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Dr.Lekshmi  Rita  Venugopal
This article explains about probiotics, their health benefits, and natural sources of probiotics.. read more »

Dr.Arvind  Guru
This article tells you how to take pictures of your medical records and your own body. These pictures can be used to digitize and keep a handy copy of your and your family's medical records, and when required they can be uploaded along with your queries while seeking health advice online. . read more »

Dr.Muhammad M. Hanif MD.
Unexplained fatigue, painful joints, aching muscles, drowsiness, foggy memory, and lack of concentration are prevalent across all modern societies. Our food choices are the primary cause of such issues. Researchers and medical scientists suggest choosing your diet wisely. This article covers how soy products, wheat, raw nuts, and seeds many ruin your health and body energy. Your immune system can be damaged by such foods. Polyphenols act as the energy boosters that your body needs.. read more »

Dr.Abhilipsa   Nanda
The impact of stuttering on the quality of life has rarely been measured. The adults who have stuttering do tell that this has caused a severe negative impact on their childhood and adolescent life. There have been studies comparing the quality of life of people who do not stutter to the quality of life of individuals who stutter.. read more »

Dr.Tanushree Agarwal(PT)
A change in walking pattern, causes the knee to strike many more times than needed. It affects the ground reaction force distribution, consequently leading to the wear and tear of the knee joint. . read more »

Dr.Saumya  Mittal
This article discusses about the fundamentals of planning a healthy weight loss. . read more »

Dr.Parth R Goswami
Lung abscess is a liquefactive necrosis of the lung tissue. It is the suppurative inflammation of lungs by microorganisms, leading to necrosis and cavitation. If the duration is less than 4 to 5 weeks, then it is an acute case. Most common cause for developing an abscess is aspiration pneumonia. If the abscess is formed secondary to an infectious cause, then the prognosis is good with antibiotic therapy. But if it is associated with malignancy, then the prognosis is poor.. read more »

Dr.Honey   Arora
The sensitivity of tooth is one of the most common dental problems that each one of us faces at some stage of our life. This article deals with the causes, treatments, home remedies, and preventive measures to deal with teeth sensitivity.. read more »

Dr.Uzzaif U Mansuri
This article will tell you about proper hair care. And answer questions like, how much hair is lost daily? Will dandruff lead to hair loss? How to oil your hair? How should conditioner be used? What causes split ends? Will shortening the hair reduce hair loss?. read more »

Dr.Paras  Angrish
Maintenance of oral health in children is as important as in an adult. Most of the parents do not know the procedure that needs to be followed to maintain a good oral health of their child.. read more »