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5 Best Telehealth Consultation Services in Australia
Best in Australia - 02.Apr.2020

iCliniq is a safe online community for patients and qualified doctors. Using the iCliniq app, patients can consult with doctors anywhere and anytime, via four different modes of communication: query, chat, phone call and video call. Designed to be a “second opinion” platform, iCliniq is an easy to use online source of medical expertise where patients can get much-needed advice from a qualified doctor. ... read more »

Everything to Know About Telemedicine During the Coronavirus Pandemic - 23.Mar.2020

Telemedicine is having a serious moment amid the coronavirus pandemic. At a time when a lot of people are ill but simultaneously unable and not recommended to go to a doctor’s physical office, having access to a physician from the safety of your own home and being able to talk to a doctor online while social distancing is a priceless resource. If you’ve never worked with telehealth or telemedicine before, here’s everything you need to know to get well—from behind your screen..........Available worldwide, you can get answers from more than 1,000 doctors to medical questions on iCliniq, as well as search archived questions and answers. ... read more »

Covid worries push people to telemedicine consulting
The Times of India - 19.Mar.2020

Same is the case with Coimbatore-based iCliniq which is also witnessing a 20% rise in consultations from Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad. “It is a black swan moment for us; this situation is helping the telemedicine industry. While we are not promoting ourselves in any way, we are trying to help customers who are in panic,” said Dhruv Suyamprakash, founder, iCliniq ... read more »

Trump touts telehealth in coronavirus pandemic fight
Yahoo Finance - 18.Mar.2020

Calling it a "historic breakthrough," the Trump administration Tuesday announced an expansion of telehealth services for seniors in an effort to Americancs from visiting doctor’s offices in person and risk spreading or catching the novel coronavirus................... If you are caught with an emergency on vacation and are looking for emergency care, ICliniq has a virtual hospital service. The company founded in 2012, offers online access to a catalog of specialty doctors, and the platform caters specifically to expatriates and travelers. ... read more »

What Is Telemedicine, Exactly?
SHAPE.COM - 18.Mar.2020

Telemedicine isn't just a novelty—it's become a necessity. If you've been furiously searching "what is telemedicine?" here's your answer, plus how to actually use it............................iCliniq: This service allows customers to connect with medical experts by video, chat, phone, or by doing a query. Like many patient-provided services, you can access someone 24/7. ... read more »

How Digital Health Platforms are Serving Patients with COVID-19 Symptoms
Medical Travel Market - 13.Mar.2020

ICliniq for ex-pats. The Covid-19 pandemic has spread to over eighty countries in a few short weeks and infected more than a hundred thousand people. In this time, many healthcare organisations have been actively encouraging the public to adopt the use of digital healthcare services. ... read more »

iCliniq brings medical help right into your living room through its portal
THE HINDU - 29.Jul.2019

Dhruv Suyamprakasam was travelling in Dubai when he hurt his knee. “I didn’t have travel insurance and finally got help through tele-medicine,” he recalls. When he got back, he decided to launch a platform “through which people would have access to medical help”. Thus was born the Start up iCliniq. ... read more »

Open APIs could enable affordable healthcare for all
TM Forum - 15.May.2019

The Catalyst has two startups as its champions: HealthCubed and ICliniq. HealthCubed provides a portable medical device “the size of a shoe box” that offers inexpensive, safe and easy medical testing with real-time diagnostics. Tests can be administered in public health centers or in rural areas by a paramedic. The dream, says Steffen Roehn, Founder and CEO of Roehn Management Consulting and Senior Adviser at Reliance Jio, is ultimately for every family to have one in their home. Roehn also was recently appointed Chairman of TM Forum. ... read more »

Enabling affordable and quality digital Health ecosystem for more than 1bn lives
TM Forum - 13.May.2019

There is a lack of adequate and quality healthcare services in both rural and urban areas. This problem is further compounded in developing countries which often have a shortage of facilities and personnel. This Catalyst brings together healthcare service providers and telecommunications providers to fill this gap using a digital health ecosystem to provide quality primary healthcare to all. ... read more »

Meet the Entrepreneurs In Our 2019 Spring Milestone Makers Cohort
Nasdaq - 29.Mar.2019

iCliniq enables patients to get medical second opinions at low cost from health care professionals around the world. iCliniq has its own global credentialing system that makes sure of the quality of health-care professionals. Over a million opinions have been provided for patients across 196 countries by 3500 doctors on iCliniq ... read more »