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Burning Sensation, Redness or Itchiness In Eyes? It May be Blepharitis

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Published on Nov 03, 2013 and last reviewed on Jul 22, 2019   -  1 min read


Did you know that burning sensation in the eyelid results from a condition called blepharitis? Learn more about it in this article.

Burning Sensation, Redness or Itchiness In Eyes? It May be Blepharitis

What Is Bleharitis?

Blepharitis is a very common eye-lid disease affecting all and the sundry, but primarily affecting the children. In ophthalmic jargon, it is defined as the inflammation of eye-lids. It leads to following symptoms in varying combinations:

What Confirms the Diagnosis of Blepharitis?

Presence of the aforesaid symptoms with slit-lamp findings of inspissated meibomian gland, discharge, superficial punctuate keratitis and thickened, hyperaemic, crusting of eyelids and prominence of blood vessels at eyelid margin.

What to Do to Get Relief?

If one suffers from any of the aforementioned complaints, an ophthalmic consultation should be undertaken. Once the diagnosis is confirmed, following remedial measures are advocated:

  1. Hot fomentation (Example : Applying of hot moist towel) 3-4 times daily.
  2. Cleansing eye-lashes with sodium bicarbonate in lukewarm water at-least twice daily.
  3. Medical therapy to be followed is as follows:

Rx (possible medications):

What More to Take Note Of?

If the condition does not resolve within 2 weeks, one MUST seek an urgent ophthalmic consultation to rule out pediculosis or a masquerading sebaceous carcinoma.

The thick and thin of this article is that blepharitis is a very common condition but it can be easily prevented and treated by maintaining a good ocular hygiene and taking proper medications.

So, crust it off and take care of your eyes and health in general.


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22 Jul 2019  -  1 min read




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