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Amniotic Fluid Leak

Amniotic fluid leakage is characterized by leaking transparent, odorless fluid with mucus or blood, which drenches the underwear. It can be identified as amniotic fluid by emptying your bladder first and placing a sanitary napkin to check for any leakage after 30 minutes to one hour. Greenish or brown-yellow discoloration of the liquid indicates bowel movements in the womb and is a medical emergency that might cause breathing problems to the baby.

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Small amount of amniotic fluid leak for 10 days followed by bleeding. Why?

Query: Hello doctor, I am a woman aged 34 years old, 23 weeks pregnant, a small amount of amniotic fluid outflow for 10 days, a small amount of bright red bleeding for one day. The b-ultrasound heart is normal, amniotic fluid is less than normal, domestic doctors recommend termination of pregnancy. I want...  Read Full »

Dr. Uzma Arqam

Answer: Hi, Welcome to If you have been experiencing an outflow of amniotic fluid since 10 days and now bleeding for a day then only this history is showing the history of preterm premature rupture of membranes that can lead to chorioamnionitis (infection within the womb) and intrauterine fet...  Read Full »

Why did my amniotic fluid leak before my labor time?

Query: Hi doctor, I have doubt on the thing which happened to me. When I was 33 weeks pregnant, suddenly one day my amniotic fluid started leaking. We rushed to the hospital, and I lost my baby. During pregnancy, my doctor conducted all the tests. My diabetes was negative, and my BP levels were also normal...  Read Full »

Dr. Balakrishnan R

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Let me just reassure you that it was an accident, which will not repeat. The possible causes of the sudden leak of fluid or PPROM (preterm premature rupture of membrane) are as follows: If any infection enters the vagina, the source could be sexual (if you had sex aroun...  Read Full »

Are increased pelvic pressure and abdominal cramps concerning in a 34 weeks pregnant woman?

Query: Hello doctor, I am 34 weeks pregnant, and I have gestational hypertension. I am currently taking the tablet Labetalol for my hypertension. From last week, I could notice increasing pelvic pressure that worsens with movement and walking, and I feel like my bladder is always full. I also have mild ab...  Read Full »

Dr. Reetika

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I fully understand your concern, and I will surely help you. At 34 weeks of pregnancy, it is important to stay cautious about any leaking, increased vaginal discharge, fever, swelling in the face, frequent contractions, vomiting, burning during urination, etc. I...  Read Full »

Why is my 2-day-old not urinating or vomiting the milk?

Query: Hi doctor, My daughter is 2 days old. She is not urinating and vomiting the milk she drinks. The doctors say that the baby had some amniotic fluid intake during labor. During labor, my wife tried for six hours for a normal delivery. But the head was stuck. So, she opted for a cesarean. Now, the mom ...  Read Full »

Dr. Faisal Abdul Karim Malim

Answer: Hello, Welcome to It is advisable to get a gastric wash if the vomiting persists. Please get the child evaluated by a pediatrician for the same. The child should urinate in the first 24 hours. If the child does not urinate, it may signify an anomaly or indicate less intake. A primipara ...  Read Full »

How long can a baby survive after the water breaks?

Query: Hi doctor, I spoke to you earlier. Now I am at 34 weeks, and my water broke, and I have been admitted to the hospital. I am on antibiotics, but no contractions. The hospital is also telling me to go home on antibiotics as they will not induce the labor. Is it safe if the water broke for the baby? Ca...  Read Full »

Dr. Mishra Keeranmayee Mihirkumar

Answer: Hi, Welcome to It is great to find that you have reached 34 weeks. Have they given steroid injections to accelerate the baby's lung maturity? You can wait if still, fluid is present. You have to look out for any fever or contractions; if they develop, you can get re-admitted. Sometime...  Read Full »

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