Q. Can oil pulling and eating Calcium-rich diet reduce cavities in teeth?

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Dr. Naveen Thomas
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Hello doctor,

This is really embarrassing as I have 10 to 12 cavities in my teeth mostly in between two teeth but still I am developing new cavities now in front teeth. It seems like my full mouth is composite filled. I have healthy eating habits and not a sugar addict. Kindly suggest some measure to save my teeth as I do not want to have denture in the next 10 years. Will oil pulling and eating Calcium-rich diet help me?

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Dr. Naveen Thomas

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It would be better if you could start continuous brushing after every meals. Use dental floss to remove food stuck between teeth. Go to a dentist every 4 to 5 months and do cleaning of teeth to remove bacteria and plaque. See if you can get a toothpaste containing fluoride. Fill all carious teeth at the start itself. These much steps are necessary for patients with much caries risk. Avoid sticky food like biscuits, chocolate, etc. Increase intake of fibrous food.

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