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Enabling faster, geo-location independent, real time consultationEnabling faster, geo-location independent, real time consultation. Realtime healthcare collaboration simplified inside the living room. Realtime healthcare collaboration simplified inside the living room. Consult a doctor, sitting from home or even workplace. Consult a doctor, sitting from home or even workplace.
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  • Consult Online Doctors and get medical advice for your health problems.
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  • Increase Online Reputation & Make money by answering health queries and phone/video consultations.
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  • Get your Own Brand online consultation website.
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What is iCliniq? - An Online Doctor Consultation Platform

iCliniq.com is a virtual platform that brings the patient and doctor together in real time. You can Ask a Doctor Online or Phone a Doctor or Video Chat with a Doctor to get your Medical Questions Answered if you have an urgent health concern that requires immediate answers. Our service allows you to consult with a highly qualified physician right from the comfort of your home or any location. Doctor’s can take advantage of our service to create a mobile practice where they can receive compensation for providing phone or video consultations as well as by answering queries.

iCliniq.com upholds the highest standards when approving physicians for our database. We stringently verify our online doctors to ensure they are fully licensed so your care will always be of the highest quality. Our goal is to provide the highest caliber of online healthcare and offer a unique service where any patient can receive consultations with doctors and any doctor can practice while on the go.

Expat Health Care (For Expatriates)

The most trying thing for expats would be to get their medical issues solved. Icliniq.com comes to solve this most important issue of an expat. An expat just has to register with us. We would take care of every health issue and solve it by suitably guiding them to a specialist on icliniq.

Options From a Large Database of Physicians

Users have the option to choose from a wide variety of different physicians to get answers to their medical questions. Our doctor panel consists of medical doctors, physicians and therapists from US, UK, Singapore, Germany, UAE, India and counting. Directly from our site, you can ask medical questions or book phone consultations and video consultations from anywhere in the world. In addition to setting up an online doctor chat, you can also schedule direct appointments. Our virtual online medical help service provides the ultimate in convenience and premier health care.

Whether you need to ask a doctor about a pressing health concern or consult with a psychiatrist online(for online psychotherapy & counseling help), our service offers the perfect solution. Get an online doctor consultation today and ask the doctor any question you may have. Register online today!

Doctors Can Easily Attract Global Users

Our innovative virtual doctor service will allow you to expand your practice to new heights. You can now reach patients globally and provide solutions and medical answers for users worldwide. Building relationships with your virtual patients will result in even more referrals to your practice. When you provide doctor advice online, you will be helping a patient who may otherwise have had to visit the emergency room.