Medical Advice on "Sexology"

Dr. Ashok  Kumar Choudhary
Hello, Welcome to Thanks for choosing this platform. 2 to 5 inch of the penis size is normal. The average size of penis is 3-5 inch while erect and 1-3 inch while flaccid. Having said this I like to inform you that penis size does not ... View thread »

Dr. Bharat  Udey
Hello, Welcome to It is one of its kind and the most interesting question that I have come across. It is good to see that how an adolescent can be so inquisitive about his sexual development. In males, sexual maturity begins to appear ... View thread »

Dr. Bharat  Udey
Hi, Welcome to It is quite common to get a frenulum tear while having coitus. It will heal within four to five days and pain will subside in a day or two. However, if you still continue to have pain, you can seek an opinion. Avoid ... View thread »

Dr. Seikhoo  Bishnoi
Hello, Welcome to Seroquel is Quetiapine, and the drug is an antipsychotic and mood stabilizer drug. In high doses in some individuals the drug is known to result in side effects like reduced libido, sometimes delayed ejaculation, ... View thread »

Dr. Kumarshri  Shriniwas  Saraswat
Hello, Welcome to As per your history, you seem to be suffering from erectile dysfunction (difficulty in sustaining erection) after marriage. The commonest cause of erectile dysfunction after marriage is performance anxiety. If you are ... View thread »

Dr. Ramchandra  Lamba
Hi, Welcome to Erectile dysfunction can occur because of many factors like diabetes, hypertension, thyroid disorder and also due to stress and psychological problems. So, visit a nearby psychiatrist to find the exact cause and then ... View thread »

Dr. Nidhi Jain Bukharia
Hi, Welcome to You can apply lignocaine gel 2% (lox 2%) on your two fingers after wearing a condom on your fingers, and then try to enter the fingers into her vagina gradually and keep them inside for 10- 15 minutes. After a few ... View thread »

Dr. Seikhoo  Bishnoi
Hello, Welcome to If you are not able to retract the foreskin over the tip of the penis, then most likely the skin is tight and it is due to phimosis. Though to make a diagnosis, evaluation is needed. This is a surgical ... View thread »

Dr. Radhakrishnan  Nair B
Hi, Welcome to You are perfectly normal and there is no need of any medicines. Masturbation is a healthy way of satisfying your sexual desires and does not have any side effects. You can masturbate daily as semen is produced daily. You ... View thread »

Dr. Ohams Henry
Hello, Welcome to Testicular pain after erection may be a signal that you are having epidydymo orchitis because the epididymis and testicles are the organs where your sperms are stored and produced respectively. So if the pain comes ... View thread »