Vaginal Bleeding

Vaginal bleeding apart from menstruation is a sign of some problem in the reproductive system. Some of the causes of abnormal vaginal bleeding are cervical or uterine cancer, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, perimenopause, sexually transmitted infections, and uterine polyps.

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How long does it take for bleeding due to placental abruption to stop?

Query: Vaginal bleeding after 32weeks pregnant. After visit to the hospital, docs said it was preterm labor & placenta abruption. Discharged after 2days 1night, was given bed rest, bleeding almost came to a stop but few days have passed and bleeding either has increased in amount some days or there has be...  Read Full »

Dr. Deepali Raina

Obstetrician And Gynaecologist

Answer: Hi This is a very tricky situation. If the bleeding behind your placenta (abruption) has stopped on inside the pregnancy can be safely continued. The collected blood may keep coming out of vagina for even a week. but it should not be bright red fresh blood.if however the bleeding on inside doesn't s...  Read Full »

Why do I get pain and bleeding after being fingered?

Query: Hello doctor, A few months now, I have been experiencing discomfort and bleeding after being fingered. It does not really happen during sexual intercourse though. I have an urge to urinate even after urinating. And it stings and the urine will sometimes come out at different random times. I have...  Read Full »

Dr. Ushasi Mukherjee

Obstetrician And Gynaecologist

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Have you noticed the bleeding while you urinate also? Or else only after fingering? In view of your past episodes of UTI (urinary tract infection) it seems the same has recurred again as suggested by the pain after urinating. On top of that since women's urethral o...  Read Full »

Why does my vagina bleed when I get aroused?

Query: Hello doctor, I bleed whenever I get wet and horny. I am currently taking a Depo shot every three months and Adderall every day for ADHD. I am 15 years old. My height is 5'6 and I weigh about 200 pounds. Please help.  Read Full »

Dr. Keeranmayee Mishra

Obstetrician And Gynaecologist

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Abnormal uterine bleeding is the most common side effect of Depo-Provera therapy, especially in the early months of use. It is a problem whenever bleeding continues for more than 14 days, is heavy, or symptoms such as pelvic pain accompany it. Bleeding irregularities t...  Read Full »

I get normal to heavy bleeding post medical abortion. Is this something to be worried?

Query: Hello doctor, I had a medical abortion during my 7th week of pregnancy, and bleeding lasted for 10 days. A few days after, the bleeding stopped and I had pain in the right lower abdomen that lasted for 24 hours. Two weeks later bleeding started again which I thought was my first period. It was brow...  Read Full »

Dr. Sravanthi Nuthalapati

Obstetrician And Gynaecologist

Answer: Hello, Welcome to icliniq. com. Having prolonged irregular bleeding after medical termination is not a normal phenomenon. It definitely indicates some problem. One of the most common causes for prolonged bleeding could be retained products of conception which need to be evacuated or sometimes a...  Read Full »

Why are there frequent cramps with vaginal bleeding?

Query: Hello doctor, After two weeks of LMP, I had mild cramps and non-stop light vaginal bleeding, it lasted for three days. I experienced non-stop light vaginal bleeding, once again after this month periods. This morning, I started to have light bleeding again. Given my concerns, I had bloodwork this we...  Read Full »

Dr. Jimesh H Mavani

General Practitioner, Obstetrician And Gynaecologist

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Overall looks like normal. There is no ultrasound scan which is required if you having irregular bleeding. Secondly there are 100s of hormones producing and out of which we can do tests of few only. So cannot say by 100 % that it is not hormonal issue. Irregular menses ...  Read Full »

Why do I have continous vaginal bleeding?

Query: Hello doctor, I am writing on behalf of my wife. She is facing continuous bleeding from vagina since seven days after post pregnancy bleeding. Here is the complete scenario. We blessed with a baby 38 days ago and it was a C-section delivery. 16 days back the bleeding had stopped completely. Everyth...  Read Full »

Dr. Sanjay Kumar Bhattacharyya

Obstetrician And Gynaecologist

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Your wife is having bleeding per vagina following one month of Cesarean section. This is termed postpartum hemorrhage and often creates an emergency. This could be caused by an infection of C-section wound commonly. But, as per your report (attachment removed to pro...  Read Full »

I am having bleeding 8 days after taking I-pill. Why?

Query: Hi doctor,I had periods on 26th and had protected sex on the 4th of the following month. After that, I took an i-pill within 2 hours. Now, I am bleeding like my periods ie after 8 days of i-pill. Is this my period? If not, can I expect my periods on the coming 26th?  Read Full »

Dr. Jimesh H Mavani

General Practitioner, Obstetrician And Gynaecologist

Answer: Hi, Welcome to It is a withdrawal bleeding after i-pill. As you are bleeding now, your menses going to be irregular mostly. Now your period is going to delay mostly and very little chance that it comes on time. I-pill is a hormonal pill so it can disturb your normal cycle. Withdrawal ...  Read Full »

Please help me interpret my Pap smear reports.

Query: Hello doctor, I had irregular bleeding for eight weeks. Since ten days it is better. Please examine my pap smear report and HPV report. I got it done as there was irregular bleeding. I have PCOD and diabetes. Currently, I am taking Metformin XR 850 mg. Please let me know whether all looks fine.  Read Full »

Dr. Rakesh Mittal

Child Health Specialist, Medical Oncologist, Paediatrician

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I went through all your reports (attachment removed to protect patient identity) and they all are fine. I really do not understand why you are worried.  I do not know the reason why you got these tests done in first place. Do you have any symptoms? Your doctor als...  Read Full »

Can reproductive cancer cause abnormal vaginal cancer?

Query: Hi doctor, I have been bleeding heavily from my vagina for past five days. It only happens when I either open my bowel or while urinating. I put in a tampon to confirm that the bleeding is coming from my vagina and not from rectum. When I am not using the bathroom there is no bleeding and no blood o...  Read Full »

Dr. Sameer Kumar

Family Physician, Obstetrician And Gynaecologist, Infertility Specialist

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I believe this is the first episode of heavy intermenstrual bleeding or polymenorrhagia for you and during the mid cycle. The most likely cause for the same can be irregular shedding which can occur in case of ER estrogen excess or progesterone deficiency where endom...  Read Full »

How to deal with bleeding after sex and smelly vaginal discharge?

Query: Hello doctor, I am 40 years old with three children, and my periods stopped a few months ago. After some time, I got a short period for one time; then it stopped for another three months. I started feeling unwell and thought it was just due to stress. I had some discharge, which was not itchy but h...  Read Full »

Dr. Sonal Prasad

Childbirth Educator, Lactation Counselor, Obstetrician And Gynaecologist

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Post-coital bleeding, along with vaginal discharge and menstrual abnormalities, must be further investigated. It can be due to uterine causes like a polyp or more likely due to cervical causes like polyp, erosion, LSIL (low-grade squamous intraepithelial lesion), etc. ...  Read Full »

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