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Feedbacks and reviews by users about their consultation experience with Dr. Tooba Qazi.

Dr. Tooba Qazi

"Thank you for your answer!"

- Meg, Mount Laurel, United States

Dr. Tooba Qazi

"Thank you for the help."

- Tif****, Angier, United States

Dr. Tooba Qazi

"Thank you so much doc! I'll definitely be eating rice and bread in the morning so im hoping itll go down with it. And if it doesnt go down by lunch time ill definitely be visiting the nearest hospital. Hopefully they wont be charging a pretty penny for everything...
Thank you so much again! Have a great day and ill definitely be happy and blessed!"

- Wil**** Larita III, Mililani Town, United States

Dr. Tooba Qazi


- Abi*, Coimbatore, India

Dr. Tooba Qazi

"Thank you"

- Tri*** Teehan, Kilkelly, Ireland

Dr. Tooba Qazi

"Thank you doctor..."

- Swa**, Bhopal, India

Dr. Tooba Qazi

"Thank you.I will
take it serious"

- Abd**, Lahore, Pakistan

Dr. Tooba Qazi


- Ama* **asin, India

Dr. Tooba Qazi

"Asslamalaikum..Tq doc.."

- Sye*, Tiruchirappalli, India

Dr. Tooba Qazi

"Thnx alote doctor."

- Ama****t., Kuwait City, Kuwait



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