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Scrotal Saline Infusion - A Fun Game or a Mayhem?

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Men inject their scrotums with saline to get a bigger and fuller appearance. Read to know more about scrotal inflation and its effect on men's health.

Scrotal Saline Infusion - A Fun Game or a Mayhem?

What Are the Functions of Scrotum?

The scrotum is a skin-and-muscle pouch beneath the penis. The major function of the scrotum is to protect and contain the testicles or testicular implants (in case of gender-affirming surgery). The scrotum also allows the testicles to hang away from the body and maintain a cooler temperature (93.2 °F) than the rest of the body (98.6 °F). This creates ideal sperm production conditions. In reaction to various stimuli, the scrotum's form and skin texture may vary day and night. The scrotum contracts closer to the body during sexual excitement, exercise, or lower temperatures. The scrotum relaxes and lengthens when the body warms up.

What Is Scrotal Infusion?

Scrotal inflation (or infusion) is a procedure in which a saline solution is injected into the testicles to temporarily inflate them and give them that full, plump appearance. In some circumstances, men have injected up to 900 mL into their testicles, resulting in a scrotum resembling a large, red water balloon. The body absorbs the fluid, and the scrotum returns to its former size in a few days. In a rare variation of scrotal inflation, air is used instead of liquid to inflate the scrotum. The swelling, however, does not always go away and can be rather unpleasant.

Why Is Scrotal Inflation Done?

Men around the world are injecting saline into their scrotum for the following apparent reasons-

  • As a part of popular sex games.

  • To make their scrotum look fuller and bigger esthetically.

  • Porn performers use them to shoot pornographic videos.

  • Sexual fetish.

  • Saline injections may improve sexual stimulation and induce rapid sexual gratification due to the vast number of nerve receptors in the scrotum.

  • In some power exchange settings, scrotal inflation may be used. The dominant party injects saline into the submissive's testicles in these situations. Another option is to use a saline bag with an IV (intravenous) line inserted into the person's scrotum.

Are There Any Advantages of Scrotal Infusion?

  • Penis size is one of the most common worries among men, and many will go to great lengths to expand the length and girth of their manhood. However, some men are concerned about the size of their scrotum, which has led to the developing practice of scrotal inflation, also known as a scrotal infusion.

  • Scrotal inflation is a risky technique that should never be done. It is not at all recommended by healthcare professionals. There is no explanation for why people are lured to fetishes or risky behavior such as scrotal inflating.

  • Females can use saline injections to augment the size of their breasts and for sexual excitement. Males and females inject saline solution into their buttocks for cosmetic reasons, although the results are usually temporary. Infections are one of the most common issues with this approach, and individuals who use it are usually advised to use sterile devices.

How Is Scrotal Infusion Done?

  • It entails injecting a 500-milligram saline solution warmed to human body temperatures. The process takes roughly an hour, whether utilizing syringe injections or an IV (intravenous) line. The scrotum of the receiver may swell to two or three times its normal size.

  • The effects of the injection do not last long after it is finished. Because the human body can reabsorb saline solution into its tissues. The scrotum usually reabsorbs the saline in two to three days, following which it recovers to its pre-inflation size.

What Are the Side Effects of Scrotal Infusion?

Any fetish involving a needle carries a significant level of risk, and scrotal inflating is no exception. Injecting saline into the testicles carries a number of dangers. The scrotum is not supposed to expand beyond its normal size. Bacteria can also take up beneath the epidermis and create serious infections.

The following side effects can occur-

  • Scrotal Cellulitis- Cellulitis, an inflammation of the skin caused by streptococcus or staphylococcus bacteria, is the most prevalent side effect of saline scrotal injections. Scrotal cellulitis is relatively uncommon on its own. Saline injections or IVs, on the other hand, can bring rogue bacteria into the area.

The symptoms that may accompany inflammation are as follows-

  • Tenderness.

  • Pain.

  • Redness.

  • Excessive warmth.

  • Scrotal Rupturing - When the scrotum is stretched past its limits and can no longer expand, scrotal rupturing occurs. This condition requires immediate medical attention to improve the chances of successful treatment.

  • Fournier's Gangrene - Fournier's gangrene is a bacterial infection that causes pain, swelling, soreness, and a foul odor. It is a necrotic infection, which means the microbes destroy tissue cells. This condition, if left untreated, can lead to severe tissue loss. The patient may die in extreme circumstances.

  • Other Risks- Permanent infertility, scrotal emphysema (where air becomes trapped beneath the skin), and deadly consequences such as embolisms and gangrene are other associated risks.

What Are Some Other Ways to Enlarge Scrotum?

  • There is no natural approach to increasing scrotal size that has been medically proven. During sexual activity, the testicles swell briefly as blood flows to the area. It just takes an hour of climax for the testicles to return to normal size.

  • Surgical Procedure "Scrotoplasty"- Scrotoplasty is a surgical operation that can be performed to repair or treat an existing scrotum and produce a new one. Scrotoplasty can be done on babies with birth abnormalities that impact scrotum anatomy or function, but it can also be done on adults for the following reasons-

    • Cosmetic reasons.

    • Congenital defects.

    • Injuries.

    • Affirmation of one's gender.

  • Botox in Scrotum- Scrotox injections include neurotoxic and botulinum injections. They are directly injected into the testicles with an active substance to minimize perspiration and wrinkles and make the scrotum appear larger due to muscular relaxation.


Scrotal saline infusion is a practice that young men are adopting these days for esthetics and sexual gratification. But, this is not a medically approved practice and is not recommended. It has no benefits but can cause a lot of side effects, including pain, inflammation, gangrene, or even permanent infertility. Instead, one should embrace the natural human body and the natural process of the body.

Frequently Asked Questions


How Long Does Scrotal Saline Infusion Last?

The scrotal saline inflation process usually takes about an hour. The effect of the process lasts for about a day or two. The scrotal sack then gradually returns to its normal size when the saline is absorbed into the body.


What Is the Use of Scrotal Saline Infusion?

It is used to make the scrotum look bigger and fuller esthetically. It is also used to improve sexual stimulation and sexual gratification because of the presence of numerous receptors in the scrotum. Most porn performers use the scrotal saline infusion while shooting pornographic videos.


How Is a Scrotal Saline Infusion Injected?

The process of injecting scrotal saline infusion takes about an hour. A 500-milligram solution of saline warmed to human body temperatures is injected using a syringe injection or an IV (intravenous) line. After this procedure, the scrotum of the receiver may swell double its normal size.


Are Scrotal Saline Injections Safe?

Injecting saline is not often considered safe; it carries many risks. If the scrotum expands beyond its normal size, then there is a chance of bacteria entering the epidermis and creating serious infections and causing pain, swelling, inflammation, excessive warmth, scrotal rupturing, and premature infertility.


What Is a Scrotal Saline Infusion?

Scrotal saline injections are sterile 0.9% salt water solution injections that are injected into the scrotum to make it larger for a shorter period. This procedure is also called scrotal or saline injections, scrotal inflation, or scrotal infusion.


How Does a Scrotal Saline Infusion Feels Like?

When the saline solution is injected, it can cause a mild pinching sensation, but when the liquid starts flowing into the sac, it can cause little dizziness in some individuals.


What Are the Side Effects of Scrotal Saline Infusion?

Scrotal saline infusion can cause side effects like pain, redness, tenderness, inflammation, scrotal cellulitis, excessive warmth, scrotal rupturing, permanent infertility, Fournier's gangrene (a bacterial infection that causes swelling, soreness, pain, and a foul odor), scrotal emphysema (air becomes trapped beneath the skin), and gangrene.


How Is Saline Injected Into a Testicle?

A topical cream is applied to numb the area, and the injection is injected into the testicle skin and not into the actual sac. This procedure may be done multiple times in the selected area.

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