Breathing Problems

If you feel discomfort while breathing and cannot draw a complete breath, you have breathing problems. As you are unable to breathe properly, the carbon dioxide in the body cannot be exchanged with oxygen in the air you breathe efficiently, resulting in a lack of oxygen. The conditions that can cause breathing problems are asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis, COPD, coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, etc.

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What causes severe breathing problem and chest pain?

Query: Hi doctor, The patient is a 70 year old female. She has a severe breathing problem with mild chest pain. Also, there is some gastric problem, vomiting tendency, loss of appetite and weakness. Her current medication includes Dytor 5 mg, Tellzy, Nicorandil 5 mg, Rosave 0.5 mg, Clonotril 5 mg, Iv...  Read Full »

Dr. Anshul Varshney

Criticalcare Physician, Diabetologist, General Medicine Physician, Internal Medicine Physician, Medical Gastroenterologist, Nephrologist, Pulmonologist, Rheumatologist

Answer: Hi, Welcome to We are here to help you. Breathlessness and chest pain in any person with pre-existing heart and blood pressure problems should be evaluated for any cardiac event. In case, her electrocardiogram and chest x-ray are normal; then it is likely to be because of bron...  Read Full »

Why do I get symptoms like sore throat, chest pain, and discomfort in breathing?

Query: Hello doctor, I had chest pain a few weeks ago, but I had a sore throat infection before that. I am feeling discomfort when breathing and exercising. I feel discomfort, especially in my right breast, while doing my daily workouts and lying down.  Read Full »

Dr. Sugreev Singh

Internal Medicine Physician, General Medicine Physician

Answer: Hi, Welcome to As you mentioned, you had a sore throat recently, and after that, only you are experiencing difficulties in breathing and slight pain. It is possible due to that infection, and you have bronchitis leading to pain. Or maybe possibilities of pus formation. Do you hav...  Read Full »

Can COVID-19 patients be asymptomatic?

Query: Hi doctor, My sister's COVID-19 report is positive. She had breathing difficulty, which later got minimized, but we failed to understand that it could be COVID-19. Now she has no symptoms like fever, cough, or body pain. But now, when one of her colleagues in her office is tested positive, she also...  Read Full »

Dr. Malvika Rao

General Practitioner, Family Physician

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I get your concern toward your sister. She is currently asymptomatic, so there is no need to visit the doctor or worry about anything. According to worldwide analysis, 80% of COVID-19 patients are asymptomatic or show mild symptoms. However, we also know that the Cor...  Read Full »

What does acute left-sided chest pain with breathing problem indicate?

Query: Hello doctor, I have acute chest pain for a short duration in both chests but severe in the left with breathing problems and increased breast size.  Read Full »

Dr. Sunil Kumar Nookala

Allergy Specialist, Pulmonologist, Sleep Medicine Physician

Answer: Hello, Welcome to You have not specified the type and duration (hours or days) of pain. Is the pain radiating to any parts or localized and associated with any other difficulties? Please answer my questions.  Read Full »

Will iron supplement taken for low iron further increase my RBC levels?

Query: Hello doctor, A couple of months ago, I started having weakness and trouble breathing. On getting blood tests done, I had a hemoglobin of 12.9, so I was told it is likely not anemia. I was taking supplements for vitamin B 12 and vitamin D. The symptoms seemed to improve. However, the breathing pro...  Read Full »

Dr. Parth R Goswami

Family Physician, General Practitioner, Hematologist, Pathologist

Answer: Hi, Welcome to You can complete the course of Orofer XT (Ferrous ascorbate and Folic acid). Orofer might increase your RBC count slightly. However, do not worry about that. Your RBC count are borderline high for which there is no need for much worry. MCH (mean corpuscular hemoglob...  Read Full »

Can sinus and turbinate problems cause breathing difficulties?

Query: Hi doctor, Operation for supraglottic collapse, laryngomalacia last year, increasing difficulty in breathing and swallowing for four years, supposed to have operation on maxillary sinus right ethmoid and CT scan of paranasal sinuses, was meant to have submucous diathermy of inferior turbinates, and...  Read Full »

Dr. B Vageesh Padiyar

ENT Otolaryngologist

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I personally feel you have been having chronic obstructive sleep apnea at different levels. However, the symptoms of difficulty in opening your mouth and yawning can be related to the temperomandibular joint. The other symptoms such as weakened chest moments causing dis...  Read Full »

What are the causes of breathing problems?

Query: Sir/Ma'am I am having difficulty in breathing from last 4 months. My ctscan and Pft and x-ray reports are normal. My Ige value is very high . I smoked from starting of this year. My breathing problem is deteriorating. No sneezing neither any cold. No watery eyes.  Read Full »

Dr. Sugreev Singh

Internal Medicine Physician, General Medicine Physician

Answer: Hi Welcome to icliniq There can be various reasons for such. But as you mentioned your reports were normal. Then this could be allergies like dust or pollen or smoke. So when we get in contact it triggers asthma and such breathing difficulties occur. Sir are you still smoking? If yes then quit...  Read Full »

Is disc herniation the cause of my symptoms?

Query: I may have a pinched nerve or herniated disc in my back right next to my left shoulder blade. It has been making it harder to breathe along side my lung condition, which is still undergoing diagnosis. The past two days while I have been driving my face, hands, and feet went numb and my eyes started ...  Read Full »

Dr. Sugreev Singh

Internal Medicine Physician, General Medicine Physician

Answer: Hi sir Welcome to icliniq Normally all the nerves in our body comes from brain and goes to all over body through spinal cord. As you mentioned you have herniated disc and pinched nerve. When this happens actually nerve pathways below that herniated site gets disturbed. Because you have herniated di...  Read Full »

Why do my symptoms recur when I stop taking Prednisone?

Query: How do I stop the intake of Prednisone? I've taken this drugs for over 10yrs now and the side effects are high on me. More of Weight Gain, please how do I stop it? I started taking this drugs and it's equivalent 15 years back after I had a surgery on my nasal cavity for a growth in my nose. This dru...  Read Full »

Dr. Penchala Prasad Kandikattu

General Medicine Physician, Internal Medicine Physician

Answer: Hello dear long term intake of prednisolone is not advisable. Yes it may have many side effects. First you have to get consult with your physician to confirm the what problem it is. It may be turbinate hypertrophy or seasonal asthma or allergic bronchitis or lower respiratory tract infection etc....  Read Full »

Please give your opinion on my breathing issues.

Query: Hello doctor, I have been suffering from breathing issues for about two months. At that time, I was coming off Duloxetine HCl. I was also having weird headaches, but that has subsided. I have been to several doctors and had blood work, oxygen level test and pulmonary test. Everything came back norma...  Read Full »

Dr. Anshul Varshney

Criticalcare Physician, Diabetologist, General Medicine Physician, Internal Medicine Physician, Medical Gastroenterologist, Nephrologist, Pulmonologist, Rheumatologist

Answer: Hi, Welcome to We are here to help you. I have some questions that you need to answer. Since how long are you feeling breathing difficulty? Does your problem aggravate on waking or it comes any time, even at rest? Do you feel that you need to take deep breaths? How is your sleep? Ev...  Read Full »

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