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Itching Inside Penis

Itching, accompanied by discomfort in the genital area, is an embarrassing symptom for many, but it is fairly common and easily treatable. It is not always associated with a sexually transmitted disease but may also be due to non-sexually transmitted dermatological conditions such as fungal infections, allergy, poor hygiene and excessive sweating.

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My testicular area is white and itchy with rashes on the umbilical sides. Why?

Query: Hello doctor,My testicular area is white and itchy. Similarly, the penis has a slightly black color. Also, itching and rashes on the umbilical side. Hair loss can be overwhelming.  Read Full »

Dr. Sreelakshmi. S

Answer: Hello, Welcome to The itching and discoloration on your scrotum and penis may be due to fungal infection. But it could also be due to another condition called scrotal dermatitis. The first and most important thing is to wear undergarments that are loose to allow air circulations. Keep...  Read Full »

Are penile inflammation and itching indicative of balanitis?

Query: Hi doctor, I noticed an inflammation on the tip of my penis a few days ago. It appears patchy, and I developed itchiness and inflammation of the urethra. Also, I have a burning sensation after urination. However, I underwent a few blood tests two months back, which were normal. Also, I underwent a C...  Read Full »

Dr. Samer Sameer Juma Ali Altawil

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I went through your query and understood your concern. It is balanitis, and it must be treated with tablets. This inflammation is a part of urethritis which is inflammation of the urethra. So, I suggest you to take the tablets Ciprofloxacin (fluoroquinolone antibiotic) ...  Read Full »

Can a bump on the penis be caused due to razor?

Query: Hello doctor, I have a question. I have been having this problem with my penis. I was hanging out with a female friend seven months back, and we had a sexual encounter. But we did not perform oral sex or anything. All we did was dry hump with our clothes on. A few days later, I felt this tingling f...  Read Full »

Dr. Shyam Kalyan. N

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Is there any redness or tingling now also? Do you have any fever or pain? Do you keep the area dry and clean?   Read Full »

I have been having itching and red marks on my penis head after having sexual intercourse. Why so?

Query: Hello doctor, I had sex with my girlfriend. After that, my girlfriend also had an itching problem as same as me. My penis tip is itching and there are red marks on my penis head. Kindly help.  Read Full »

Dr. Shah Sushma Kant

Answer: Hello, I appreciate you signing up on icliniq. Yes, both may be suffering from STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases). I suggest you to follow a few instructions mentioned below. Maintain hygiene, wash with lukewarm water and betadine solution thoroughly at least three times a day. Apply Fucidin (Fus...  Read Full »

I have painful wound with itching in penis after sex. Is it gonorrhea?

Query: Hi doctor, I am 36 years old, male. I am traveling and had sex two weeks ago without condom. After two days, I felt itching and pain while peeing. Now, two weeks later, I have white painful wound on my penis. I visited a doctor yesterday and received an injection and two pills antibiotics. He said ...  Read Full »

Dr. C. Elanchezhian

Answer: Hello, Welcome to You have developed ulcers after two weeks. Usually, in gonorrhea you will have painful white discharge from penis. In syphilis, ulcer will develop after 10 to 14 days, painless single, button like ulcer. Painful genital ulcers in this case are may be herpes simplex, ...  Read Full »

How to cure allergy in head of penis and inner skin?

Query: Hello doctor, I am having some allergy on the head of my penis and inner skin of my penis. My inner skin of penis is always red and I have this problem for a long time. Please help.  Read Full »

Dr. Thakare Sampada Avinash

Answer: Hi, Welcome to From your description, it can be balanitis but to rule out herpes genitalis please send a good quality image and revert back. Is it associated with itching or burning sensation or pain? If sexually active does your partner suffer from a similar complaint?  Read Full »

My penis head has turned black and itchy. Please help.

Query: Hello doctor, My penis head has become black. That part, as well as the foreskin, is itchy. I went to a urologist and he prescribed Ciplox 500 mg (1-0-1) for five days and T Bact cream for applying. It was paining a bit at that time. Now the pain is considerably reduced (about 90 %). But still, the ...  Read Full »

Dr. Thakare Sampada Avinash

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Kindly send good quality image and revert back. Without photographs its difficult to comment.   Read Full »

Please help me cure penis itching present along with foul smell and yellowish discharge.

Query: Hi doctor, I started to have itching in my penis before two days back. I checked my prepuce and found it to be reddish. little thick and inflamed. I had a foul smell and yellowish discharge present below the glans. A few months back, I saw a urologist for testicular pain where the initial examinati...  Read Full »

Dr. Sharath Kumar. C

Answer: Hi, Welcome to You have developed balanoposthitis. Balanitis is an inflammation of the head of the penis. Balanoposthitis is an inflammation affecting both the penis head and the foreskin. Both can result in pain and swelling. It causes difficulty to retract the foreskin causing Phimo...  Read Full »

I have a red spot and smegma around my penis head under my foreskin. What can I do?

Query: Hi doctor, I have a red spot and smegma around my penis head under my foreskin. I use warm water to clean that area daily. Sometimes it is itchy. I am feeling depressed. Please help me to come out of this. What can I do?  Read Full »

Dr. Dhepe Snehal Madhav

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Do you have any swelling in your glans penis? Do you have any recurrent episodes of Balanitis? Did you scratch or rub excessively? Did you handle it roughly? Will you do masturbation? Do you practice improper genital hygiene? Attach a clinical picture of the lesion to a...  Read Full »

I have itchy boils on my penis. Please suggest medications.

Query: Hello doctor,I have small boils (red and white) on the head of my penis and also inside the skin, along with itching. I regularly clean with warm water and sometimes put some Vaseline gel, but nowadays, it has increased very much. I think it is a fungal infection. Please suggest a good medicine and ...  Read Full »

Dr. Sangeeth Kumar

Answer: Hello, Welcome to From your history, it appears to be a fungal infection. Could you please send me pictures for an appropriate diagnosis and treatment?   Read Full »

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