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Cosmetic Dentistry

Published on Sep 14, 2020   -  4 min read



You can look pretty with an attractive smile, and it is possible with cosmetic dentistry. Read this article to know more.



Cosmetic dentistry is a dental procedure that supports a person when they need to improve their smile. They have numerous choices for cosmetic dental work. If you have stains due to coffee or a cigarette, then cosmetic dentistry would be a better option. Through one or more cosmetic dental procedures, your face's charm will be improved. The cosmetic procedure should be planned well for excellent results. The goal of cosmetic dentistry will be aimed at the correction of position, color, size, shape, alignment, and overall smile of the patient.

What are the types of cosmetic dentistry procedures?

Not all of the below-listed procedures will work correctly for everyone. The dentist can help you to determine which procedure will work best for improving your smile. There are seven different procedures involved in cosmetic dentistry procedures. They are:

Is Cosmetic Dentistry Painful?

Many patients are not mentally prepared to accept cosmetic dentistry procedures because they feel it is a painful procedure. This is not true. With modern advancements, cosmetic dental procedures are not invasive at all. The recent goal of cosmetic dentistry is to preserve the natural tooth structures as much as possible. This will provide psychological satisfaction for the patient. It has become a more convenient procedure in recent times. The patient should be confident that cosmetic dentistry is optional and not a mandatory dental procedure. If there are any dental complications, only then there would be a need for mandatory dental or surgical procedures. This attitude should provide relief for the patient. As cosmetic dentistry is all about enhancing the patient's beauty, they have to analyze the actual need for such procedures. It might not be suitable economically for all individuals.

Application of Cosmetic Dentistry in Gingivectomy:

Gingivectomy is a procedure in which a part of the gingiva is removed. This is usually done for the treatment of any pathological problems. In cosmetic dentistry, the procedure of gingivectomy is done to give a beautiful appearance to the patient. In some people, the gingiva will be too much exposed when they smile. It is termed as a gummy smile. It can happen due to some reasons. For gummy style, cosmetic dentistry could be the solution. The excess of the gingiva that is shown while smiling will be reduced without causing any harm. The dentist will give the post-procedure instructions, and the patient for a comfortable recovery should follow it.

How Long Will the Procedure Last?

The procedure of cosmetic dentistry is not permanent. The life expectancy of any cosmetic procedures in dentistry is expected to last for 15 years maximum. Some procedures have a retaining capacity of only eight years. It depends on the ability of the patient to maintain it. If the patient avoids biting hard foods and meat, the expectancy of the dental procedure is higher.

What Are the Advantages of Smile Correction?

Smile correction will have the following advantages.

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