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Chest Heaviness

Chest heaviness is seen in conditions like heart attack, anxiety, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), straining of intercostal muscles, pneumonia, asthma, rib fracture, hiatal hernia, and pulmonary hypertension. To prevent chest tightness, avoid stress, exercise regularly, and get the underlying disease treated.

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I have pain in my chest and it last for about 45 seconds. Why?

Query: Hello doctor, I am 40 years old. Two years back, my blood and cholesterol levels were normal. My blood pressure is mostly 125/85 mm Hg. I had a sharp pain that lasted 1 to 2 minutes yesterday. The first pain was about 45 seconds, and then 30 seconds later, I had another 45 seconds of pain. It was li...  Read Full »

Dr. Isaac Gana

Answer: Hello, Welcome to When did you experience the pain? Are you a known smoker, or do you often consume alcohol? Do you have a family history of heart diseases? I suggest you do an ECG (electrocardiography), lipid profile test, and fasting blood sugar test as soon as you can. Your weight ...  Read Full »

Are my symptoms of chest heaviness and tightness due to costochondritis?

Query: Hi doctor, I have been having ongoing chest heaviness and tightness unresponsive to inhalers and Prednisone. My chest X-ray has been normal, and a chest CT scan as well as stress echo and regular echocardiogram. The only diagnosis I have is esophagitis and gastritis, but I have been taking medicati...  Read Full »

Dr. Manav Gupta

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Since your doctor has ruled out the respiratory and the medical causes of your chest tightness, possibilities are that of costochondritis or muscular weakness, fibromyalgia, ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatic diseases. There are a few questions I need you to answer: Is t...  Read Full »

Why is there difficulty in breathing and chest heaviness after climbing stairs?

Query: Hi doctor, I am a 19 year old female. After sneezing, I observed something round and grey in color. Sometimes, I feel short of breath and heaviness around the heart. I begin to feel body pain and tiredness after climbing like 20 stairs.  Read Full »

Dr. Anuradha Natarajan

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Get your heart checked with an echo. Do an X-ray to see what is in the lungs. You might be anemic. So, check your hemoglobin too. For further information consult a cardiologist online -->  Read Full »

I feel my chest is painful and swollen sometimes. What could be the reason?

Query: Hello doctor, Some times my chest is swelled, and some times it is normal. If I pressed that it is hard and gives pain. What could it be?  Read Full »

Dr. Gohel Harshul Maheshbhai

Answer: Hello, Welcome to According to your age, there must not be any cardiac anomalies. But we should also rule out, as sedentary lifestyle nowadays. Need for a proper description for swelling like size, when increase or decrease, soft, hard, pulsatile, any associated symptoms or not, pain, ...  Read Full »

How can I naturally overcome chest tightness?

Query: Hello doctor, I have chest tightness and pressure in the chest, some steep pain in the ribs, and stiffness in the upper back, and sometimes I feel pain in that stiffness. How do I overcome it naturally?  Read Full »

Dr. Ashok Kumar

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Although we discussed in detail about various steps required to control anxiety and its associated symptoms, it seems from the current post that you are not able to have proper control despite having consistent efforts. At this stage, I will request you consider the fo...  Read Full »

I cough up mucus with specks of blood. What could be the reason?

Query: Hello doctor,The last few weeks I have been coughing a lot. Multiple times a day I will gag and cough up mucus. Sometimes it is clear and sometimes it is green with red specks in which I assume is blood. I have a pressure on my chest so breathing can be hard.  Read Full »

Dr. M. A. Toyeb, Nazma Parveen

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I have read through your query and went through the attachment you sent (attachment removed to protect patient identity). Sometimes violent coughing can lead to specks of blood in sputum. You said that you have chest congestion and greenish sputum. That means you are s...  Read Full »

Kindly tell me the tests to be done to differentiate angina pain from gas pain?

Query: Hello doctor, I am 38 years old and my weight is 97 kg and height is 5 feet 7 inches. I had been having heaviness on the chest and pain on my shoulder and left arm since few days. I went for ECG twice but it was normal and even echo at rest was normal. My blood pressure was high around 160/100. May...  Read Full »

Dr. Muhammad Majid Hanif

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I have reviewed your health query and can well understand your worries and want to add that, TMT (treadmill test) is not the only test to rule out if this pain is cardiac in origin or not. Although it is a very sophisticated screening test and we can find out if there i...  Read Full »

What could cause heavy chest while breathing post strep throat recovery?

Query: Hi doctor, I had consulted earlier here. I had complained with issues of cold and strep throat. Doctor had prescribed Azithromycin, Crocin, and Fexofenadine. The strep throat is recovering. I no more have running nose but I feel that my chest is heavy while breathing. Could you please tell me what ...  Read Full »

Dr. Muhammad Zubayer Alam

Answer: Hello, Welcome to According to your statement, you had a strep throat and now your chest is heavy while breathing. Upper respiratory tract infection is very common complication of untreated or partially treated strep.throat it makes your chest heavy while breathing due to thick mu...  Read Full »

I am experiencing persistent cough and tightness in my chest after taking Metoprolol for palpitations. Why?

Query: Hello doctor, I was prescribed metoprolol six months ago for heart palpitations and I am taking a daily dose of 50mg. During my follow-up appointment six weeks later, I informed my doctor that the medication did not alleviate the palpitations and, in fact, I felt they were occurring more frequently....  Read Full »

Dr. Sadaf Mustafa

Answer: Hello,Thank you for stopping by at I am here to provide expert opinions on your medical issues. Firstly, I would like to inform you that Metoprolol is a non-selective beta-blocker. At lower doses, it primarily acts as a beta1-selective receptor blocker, targeting the heart. However, at ...  Read Full »

Why do I get chest tightness and sleeping difficulty?

Query: Hello doctor, I am a female, and weigh about 50 kg. I am currently having chest tightness and anxiety. I have been prescriped Zapiz 0.25. However, it is not helping much. Can I take another? About a year ago, I was asked to start Serlift and I started weaning off them about three months ago. Sometim...  Read Full »

Dr. Ruhi Satija

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Your symptoms are of active anxiety, but only Zapiz (Clonazepam) is not going to cure anxiety for you. Zapiz is a temporary relaxant (Benzodiazepines are relaxants used in an emergency) and works well when there are active symptoms of anxiety. But it is not a perman...  Read Full »

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