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Dr. Maha Mohamed Tawfik Elzimaity
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Professional Bio:  Dr. Maha Mohamed Tawfik Elzimaity is a Hematologist with 41 years of clinical experience. She is working as a Professor at Ain Shams University. She completed her MBBCh, MD (Internal medicine), and Ph... Read More 




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Professional Bio

Dr. Maha Mohamed Tawfik Elzimaity is a Hematologist with 41 years of clinical experience. She is working as a Professor at Ain Shams University. She completed her MBBCh, MD (Internal medicine), and Ph.D. (Internal Medicine) following Fellowship Clinical Hematology and Bone Marrow Transplantation. She worked as a clinical hematology and bone marrow consultation consultant in Saudi Arabia at Riyadh Military hospital from 2008 to 2011.

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Ain Shams University



Ain Shams University



Ain Shams University


Awards & Publications

Dr. Maha Mohamed Tawfik Elzimaity has done the following publications: 1) El Zimaity M, Bayle C, Sabbour MSImmunologic and morphologic typing as a prognostic factor in M1 acute myeloblastic leukemia. J Chemother. 1990 Apr;2(2):136-42. 2) Talkan HA, SalehWA, Lotfi OA, Lotfi AA, El Zimaity M: Serum level IL10, TNF, and neopterin in chronic hepatitis C virus infection and their relation to viral load. Ain Shams Med J 1998; 49:939-948. 3) Abd el Alim M, Tharwat A, El Zimaity M: Clinical and bacteriological aspects of Acinetobacter septicemia. Sc Med J ESCME 1998; 9:13-24. 4) Fathy OFM, Asfour I, el Kholy N, El Zimaity M: Serum Erythropoietin in adult lymphoma patients. J of Egyptian Sc of Hematol 1998;23,4:507-516. 5) Abou Ali F., El Zimaity M., el-Fiky R., el-Zimaity D.: Relation between chronic helicobacter pylori infection and acute ischemic cerebrovascular stroke. 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Ain Shams University clinical hematology and bone marrow transplantation unit

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