How Can Homeopathy Help with Seasonal Allergies?

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Published on Aug 28, 2019   -  2 min read

How Can Homeopathy Help with Seasonal Allergies?

Seasonal allergies are commonly seen with the change in the climate. Most of the time, children under 10 years are vulnerable to such changes as their bodies are not well acclimated to the environment.

Allergy is an immune response triggered by certain irritants like pollens, or by ingesting certain food items. Allergies due to pollen, dust, or mold affect our respiratory system causing symptoms like running nose, sneezing, itching in the eyes, sore throat, headache, body ache, fever, weakness, and sometimes dry cough. This is called seasonal allergies or hay fever, which usually occurs when there is pollen in the air, especially during a change in the season.

Not only children, but adults are vulnerable to this kind of seasonal changes and develop flu-like symptoms. Children and older adults are more susceptible to seasonal allergies because they have a weak immune system. So if you want to prevent getting symptoms of seasonal allergies, it is better to start taking precaution before the changes in the weather occurs. Proper nutrition and hygiene is the best way of prevention. So start eating healthy home-cooked food and avoid eating certain food items that are likely to cause allergies.

Also, you can take following homeopathic remedies either to prevent getting the seasonal allergies or to minimize allergic symptoms. Based on the symptoms, the following treatments can be given:

  1. Allium Cepa - This remedy works when you get runny nose, which irritates your upper lip with the itching and running eyes. However, discharge from eyes are bland, but discharge from the nose is acrid and irritates the nasal mucosa. Indicated in flu-like symptoms where the symptoms get worse in a warm room or warm weather.
  2. Euphrasia - This remedy is indicated when you have flu-like symptoms where discharge from the nose is bland, but discharge from eyes is acrid and irritating. Hence, it is indicated when eyes are always burning and reddish like a pink eye.
  3. Sabadilla - This remedy is indicated when a person gets constant spasmodic sneezing with soreness in the throat and constant running nose.
  4. Pulsatilla - Based on my experience, I have prescribed this remedy a lot in children and women. This remedy is indicated when a person becomes very emotional or cries during the allergy symptoms. Children usually cling to their mother and want her on the side all the time. It is mainly indicated when the nose seems to be stuffed, especially in a closed room and with mild cough and fever. Discharge from the nose is usually bland. These patients are generally looking for fresh and open air.
  5. Arsenicum Album - It is indicated when there is lots of burning in eyes and nose due to allergy symptoms. Along with this, patients are usually anxious about their health and always restless, making them more irritated.

Remember that, only the correctly matched remedies will work; hence, it is necessary to understand the symptoms and observe the patient before giving any medication. There are many such remedies indicated to get rid of seasonal allergies. These remedies will enhance the weakened immune system so that over time, you will suffer from less number of seasonal allergies as your body will be able to deal with allergens in the environment.


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