Q. I am suffering from testicular pain. What could be the cause?

Answered by Dr. Atul Bhatla and medically reviewed by iCliniq medical review team.


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Dr. Atul Bhatla
Ayurveda Specialist


Welcome to icliniq.com. Testicular pain can be due to many reasons.

  • It can be due to an infection in testis or adjoining tissues.
  • It can be a referred pain due to a stone in the urinary tract.
  • Reason can be as simple as a prodromal symptom of a viral infection. Or any other reasons as well.

Ascertaining the reason of pain without proper history and examination is not a good idea. The wrong diagnosis will eventually lead to the wrong treatment. You should visit a surgeon in person and get yourself examined. Urine examination and an Ultrasonography may be needed to ascertain the cause of pain. Do not feel shy and do not delay. If you are not able to consult a doctor or if a doctor is not in reach, please again ask your query with details of pain like, from where it starts and where it radiates, how it started and any associated symptoms.

Get a urine routine examination and TLC, DLC done and share the reports.

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