COPD stands for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, which is a group of chronic inflammatory lung diseases that obstruct airflow from lungs and cause difficulty in breathing. COPD is most commonly caused by emphysema and chronic bronchitis. The symptoms include dyspnea, wheezing, chest tightness, persistent cough, and cyanosis.

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Is it advisable to use a Morphine nebulizer in end-stage COPD?

Query: Hello doctor, I am a 68-year-old male. I have lung emphysema, end-stage COPD diagnosed as stage III. I had a heart operation (stent) the previous year, and heart failure signs for four months. My symptoms are breathlessness on lying down supine, particularly at night. When waking up at night, it i...  Read Full »

Dr. Zubayeralam

Family Physician, General Medicine Physician, General Practitioner, Pulmonologist, Internal Medicine Physician

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I can understand your concern. According to your statement, you have been suffering from breathlessness while lying down supine, particularly at night. Dyspnea resulting from complications due to endstage diseases like endstage COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disea...  Read Full »

Are COPD patients most at risk for COVID-19?

Query: Hello doctor, Today is the 17th day after the COVID-19 positive result. I have breathing difficulties, cough and think it has reduced now. I consulted a doctor on 15 th day. According to the doctor, my chest is clear and my blood report are fine. In the past 15 days, I contacted hospital for a...  Read Full »

Dr. Penchala Prasad Kandikattu

General Medicine Physician, Internal Medicine Physician

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I can understand your problem. Do not worry. Usually the incubation period is around 14 days.  Read Full »

My friend gets chest pain after using inhalers. Kindly suggest an alternate medicine.

Query: hello I have a friend who is smoking since the 5th grade, she stopped smoking 4 months ago she was diagnosed with COPD. she gave her an inhaler Symbicort but when she takes it she has chest pain they change it for her flutiform she had also severe chest pain. she is 23 years old 43 kg  Read Full »

Dr. Nasir

Pain Medicine Physician, Internal Medicine Physician, General Medicine Physician

Answer: Good day to you ma'am I have gone through your problem and its seems that your friend might be having some of the side effects of one of the medicines in the the inhaler.the inhaler that she is using contains two medicines. one of them is a beta 2 adrenergic receptor agonists and other is Corticost...  Read Full »

Kindly explain my chest CT scan.

Query: Hi doctor, I had viral fever about three weeks back accompanied by cough, breathlessness and exertion. I have consulted a pulmonologist and he advised blood tests. Now, I have breathlessness after a long walk and slopes, tingling sensation in the heart and there is a feeling of phlegm in the throat....  Read Full »

Dr. Sunil Kumar Nookala

Allergy Specialist, Pulmonologist, Sleep Medicine Physician

Answer: Hello, Welcome to From your CT findings (attachment removed to protect patient identity), it appears to be a post-tuberculosis sequelae. As you have exertions, breathlessness and feeling of expectoration, I suggest you to undergo a spirometry to rule out post-tuberculosis COPD (chronic ...  Read Full »

Why does my bedridden father cough even after giving nebulizer?

Query: Hello doctor, My father is 82 years old , currently he is on bed. we use pads . He eats normal but the only thing is cough. We give him nebulizer twice a day , but now when he is talking we can hear the cough sound. pease advise.  Read Full »

Dr. Sanya Dhingra

Family Physician, General Practitioner

Answer: Greetings from my end . To my knowledge , this cough sound is not exactly cough sound but a wheeze ( what we call it in medical language) . Wheeze is a very common feature of COPD ( bronchial asthma) . This could also be just sputum collection in the airway. Is there is previous history of asthma...  Read Full »

What does pulmonary hyperaerated, bilateral, in a chest x-ray mean?

Query: Goodmorning. I have experiencing cough and weird feeling (something difficult) when I exhale which Im experiencing for more than a month now. I cough out blood with plegm. Fresh blood. Thats when I went to call a hospital for check up but thwy told me to go to municipality health center. Currenrly I...  Read Full »

Dr. Zubayeralam

Family Physician, General Medicine Physician, General Practitioner, Pulmonologist, Internal Medicine Physician

Answer: hello thanx for the query. I can understand ur concern.according to ur statement u have been suffering from cough every now and then and u had a past history of bronchitis and ur recent CXR remaks-pulmonary hyperaerated bilateral which means where is the lung volume is abnormally increased,with inc...  Read Full »

Is mild cough a symptom of Coronavirus?

Query: Hello doctor, I have been suffering from mild cough for the past two months. I consulted my general physician she asked me to go for chest x-ray and CBC. Chest x-ray is normal only and ESR showed 85. I have no fever and no sore throat. Appetite is also normal. Doctor prescribed me antiallergic tabl...  Read Full »

Dr. Vandana Andrews

Family Physician, General Practitioner, Internal Medicine Physician

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I understand your concern. Let us first list some of the common symptoms of Coronavirus infection. Fever, cough dry, shortness of breath. Mild cough with no fever is not quite under criteria. Though any cough for more than three weeks should be diagnosed, but this does ...  Read Full »

Is hernia surgery advisable for a 73-year-old man with a bad medical condition?

Query: I am a VA patient. I have kidney GFR function of 37 from polycystic kidneys. bad COPD and emphysema, severe allergy. I have had a hiatal hernia for 15 years and the VA just gives me PPI meds. Now that I am 73 and in bad health they say I need a hernia operation and rebuild the valve. In my bad med...  Read Full »

Dr. Anushtup De

General Surgeon

Answer: Hii.. thanks for your query. First of all, let me tell you i didnt understand the full form of VA. But considering your and multiple comorbidities that you have, Surgery would only be considered if ypu are severly symptomatic due to hiatus hernia. If you have minimal symptoms, such as reflux or blo...  Read Full »

How is COPD treated?

Query: Hi doctor, My father has SpO2 level with oxygen is more than 95 and without oxygen is 75-80. He also has COPD. But, all tests are normal like CT scan, USG and x-ray. Please explain.  Read Full »

Dr. Amolkumar W Diwan

Allergy Specialist, Pulmonologist

Answer: Hello, Welcome to  As you said your father has COPD, low oxygen levels are expected when the disease is advanced. COPD is a chronic progressive disease. Inhaler medicines are only for the symptomatic relief. Smoking cessation is the best policy to halt the progression of the disease. P...  Read Full »

What is the solution for breathlessness caused due to chronic cough?

Query: Hello doctor, I have been experiencing a chronic cough and it has clear-bubbly phlegm and I am so bothered about it because it has been a year since I have it. Sometimes, I vomit especially when my cough is severe and it sometimes makes me breathless. I have been taking antihistamine for it but it h...  Read Full »

Dr. Zubayeralam

Family Physician, General Medicine Physician, General Practitioner, Pulmonologist, Internal Medicine Physician

Answer: Hello, Welcome to According to your statement, you are suffering from chronic cough for almost a year now that makes you breathless. You did not mention here about your family history, working history, living history, allergic history, smoking history, and the factors that make you br...  Read Full »

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