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How to Improve Concentration Power in Children Through Homeopathy?

Written by Dr. Kavita Rajput and medically reviewed by iCliniq medical review team.

Image: How to Improve Concentration Power in Children Through Homeopathy?

These days, there is a common complaint among all the parents that their children "lack concentration," and of course it affects their academic performance in a major way. So, it is an important area to take into consideration so that your child can perform better in their academics as well.

Causes for Lack of Concentration

There are some important and most prevalent causes of lack of concentration in school going children (we can say from age 5 to 12 years). At this age, their mind is very sharp and most attentive to learn new things. So, it is very necessary to give their potential a sense of direction.

1. Boring and difficult study pattern - children always find something which they enjoy doing, and if they have to learn something which is difficult, they subconsciously try to ignore that and find ways to escape the task. Their mind automatically turns toward things which they can enjoy. So, there should be a very friendly, easy, and interesting way to study. Give them easy tasks to complete or break the difficult task into small, easy tasks, so that they learn to accomplish their goals.

2. Medical condition - if your child recently developed a lack of concentration, was well earlier, and has serious concentration problems, then it may be due to some medical condition like ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), deficiency of vitamin B complex and some other micronutrient, hormonal imbalance in pubertal age children, some chronic illness, etc. For this, you should visit the consultant doctor.

3. Diet - There are some food products which cause tiredness and sleepiness like products made of refined carbohydrates like pasta, noodles and also pizza, burger, carbonated drinks. They cause short-term alertness but, in the long-term, the effect is sluggishness.

Remedies for Concentration

There are some top homeopathic medicines which you can consider to improve your child’s concentration power and behavior so that they can perform their best in academics and extracurricular activities.

Baryta Carbonica - This is the best medicine for children with weak memory and lack of concentration, lack of confidence, and weak both mentally and physically. They take a long time to comprehend a topic, keep reading the topic, again and again, height is less than their age, are very shy, and they do not have many friends and fear to meet strangers. They are very sensitive to cold weather. Along with all this, they have a repeated history of tonsillitis; then Baryta carb is the top remedy.

Kalium Phosphoricum - It is one of the greatest remedies. The child is weak and tired, mental and physical depression are wonderfully improved by this remedy; the child is very nervous and irritable, there is a loss of memory, slightest labor seems a heavy task, shyness, changeable mood. It is considered a complete tonic for improving memory.

Medorrhinum - This is the best medicine for children who make mistakes in spellings and names when writing, sometimes when they speak to someone, repeatedly lose the thread of a conversation because they forget the word.

Kalium Bromatum - It is a top remedy when the child has a serious loss of memory, cannot talk without telling words by others, even they cannot start a conversation without support. There is marked restlessness, especially in hands. There is an important symptom in this medicine that children cry and scream in sleep and sometimes talk during sleep.

Aethusa Cynapium - This is another important remedy when the child cannot remember what was taught. The child is restless, there is a lack of interest in studies, is anxious, crying, having summer complaints, with diarrhea, and there is an inability to digest milk.

Calcarea Carbonica - It is a great remedy for fatty chubby children who grow rapidly. When there is forgetfulness and confusion, great sensitivity to cold, profuse perspiration especially in the upper part of the body. They are very sleepy.

Phosphorus - It is a good remedy for children who are delicate, tall, lean and thin. When the child is fearful, forgetful, or there is a lack of concentration due to play. Restless, very sensitive, playful, desire for juices, fruits, cool drinks. Talks to everybody makes friends easily.

Mag Phos - it is especially suited to tired, exhausted children. They feel debilitated very soon during studies. They cannot bear mental exertion, inability to think and sleeplessness due to indigestion.

Natrium Muriaticum - It is a great remedy for anemic children, having great debility in the morning, liability to take cold. There are ill effects of anger, fright, and grief. They feel awkward, and want to be alone to cry.

Gelsemium Sempervirens - When the child desires to be left alone and be quiet. There is an absolute lack of fear in children, having performance anxiety and examination phobia. Marked lack of thirst, they do not like to drink water.

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