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Dr.Vishnu K R
Every day, researchers discover new vaccines with better efficacy, and on the other hand, some people just choose to spread their wrong beliefs about vaccination. It results in increasing number of VPDs, that is, vaccine preventable diseases, in the world. It is long enough that someone addresses this issue.. read more »

Dr.Lekshmi  Rita  Venugopal
This article explains about the medications that cause gynecomastia, that is, the enlargement of the male breast. The article discusses the mechanism of its development, monitoring, and treatment.. read more »

Dr.Murad  Haider
A short session of physical exercise can do wonders for your health.. read more »

Dr.Sheshadev  Senapati
This article tells about the various homeopathic medicines used for treating pimples.. read more »

Dr.Vaibhev  Mittal
This article discusses the merits and demerits of using contact lenses.. read more »

Dr.Pari  Bansari
This article tries to answer a question asked by most women who are having difficulty in getting pregnant. PCOS is one of the most common problems among women of childbearing age.. read more »

Dr.Sheshadev  Senapati
This article is about the disease osteoarthritis and its management.. read more »

Dr.Tanushree Agarwal(PT)
This article discusses scapular dyskinesis or SICK scapula, one of the cause of vague arm pain, especially seen in homemakers. . read more »

Dr.Praveen   Pushkar
This article discusses the ways to prevent the formation of kidney stones.. read more »

Dr.Shakti  Mishra
In this article, I am going to highlight the biggest health challenges faced by the employees at work, and how these health issues can be avoided with various precautions, first aid emergency services, and other physical activities.. read more »