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Will milk production stop if you do not pump breast milk for 15 days?

Query: Hi doctor, I underwent a C-section and delivered a baby a month ago. My baby had a weight of two and a half kilograms and had a full-term birth. I do not had milk supply for a week even tried doing it by hand. So I started to give a bottle feed for my baby. After a week, I took Lactate tablets and ...  Read Full »

Dr. Faisal Abdul Karim Malim

Child Health Specialist, Paediatrician

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Yes, you can start pumping. The trick for getting the child off the bottle is to try and put the child onto the breastfeeding for ten to fifteen minutes before giving top feeds. Please do not give it immediately before breastfeeding. This is the way to train the child t...  Read Full »

Does I-pill prevent unwanted pregnancy in breastfeeding mother?

Query: Hi doctor, I have a 2.5 months old son. Can I take I-pill to prevent unwanted pregnancy? Is it safe?  Read Full »

Dr. Reetika Joshi

Obstetrician And Gynaecologist

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I fully understand your concern and will surely help you. If you are at risk of getting pregnant and if you are a breastfeeding mother, it does not affect the quality or quantity with a single dose of taking I-pill (Levonorgestrel) However, I strongly recommend to avoid...  Read Full »

How to shift my baby from bottle feed to breastfeed while sleeping?

Query: Hello doctor, My baby is six weeks now and born preterm at 35 weeks of birth weight 1.9 kg. My baby was in NICU initially, and she was fed with Katori and spoon. I tried breast milk feeding for a week, but the doctor advised me to continue Katori feed with formula feed. Then I got admitted for sec...  Read Full »

Dr. Faisal Abdul Karim Malim

Child Health Specialist, Paediatrician

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I understand your issue. You can do for now to give the child the breast to feed on, and then also, if the child is hungry, then only give top feeds. This should become a usual practice for at least a week to two weeks until the child latches on. This way, the child...  Read Full »

What precautions should a breastfeeding COVID-19 positive mother take?

Query: Hi doctor,My wife is 28 years old. She had C-section last month and gave birth to a baby girl. Right now, she is breastfeeding our baby. In between, she complains of loss of smell. We have consulted a local physician. He suspected COVID-19, so now, for the last five days, my wife is taking Azithromy...  Read Full »

Dr. Nagaraj Patil

General Medicine Physician, General Practitioner, Internal Medicine Physician, Diabetologist

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I understand your concern. Considering your wife is not having symptoms (except for the loss of smell), she can continue to breastfeed the baby as per WHO guidelines. However, she has to use the mask all time, wash her hands with a recommended sanitizer (which contai...  Read Full »

Can breastfeeding affect the physical health of the baby?

Query: Signalment: I am presented with a three-month-old male that has been exhibiting shortness of breath, becoming tired while breastfeeding and not gaining weight well. Skin becomes slightly cyanotic when he is distressed and crying. Physical exam finding: Temperature: 98.9 rectally Eyes, ears, nose,...  Read Full »

Dr. Muhammad Zohaib Siddiq

Cardiologist, General Practitioner

Answer: Thanks for the query Echocardiography shows a large sized VSD with left to right shunt (probably bcz pic is black and white and color doppler findings are not properly visible). Please send me full echo report to see exact size and location of defect, shunt fraction, sizes of ventricles, pulmonar...  Read Full »

Is there any alternate for dairy milk for my 7-month-old kid?

Query: Hi doctor, My baby girl entered seventh month a few days back. Doctor here suggested to feeding my baby with Medolac apple flavor two times a day and dairy milk. We started the same for 10 days, and the baby did not have any allergy or problems. But still, I have a doubt. Is dairy milk good for my...  Read Full »

Dr. Suresh Kumar G D

Child Health Specialist, Paediatrician, Psychiatrist

Answer: Hello, Welcome to You have asked an appropriate question related to weaning your baby girl. Her growth (height and weight) looks good. You may know that it is a usual practice to start weaning the baby after he/she completes six months of age. There are several ways of doing it. Firs...  Read Full »

Can a mother breastfeed a 5-month-old COVID-19 positive baby?

Query: My 5 months old nephew has been tested covid positive 2 days back. High chances that mother might be infected too. Please guide as to how can we take care of the kid (most important) - how to identify how serious is his condition; when to get admitted; medicine, if any, to be given to the kid; can m...  Read Full »

Dr. Faisal Abdul Karim Malim

Child Health Specialist, Paediatrician

Answer: Firstly it is important to test the mother to be sure if the two can be kept together. If mother is positive, then both can be kept together, else the mother will have to be seperated. In such a case, bottle feeds will have to be given by another family member (who may be positive). You need to watc...  Read Full »

What to do if you cannot produce breast milk?

Query: Hi i am not getting breast milk at all.i am drinking powder and i am using lactogag capsules but also it is not coming at all.what should i do. I am using tablets but it is not increasing at have been one month i had delivery but till now no milk.can you please suggest any prescription for mi...  Read Full »

Dr. Sudhakar Palanisamy


Answer: Hi... its a very common complaint from mothers. First of all i need to know how old is your baby. Its birth weight and current weight. Can you quantify the approx amount of milk (even if drops) which u can express? Is it your first baby? I can understand how frustrating it will be to not get adequat...  Read Full »

What should I do to make my little one take breast milk?

Query: Hello doctor, My 10 months old baby is refusing to breastfeed suddenly. What can I do to feed him again?  Read Full »

Dr. Hardika Kothari


Answer: Hi, Welcome to Since when is your baby refusing breastfeeding (specify the duration)? Are there any other symptoms associated with refusal to feed? If yes, please specify. How is the activity of your baby? What are the complementary feeds you are giving to your baby apart from your br...  Read Full »

Please advice on how to improve my breast milk supply.

Query: Hello doctor, I am a mother of 4 months baby boy. I had a normal delivery and after the delivery, I got a very little milk and was not able to feed my baby. After 10 days, I had an issue with my delivery stitches as I had an episiotomy. So resuturing happened and was not at all able to feed my bab...  Read Full »

Dr. Faisal Abdul Karim Malim

Child Health Specialist, Paediatrician

Answer: Hello, Welcome to The best way for you right now is to let the child latch on the breast for atleast 5 to 10 minutes every day. After this latching is done, give the child some top-up milk using a bottle and nipple. If the child wants to latch on for more time, let the child latch. It...  Read Full »

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