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Recent Answers

Dr. Parth R Goswami R Goswami
Q. Can increased platelet count be due to heavy periods ... - Answered by Dr. Parth R Goswami R Goswami
Hi, Welcome to Due to heavy period and bleeding, you can have a reactive increase in platelet count. Your count is ...

Dr. Sreenivasa Rao
Q. I am pretty flexible but doing center splits cause sharp pain. Why ... - Answered by Dr. Sreenivasa Rao
Hi, Welcome to There are many factors, other than tight inner thigh muscles that limit the split especially center ...

Dr. Albana Greca
Q. Is it life-threatening to have blood on return during IM injection ... - Answered by Dr. Albana Greca
Hello, Welcome to I understand your concern. Usually, we do not inject when during the return there is blood. ...

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Dr. Potnuru Srinivaasa Sudhakar
What Is Homeopathy and How Does It Cure ... - Published by Dr. Potnuru Srinivaasa Sudhakar
This article provides an introduction to homeopathy to those who are curious about the principles on which this system of medicine ...

Dr. Vasantha  K S
Be Aware of the Thyroid ... - Published by Dr. Vasantha K S
The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland in front of your neck. Along with the other glands of the endocrine system, it regulates ...

Dr. Vasantha  K S
Understanding the Types of Hernia Better - Published by Dr. Vasantha K S
A hernia is the protrusion of an internal organ through a weakened area in the muscles or tissues. They do not pose an immediate ...

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