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Dr.Durga kumari
Lack of appetite is the condition in which we do not feel hungry at all, resulting in growth retardation, weight loss, depression, headache, etc.. read more »

Dr.Suvash  Sahu
Current evidence suggests that over 50% of sexually active adults (15 to 25 years of age) have been infected with one or more human papilloma virus - HPV infection. The underlying HPV infection may increase the evidence and prevalence of genital warts.. read more »

Dr.Suvash  Sahu
Counseling not only alleviates anxiety, but also prepares an individual for any adverse outcome of the test. Here, I have discussed a few facts about pre-test and post-test counseling in HIV patients.. read more »

Dr.Shakti  Mishra
This article will provide an idea about the overall impact of recent technologies on children and adults. Through this article I have explained the impact of technology on human character and mental health. Also, I have explained the extra precaution that must be taken by an individual to keep his or her health in a good condition while keeping pace with technologies.. read more »

Dr.Suvash  Sahu
Pityriasis rosea is named from a Greek word, pityriasis (fine scale) and Latin word rosea (rose red) with common Christmas tree or fir tree pattern.. read more »

Dr.Sabita  Laskar
This article discusses about the safe period, sexual intercourse during which can prevent unwanted pregnancies.. read more »

Dr.Saumya  Mittal
Every one of us wishes to maintain a proper diet to lose weight. But, unknowingly we make so many mistakes that spoil all our plans to slim down.. read more »

Dr.Prashant Dharmraj Shah
This article is all about vitamin B12. Here, I have discussed about the symptoms, reasons, management and prevention of vitamin B12 deficiency. Also, I have discussed the sources of vitamin B12.. read more »

Dr.Muhammad M. Hanif MD.
This article is all about your health and risk factors for major diseases that cause a reduction to the healthy years of human life. Everyone can spend a life, free of preventable diseases.. read more »

Dr.Naveen   Thomas
It is of utmost importance that parents routinely examine the intraoral region of their kids for any anomaly of soft tissues or hard tissues like milk tooth, permanent tooth and the jaw. Most of the oral and maxillofacial anomalies seen in children can be corrected by taking appropriate preventive steps in the growing stage itself.. read more »


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