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Dr.Pooja  Pardhi
Q. Can I take Orofer XT instead of Orofer ... - Answered by Dr.Pooja Pardhi
Hi, Welcome to Iron deficiency anemia is very common. You should start taking iron supplements only after an accurate ...

Dr.Bharatesh Devendra Basti
Q. My baby has flaky white patches on forehead. What can it be ... - Answered by Dr.Bharatesh Devendra Basti
Hi, Welcome to It may be due to seborrheic dermatitis (itchy red rash with flaky scales) or atopic dermatitis or ...

Dr.Swapan Banerjee
Q. My brother is 91 kg. Suggest a diet to reduce his weight ... - Answered by Dr.Swapan Banerjee
Hi, Welcome to I can see here your brother's BMI (body mass index) is 22.48. The range of BMI is 18.5 - 22.9 maximum ...

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How to Recognize a Warning Sign of Stroke ... - Published by Dr.Vidhi Hareshbhai Talati
Stroke is the third leading cause of death today. There are many complications associated with stroke which will disturb the day- ...

Dr.Vinay Kumar
Coping with Leucoderma: the White Spot Disease - Published by Dr.Vinay Kumar
Leucoderma is a common skin condition and has considerable social stigma. It is better to be informed about the disease and know ...

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