Answered by Dr. Sudhakar Palanisamy

Answered by Dr. Sudhakar Palanisamy

My 8-month-old baby passes pale stools often. Can jaundice at the time of birth be the cause?

Hello doctor,

My daughter's thyroid level was 13, and bilirubin was 9 at the time of birth. After six days, our pediatrician told us to retake the test, bilirubin was 13, and the thyroid test showed T3- 91, T4-13.05, and TSH - 2.05. We kept her in blue light for two days then we came home. She is on formula feed and mother feed. She had constipation, and the doctor gave her laxative for two days, and Carmela digestive enzyme drops daily, then she was normal for up to six months. After that first, I started the ragi drink. She had constipation. She had loose stools, and the doctor gave her antibiotics, and got normal. From that time, she passes pale stools for some time. Now we retook her thyroid, and the report was T3-198, T4-9.0, TSH-1.05. It was normal, and the doctor gave her Bexilus 30 ml for days, zinc acetate daily, and vitamin D3 400 IU daily, but still, her stools were the same pale for some time and normal for some time. Should I take any other tests? What to do? She is very active, standing up and walking now without any support. I am feeding her apples daily.

Please advise.

14 Mar 2024 - 1 min read

My newborn baby has vomited more than her feed. How to meet her breast milk demand?

Hi doctor,

We have an 11 weeks old daughter whose weight is 14.7 pounds and height of 2 feet. She was born full-term. She was breastfed from day one. Over her first eight weeks, she started rejecting direct breastfeeding. For the last two weeks, my wife has been only pumping, and we give her a bottle feed. Our concern is, we have tried several formula almost five different ones ranging from non-dairy versions to normal ones. After taking the formula feed, our daughter has vomited almost everything, which is unusual for her while breastfeeding.

Some days like today, she vomited nearly 5 fl oz, which is more than her feed. My wife's breast milk supply is drastically slowing down, and the daughter's milk requirement is increasing. In this case, what should we do? We would request a video call with you as we live in a place where we do not have reliable child health doctors.

22 Jan 2024 - 1 min read

My son got meningitis at birth. Can occupational therapy help him achieve normal activities?

Hi doctor,

My 1.5-year-old son got meningitis at the time of birth. After 21 days of taking antibiotics, he got recovered. Now, he is not able to stand and speak. We did an MRI. It shows an impression of cystic encephalomalacia changes and gliosis in bilateral frontal white matter on right. There is a paucity of white matter with thinning of corpus callosum due to chronic sequelae including HIE. My pediatrician told me that he will get recovered by doing occupational therapy but pediatric orthopedist told me that he is a special child.

Kindly suggest.

19 Jan 2024 - 1 min read

My child accidentally ate a Paracetamol tablet. What should I do?

Hello doctor,

My child ate a Paracetamol tablet (not fully) a few minutes back. But he did not vomit. Is it a serious issue? What should we do?

13 Jan 2024 - 1 min read

My baby vomits after or while feeding milk or solid food. What to do?

Hi doctor,

My baby vomited for ten days after birth. Now he is 11 months old. He does not take any solid food, not even paste-like solid food. And he still vomits sometimes after or during feeding milk. Any solid food also makes him vomit. What to do?

09 Jan 2024 - 1 min read





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