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Dog bites that are minor and do not break the skin are of low risk for contracting any type of infection. In contrast, dog bites which have teeth marks and bleeding are highly infectious. It can cause infections like rabies, tetanus, sepsis, etc. Immediately after a dog bite, the wound has to be washed thoroughly with antiseptic soaps or lotions. After that, the person has to take the anti-rabies vaccine.

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My hands are swollen and numb after a dog bite. Is there a possibility that I could have got exposed to rabies or tetanus?

Query: Hi doctor, I got a dog bite two days ago from my work place. No pets are allowed to go there unless vaccinated. My hand where I was bitten does not hurt much unless pressed, and it becomes swollen and has mild numbness. However, I am worried about possibly being exposed to rabies or tetanus. Please ...  Read Full »

Dr. Goswami Parth Rajendragiri

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Thank you for your query, Kindly confirm the vaccination status of the dog. If the dog's vaccination status is not confronted, I advise you to get vaccinated with rabies at 0, 3, 7, 14, and 28 days after exposure.Tetanus toxoid injection is also advisable. Also, you sh...  Read Full »

Will rabies vaccination cause future health issues for my 9 year old son?

Query: Hi doctor,My 9 year old son was licked by a stray dog. I was not sure what happened, but I took him to the doctor and got him injected. Would the injection cause him some future health issues?  Read Full »

Dr. Sharoff Lokesh Mohan

Answer: Hi, Welcome to No, the injection will not cause any issues in the future. Rabies Vaccination Injection is given at the 0, 3, 7, 14, and 21 days of the bite, but consult your nearest doctor and get the vaccine from that doctor. This vaccine should be taken if there is a dog bite or if t...  Read Full »

Is vaccination needed for a non-rabies dog bite?

Query: Hello doctor, My daughter is 3 years old and has been bitten by a pet dog. The dog would not bite if not touched. It has been in our home for 10 years. It stays always at home. The dog does not have rabies. The dog is a Pomeranian breed.  The wound is not very deep but a slight cut on the upper ...  Read Full »

Dr. Deepak Patel

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Any bite from a dog needs a vaccination for rabies. If the cut is not very deep, it will fall under grade 1 of dog bites and it will definitely need antirabies vaccination and tetanus vaccination. In grade 1 bites, antirabies immunoglobin is not needed but vacci...  Read Full »

I was bitten by my dog, which developed anorexia and vomiting later. Should I be worried even if I took an anti-rabies Vaccine?

Query: Hello doctor, I got bitten by my 4-month-old dog while playing. Then after two days, my dog developed anorexia and started vomiting. I am worried, and therefore I started my anti-rabies vaccination, injection Rabiflex. Will anything happen to me?  Read Full »

Dr. Krutika Shrikant Ingle

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I understand your concern. You need not worry. I suggest you continue the post-exposure prophylaxis schedule for dog bite cases at your nearest clinic. You need to monitor your dog for the next ten days. Take him to your veterinarian and get him checked. He might be suff...  Read Full »

My pet dog bit me a week ago and it died two days back to an infection. Do I have rabies?

Query: Hi doctor, What is the possibility of rabies if a 2-month-old unvaccinated dog that bit me dies of parvovirus infection within a week after the bite? My 2-month-old pup bit me by mistake while playing with other puppies. After two days, I found my dog sick, often vomiting, and it was not eating. I t...  Read Full »

Dr. Arpit Varshney

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I have read your concern in detail and will surely help you out. The chances of you acquiring rabies are impossible. I will state the reasons. 1. The dog was your pet. Pet dogs rarely acquire rabies if they have been exposed to rabid dogs. 2. It has been...  Read Full »

My pet dog scratched me before three days. Can I take rabies vaccine now?

Query: Hello doctor, I have been scratched by my pet dog and I think it reached beneath my skin. I got red areas and I did not take any rabies medicine. And it is the third day, can I take medication now?  Read Full »

Dr. Peter Bryant Rapsing Grutas

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Yes, you can still take the medication. Do you have rabies or tetanus vaccine? If not or you are not sure, I recommend you go to a nearby hospital to have a rabies vaccine and tetanus shots or at least booster shots. I recommend you to complete the dose as per your d...  Read Full »

My pet dog licked me, and I felt a prick. What to do?

Query: Hello doctor, I have a pet dog who is just 2 months old and not vaccinated yet. While playing, he was licking my hand, and I felt a prick on my hand. His teeth have started to come. I do not see any wound or scratch, but I am scared. I was bitten by a cat before and did take three shots. What do yo...  Read Full »

Dr. Basuki Nath Bhagat

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Did you see any minor bleeding points or any scratches in your hand while you felt prick? I am sorry for such discomfort. According to your history, there is only licking by the pet dog and no wound, or laceration. This type of exposure belongs to category one. If ...  Read Full »

A healthy dog scratched my leg. Do I have to worry about rabies?

Query: Hello doctor,Yesterday, my dog who is around two months accidentally scratched my leg. The scratch is negligible but I lost half a drop of blood. The dog looks healthy and has not been bitten by other dogs. He has not been given antirabies injection because my vet told us he is too young to get one....  Read Full »

Dr. Md. Kais Haider Chowdhury

Answer: Hello, Welcome to If a dog scratches or bites you, you need to have a vaccine. As you have a history of exposure (bites or scratches), then it is better to get the vaccine for post-exposure treatment. Post-exposure treatment consists of five injections by intramuscular route on day 0,...  Read Full »

I had a mild scratch from a street dog. Is there a chance of rabies infection?

Query: Hello doctor,I had a mild scratch from a street dog. Is there a chance of getting affected with rabies?Thank you.  Read Full »

Dr. Sharoff Lokesh Mohan

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Yes, you will require vaccination. Consult your nearest doctor and get the vaccine from that doctor. Injection of anti-rabies vaccine at 0, 3, 7, 14, and the 21st day of the bite is recommended. I suggest you follow these measures. 1. Wash the wound under running ta...  Read Full »

My son got scratched by a dog's paw. Is there anything to worry?

Query: Hello doctor, My son got dog paw scratches on his hands by his friend's pet Labrador dog. We gave him TT the next day. Is there anything to worry? Thank you.  Read Full »

Dr. Mashfika N Alam

Answer: Hello, Welcome to If the scratch did not break the skin, if there was no bleeding and if the attack was provoked, a single TT shot would suffice. Although do keep the area in check for any bacterial infection that might follow. However, if the animal in question was acting strangely o...  Read Full »

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