When it comes to health, scientifically accurate and trustworthy content is crucial. We at iCliniq work tirelessly to provide accurate, current, and insightful information about various health conditions. Read on to find out how iCliniq creates content for health articles and queries.

With the help of the internet, health and wellness information is available everywhere. You will probably find innumerable sites with information about the health condition you are looking for. But the challenge is to find content that is trustworthy and relevant. Finding such trustworthy and easy-to-read content online becomes a challenge for most. We at iCliniq are constantly working to change this. Our content on health and fitness is easy to understand for the general public, and we try to explain most of the hard medical terms as simply as possible. You can easily read and understand our content, which will help you make the best health decision for yourself and your loved ones.

Looking for a specific condition or a particular endemic disease or fitness? Don’t worry! We got you covered. Our health articles are written in the simplest terms, and we avoid using technical language to prevent any confusion. This helps our readers to understand the particular topic properly, which gives them the confidence to take necessary actions.

We also have a lot of articles on preventive medicine and fitness. These articles help our readers understand the importance of fitness and a healthy lifestyle in preventing most diseases. iCliniq understands the importance of mental and psychological health for the overall well-being. As a result, we address both physical and mental well-being throughout our content.

We are not here to judge our patients, and we maintain strict privacy policies. We protect the personal data, photos, reports, etc., shared by our patients. We do not discriminate against our patients based on their illness. iCliniq encourages more people to open up about their health condition, so we can help them live a better and healthy life.

iCliniq’s Mission
Our mission is to create a platform for both doctors and patients, which is trustworthy and easily accessible by everyone.

iCliniq’s content creation process
iCliniq’s editorial and medical data coordinator teams are committed to the highest quality content while sticking to strict medical ethics. We provide unbiased, comprehensive, honest, and prompt information, which helps our patients take required actions.

iCliniq’s team of doctors
We have more than 3500 doctors across 80+ specialties who evaluate all the content and give personalized medical advice to patients. iCliniq also has a team of in-house doctors that includes gynecologists, surgeons, and dentists. We also have homeopathy specialists, chiropractors, and Ayurveda specialist, who share their expertise with our patients.

iCliniq’s medical review team: iCliniq’s content moderation team makes sure that the medical content and services provided by us are of the highest quality. The medical review team manages and reviews all the content posted on the site and ensure that the medical information provided is on par with all the recent medical advances.

Members of the iCliniq's medical review team are listed below.

iCliniq’s writers: All the articles and content on our site are written, reviewed, and curated by doctors. Our doctors write articles and give healthcare suggestions based on their specialty. This makes out content trustworthy and accurate.

iCliniq’s sources and references: Our content is written by doctors, who are experts in their fields. All articles are researched and sourced from academic research institutions, government agencies, and medical associations. We make it a point to check the medical information provided on iCliniq is recent and accurate.

Staying up-to-date: The content in all our premium Q/A are regularly updated by working with the treating doctor and checked by the doctors in our medical reviewer team. They make it a point to revamp the content when new information about the suggested drug or condition gets available. In case the treatment plan proposed in an old query becomes outdated, or if a drug gets banned, such particulars are removed.

iCliniq’s Health tools: iCliniq’s Health Tools and Calculators include Body Weight, Safe Days, Blood Pressure, Early Pregnancy, Estimated Due Date and many more such calculators. These are useful for our patients to maintain their health and wellness. The information in these tools is written in simple language and it sticks to medical evidence and clinical guidelines. All these tools have been reviewed and approved by the doctors on our site.

iCliniq’s symptom checker: iCliniq’s symptom checker helps our patients by giving them a list of possible diagnoses and which doctor to consult, based on the symptoms they choose. All the symptoms and diagnoses in this checker have been listed by our team of doctors.

Medical cases: Our doctors share medical cases to discuss the treatment options, diagnosis, or just to share with their colleagues about some interesting or challenging cases.

Data Verified: iCliniq’s medical review team is dedicated to delivering content that is accurate and trustworthy. Articles are fact-checked by our doctors to ensure all the medical information provided is recent and authentic. We have a zero-tolerance policy regarding plagiarism or ill-disposed intent from our writers.

iCliniq’s medical articles strictly adhere to these standards:

  • Links to referred studies and research papers are given.
  • All statistical data and studies are collected from reputable journals or academic associations.
  • Any recent information related to new drugs, treatment options, or procedures are updated regularly.
  • All medical terms and abbreviations are explained.
  • Information provided on our site are obtained from government websites and other trusted sources.

If you have a question that needs an answer or have feedback, please contact support.