iCliniq Symptom Checker is used to identify possible diagnosis for your health-related concerns. Choose a body part on the given image and mark the symptoms to get a possible list of conditions to help understand the causes and treatments, before being passed on to a real doctor.

Our doctors will send a relevant reply related to your symptoms and provide further advise regarding treatment. Get started now.

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Add your symptoms

Please use the search or click on the body model.

Please try to add more than one symptom.


FAQ's on iCliniq Symptom Checker

1. Can I add multiple symptoms?

Yes, you have the option to add multiple symptoms from different body parts.

2. When can I get my results for symptom checker?

The system will generate the result based on your symptom immediately.

3. Should I pay money to use the symptom checker?

There is no payment necessary to use the symptom checker on iCliniq

4. Can I ask a query based on the symptom checker results?

Yes, you will be able to post a query to a doctor on iCliniq with the results of the symptom checker.

5. Are symptom checker results accurate?

The symptom checkers results are just a guideline. You will have to get an opinion from a practicing medical physician for an accurate treatment plan.