Q. Are hair fall, acne, indigestion and irregular periods interrelated?

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Hello doctor,

I have doubts regarding indigestion, severe hair fall, acne with irregular and short menstrual cycles, which is lasting from a few days. Are these interrelated? I am suffering from PCOS, as the latest lower abdomen test shows a cyst in the lower ovary. Also, my menstrual cycles are getting reduced to one to two days with severe pain and indigestion during periods. For the past one month, I have started taking Shatavari gulam. Sometimes I also observe the cracking of bones in my legs. Please suggest me the treatment plan.



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I came to know from your complaints that you have PCOS with hair fall, indigestion, and reduced menstrual flow. Yes, your doubt is right, it is all related. As per Ayurveda PCOS is caused by eating excessive sweet, fatty foods which increase kapha (mucus) in the body. When kapha increases, it reduces the digestive power and patient complaints of indigestion. That is your main problem that I understand.

Due to improper diet and physical activities, vata (pacifying foods) also get aggravated in PCOS. Hence the digestion is not proper, and the rasa dhatu is not formed properly affects the menstrual blood (rakta dhatu) and that cause more kapha and medas, and this is why some PCOS patients will gain more weight.

The undigested food is called ama. This ama will produce hormonal imbalance that causes changes in menstrual flow. Some patients will complaint heavy flow once in three months, or some complaints less flow that lasts for one or two days. The energy responsible for transformation is called as pitta. In PCOS, pitta is also getting vitiated and patient complaints of hair loss, pimples, painful menstruation sometimes with clots. The movement of follicles from ovum to fallopian tubules is controlled by vata.

When vata is impaired producing scanty menstruation with pain, the cracking of bones in legs happens due to aggravated vata. Hence treatment will include all steps to reduce vitiated vata, pitta, and kapha.

Treatment plan. Kindly consult your doctor, discuss the suggestion and take the treatment with consent.

1. The first step is to improve digestion through Ashta choornam or Vaishwanara choornam or Hinguvacadi choornam or Amruthotharam kashayam.

2. Next step is to pacify the increased vata through intake of Narayana thailam one teaspoon in kashayam which I am going to explain in the third step or simply oil in hot water.

3. Pacify pitta and kapha through Varanadi kashayam, Kulathadi kashayam, and Kumaryasavam.

4. Raja pravartini vati is also effective.

5. Regular intake of sesame seeds (black) with jaggery is also a natural remedy for menstrual problems.

6. Garlic roasted in ghee is very effective for painful menstruation. Garlic should be taken three weeks before to menstruation.

7. Avoid junk, spicy, oily and fast food. Try to reduce the intake of pickles which produce water retention and cause pain during menstruation.

8. Proper sleep and stress reduction are also important.

I saw in your report that you have a cyst in the left ovary (26*26 mm) which is not dangerous and it is a simple cyst that can be managed with medication (attachment removed to protect patient identity). I think my reply will help you. If you have any doubts or complaints, please contact me. For better results, please follow the medications for one month and contact me later.

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