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Dr.Paras  Angrish
Maintenance of oral health in children is as important as in an adult. Most of the parents do not know the procedure that needs to be followed to maintain a good oral health of their child.. read more »

Dr.Sagar Ramesh Makode
This article talks about diet, exercises, and other general advice to prevent heart diseases.. read more »

Dr.Muhammad M. Hanif MD.
Unexplained fatigue, painful joints, aching muscles, drowsiness, foggy memory, and lack of concentration are prevalent across all modern societies. Our food choices are the primary cause of such issues. Researchers and medical scientists suggest choosing your diet wisely. This article covers how soy products, wheat, raw nuts, and seeds many ruin your health and body energy. Your immune system can be damaged by such foods. Polyphenols act as the energy boosters that your body needs.. read more »

Dr.Suvash  Sahu
This article discusses the various aspects of polymorphic light eruptions (PMLE). It is a type of photodermatoses.. read more »

Dr.Vidhi Hareshbhai Talati
This article discusses in detail the uses, types and cleaning instructions of wrist braces.. read more »

Dr.Isaac  Gana
Brugada syndrome is a heart disease, which is the second biggest killer of males below the age of 40.. read more »

Dr.Suvash  Sahu
This article discusses electrosurgery. It is a reliable, inexpensive, and a simple choice for the treatment of various dermatological disorders and cosmetic aberration.. read more »

Dr.Suvash  Sahu
This article discusses the general aspects of the commonly occurring skin disorder, palmoplantar keratoderma.. read more »

Dr.Sagar Ramesh Makode
This article highlights a common, and a fatal condition called brain hemorrhage. It includes the importance of blood pressure as a causative factor. It explains the measures to assess and treat the condition.. read more »

Dr.Sidharth  Sonthalia
Sun protection is the single most important measure of preventing or delaying problems like ageing of skin, wrinkles, pigmentation disorders like melasma, age spots etc. Thus protection from sun-exposure by physical methods and proper use of sunscreens is central to prevention and treatment of these problems. Unfortunately not many people know how exactly a sunscreen should be used to optimize its beneficial effects. This article will educate everybody about concepts of ideal sun protection and use of sunscreens.. read more »