoughts and behaviors seem to be of an obsessive-compulsive type. ... View thread »

Dr. Parth  Singh
Hi, Welcome to CBT is usually not useful in schizophrenia when the patient is having fulminant and active symptoms of schizophrenia such as delusions and hallucinations. The prerequisites for CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) are, 1 ... View thread »

Dr. Suresh Kumar G D
Hi, Welcome to I can understand your difficult position due to stress in the family. Remember it is not your fault and it is common for young people to feel stressed and low in the mood when facing problems at home or outside. First, ... View thread »

Dr. K V  Anand
Hello, Welcome to I can understand your situation. For you, this trouble could be heartbreaking. You need to understand what is anxiety and what is a panic attack. Anxiety is the body's natural defence mechanism. Without anxiety and ... View thread »

Dr. Suresh Kumar G D
Hi, Welcome to With the limited information you have provided, it is difficult to give an accurate opinion. It is possible you are describing some features of autism spectrum traits or Asperger syndrome which can manifest as social ... View thread »

Dr. Ashok  Kumar Choudhary
Hi, Welcome to I read your query and understand your concerns. From the available description, it is almost clear that she is suffering from depression. Depression is a common psychiatric disorder which occurs in 10 to 20 % of women ... View thread »

Dr. Ashok  Kumar Choudhary
Hi, Welcome to The details you have provided about your problem are very brief. Although, if you have these problems for more than two weeks then you are probably suffering from a major depressive disorder. A major depressive disorder ... View thread »