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Tips to Take Care of Twins.

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Taking care of newborn twins can be quite tiresome and overwhelming. It may become difficult to manage both babies at the same time.

Written by

Dr. Kriti Singh

Medically reviewed by

Dr. Bhaisara Baraturam Bhagrati

Published At November 16, 2022
Reviewed AtNovember 16, 2022


Twin children happen when two babies' birth occurs simultaneously to the same parents. They can be identical or non-identical. They can be of the same gender or different genders. Twin babies are conceived when a fertilized egg divides into two and develops into separate fetuses or when two eggs are simultaneously fertilized. Managing twin babies can be both overwhelming and exhausting for parents. They have to take care of their sleeping and feeding patterns simultaneously. Parenting life when raising twins is entirely different from that of a single child. The journey of parents and twin children from the womb to birth is different.

How to Take Care of Twin Babies?

Taking care of twins is challenging for parents as they have various difficulties. Taking care of a newborn can be stressful for both parents. After recovering from the delivery of the child, the mother has to take care of whether feeding the child is proper or not, growth, and sleeping pattern. However, in the case of twin babies, these difficulties are two-fold. Therefore parents need to give equal care and support to both babies. Parents have to follow routines according to both the babies.

Following are a few methods of caring for newborn twin babies.

  • Syncing Schedules - The sleeping and feeding habits of babies are different. Parents can get to rest when both children are napping. Parents can wake up the second baby when the first baby is feeding. Parents can use twin feeding pillows to make feeding easier.

  • Double Stroller - It is difficult for the parents to hold both children. A double stroller can be helpful in this condition. Parents can use a double stroller when their babies are sleeping or they are going out with their babies. Parents can keep necessary things in the stroller while going out.

  • Napping and Eating Habits - Parents can build a similar routine of napping and feeding babies. It is a convention, and it helps a lot in managing babies.

  • Alternate Holding Time - Parents can practice alternate holding time with their friends and family, as it is very difficult to manage both children simultaneously. Parents should not hold both the babies simultaneously as it can cause pain and fatigue in their hands. They can alternate holding both children.

  • Taking Help - Caring for both newborns is a huge task. Parents can take help from other people. They can hire people or take the help of family members. A trusted friend and family member can help with domestic work or baby care. Parents can hire a trained nanny or babysitter.

  • Online Shopping - In the case of twin children, parents run less through the basic needs of the child-like, like wiping diapers, etc. They can purchase online to save time. It helps parents with time and energy saving.

  • Try Not to Separate Them - Babies should sleep in the same room. Parents should avoid separating them if both babies sleep together. They eventually learn how to sleep even with cries and other noises. This helps in adjusting their sleep pattern in long learning.

  • Bath Time - Always plan bath time. Prepare all the bath products before and take them for a bath.

  • Neutral Gender Clothes - If the twins are of different gender, try to buy gender-neutral clothes in the unisex section. It helps the parent to use it by interchanging them.

What Are the Difficulties Faced by Parents Raising Twin Babies?

Being the parent of twin babies is challenging and time-consuming. It brings inevitable changes and challenges and parents' lives. Following are the difficulties faced by the parents in raising twin children.

  • Hard Work - It takes a lot to raise twin kids. Parents must work very hard to ensure a comfortable life for their babies. They work as a team around the time to ensure the best life for their child's future. Meanwhile, while raising kids, they do not have enough time to switch off and relax.

  • Sleepless Night - Parents do not get enough time to sleep properly. The amount of every sleeping night is unpredictable depending upon the baby's sleeping routine. As sleep affects mental and physical health, parents often suffer from restlessness.

  • Stress - Due to sleepless nights, hard work, and pressure, patients suffer from stress. Parents do not get proper rest, due to which they feel stressed.

  • Time - Raising twin babies needs time and patience. There is always a shortage of time in parents' schedules, which they find difficult to manage.

What Should Parents Do?

Following are a few tips for parents if they cannot manage twin kids.

  1. Try to breastfeed both babies together. A nursing pillow can be used to feed both kids together. Apart from this, babies can be fed alternatively or take some duration after the meal.

  2. Try to make them sleep at the same time. Parents can take the help of other family members.

  3. Hold and lay out each baby alternatively.

  4. Parents can use infant cushions.

  5. Try to lay them on a blanket together.

  6. Parents should learn to change diapers and prepare their sucking bottles as fast as possible.

  7. Try to bathe them together.

  8. Parents should organize all the baby's stuff properly.

When to Seek Pediatric Help?

The parent should meet the pediatrician if a child's health is compromised. Loss of weight and change in behavior should report to a pediatrician as soon as possible. Parents should keep checking their child's growth, development, and behavior.


It is difficult for parents of twin children to raise. They worry about several things, feeding both babies, giving attention to both, and not doing wrong. It is very necessary to take care of physical and emotional health. Parenting life is entirely different from parents of a single child. Parents need to be more active and conscious. However, it does get better over time. The patient needs to be more patient as it becomes hard and exhausting sometimes.

Frequently Asked Questions


What Are Some of the Ways to Take Care of Twins?

Some of the ways to take care of twins include: 
- Having a synchronized sleeping schedule for the babies. 
- Tandem feeding, that is, feeding the babies together. 
- Using a double stroller for the babies. 
- Taking help from family and friends whenever required. 


Why Is Taking Care of Twins Hard?

taking care of twins is hard as the work is doubled. The feeding, laundry, and all the routine care of the newborns require double the effort. The mother will have less time to spend with each of the twins. Since all the efforts are double in the case of twins, therefore taking care of twins is hard. 


Which Products Are Must Have for Twins?

It is essential to double up all the products, such as:
- Baby stroller. 
- Diapers.
- Food supply. 
- Clothes and other essentials. 
- Baby products such as baby wipes, shampoo, and soap.


What Food Should Be Consumed With Twins?

Food that helps when pregnant with twins includes:
- Proteins. 
- Iron-rich food items. 
- Folate-rich food.
- Low-fat food. 


Do Mothers Who Have Given Birth to Twins Live Longer?

Certain studies have shown that mothers who have given birth to twins tend to be happier and healthier than others. According to this study, twin mothers tend to be stronger due to the hardships faced while raising the babies. This has contributed to their longevity and happiness.


Which Stage of Raising Twins Is the Hardest?

Every stage of raising twins comes with challenges of its own. However, the hardest stage is three to six months due to erratic feeding and sleeping habits. It is also very difficult when one child falls sick, and the mother cannot care for both children simultaneously. 


After What Age Is It Easier With Twins?

Twins are easier to manage after the age of four to five years. After three or four years, the children become independent to some extent. They are capable of consuming food by themselves. Their sleep pattern is also regularized. Hence, after this period, it becomes comparatively easier to manage twins. 


How to Synchronize the Sleeping Patterns of Twins?

It is quite a challenge if the twins wake up and sleep at different times. This can be very tiring for the parents. Synchronizing the sleeping pattern of twins can be very helpful in this case. This can be achieved by syncing the other activities of the babies, such as feeding and bathing. Giving them a good bath before bedtime can put them to a good sleep. 


What to Avoid When Pregnant With Twins?

Not just twins, the following activities should be avoided, when pregnant:
- Consumption of alcohol.
- Smoking.
- Lifting heavy objects.
- Performing strenuous activities. 


Why Having a Twin Is Considered Special?

Apart from being rare, Twins share a special bond. They are with each other even before birth. Apart from genetics, they have a lot more in common. They have in-built best friends and companions for the rest of their lives. 
Dr. Bhaisara Baraturam Bhagrati
Dr. Bhaisara Baraturam Bhagrati



fraternal twins
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