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Superior Canal Dehiscence Syndrome - Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

Published on Sep 22, 2022   -  4 min read


Superior canal dehiscence syndrome is a condition that affects both balance and hearing in people to a different extent. Scroll down to read more.


What Is Superior Canal Dehiscence Syndrome?

Superior canal dehiscence syndrome (SCDS) is a rare syndrome that is caused by an abnormal opening between the semicircular canal of the inner ear and the brain. This disease can result in hearing problems as well as balance problems for the patients. The uppermost semicircular in the upper part of the inner ear and the brain forms a connection in this condition; usually, there will be a separation between both the compartments.

During fetal development in such patients, there will be either abnormal thinness or incomplete closure of the bony canals of the inner ear, which is causing this condition. So in such patients, sound can leak through and repeat itself in the brain. This can result in problems with hearing and balance.

What Causes Superior Canal Dehiscence Syndrome?

What Are the Symptoms of Superior Canal Dehiscence Syndrome (SCDS)?

The symptoms of superior canal dehiscence syndrome will affect hearing and balance to a different extent in different people and will include the following:

How Is Superior Canal Dehiscence Syndrome Diagnosed?

What Are the Treatment Options for SCDS?

Most patients with SCDS do not require treatment as they learn to adapt to the condition by avoiding activities causing vertigo and oscillopsia. Also, patients will avoid places with loud noises. Using hearing protection can be effective when you expect loud noises. One can consult a certified vestibular therapist as they can provide patients with exercise that can help improve balance and reduce fall risk.

If the SCD is severe and is interfering with daily living, then in such cases plugging of the dehiscence through surgical repair may be needed. The most common surgical treatments are:


Superior canal dehiscence syndrome is a condition that causes symptoms related to balance and hearing and is related to a rare syndrome known as superior canal dehiscence, in which communication is formed between the inner ear and the cranial cavity. The cause of this condition is mostly genetic or from trauma or infection. The patients will have autophony, vertigo, oscillopsia, and other symptoms. As it is a defect, the treatment for this condition would be a surgical correction. If you or any known person has these symptoms, consult a doctor to receive the right treatment.


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