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Sedentary Lifestyle Has the Same Impact on Your Heart as Smoking Does!!!

Written by
Dr. Muhammad M. Hanif Md.
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Published on Sep 24, 2015 and last reviewed on Dec 22, 2018   -  3 min read



Research confirms that sedentary lifestyle is the same as smoking too much combustive tobacco. It kills you due to heart disorders, the same way as smoking does.

Sedentary Lifestyle Has the Same Impact on Your Heart as Smoking Does!!!

Have you seen a person stabbing his own heart???

Yes, I have seen many of them and in fact I see them daily in my clinical practice. People are killing themselves on the name of the so-called new modern busy lifestyles and eating habits. All of this is silently killing them by deteriorating their heart's health on a slow but regular pace.

Everybody knows that we cannot control our family history for certain genetic cardiac diseases, but these genetics are playing far less a role in our cardiac wellness than our own preventable bad habits and lifestyle which is doing the real harm.

Ask yourself a few simple questions and then read the rest of the article afterwards, keeping in mind what your answers were and how will it impact on the outcome of your health with the passage of time. Times passes, so are your habits getting even more and more firm and not much modifiable. So, wake up today for a better tomorrow. Your heart is the basic pump of your life. If this pump stops, you will stop.

Ask Yourself:

  • How many hours do you spend daily while sitting or lying down and relaxing?
  • Do you take your heart seriously?
  • How regular do you see your doctor?
  • How much do you smoke and take alcohol?
  • Do you take it seriously if sometimes you feel pain in your chest, feel dizziness, unexplained fatigue, shortness of breath with even a mild to moderate physical activity?
  • How healthy is your diet?
  • Have you ever asked your doctor about the ideal weight and an ideal waist circumference according to your age and height?

Eye-Opener Facts About Your Heart Health and Your Lifestyle:

  • If a person smokes regularly, and another person has an inactive lifestyle but doesn't smoke at all, they both are at the same risk for heart diseases. More sitting time, more the cardiac disease risks.
  • Sedentary lifestyle is the reason for bad cholesterol accumulation in body, diabetes, weight gain, hypertension and a lot more diseases and health risks. You need to move on during the day and spend less time sitting in a chair.
  • When you have to sit longer (as if your job demands), take off of your seat many a times during the continuous spells. It will make a huge difference in the days to come.
  • Pain in your chest may be due to many reasons like muscular pain, gastrointestinal tract related pain, but you are not entitled to take this pain lightly. Go and get it checked as it may be angina (Myocardial Infarction or heart attack pain).
  • Smokers are at greater risk for heart disease as compared to non-smokers. Smoke contains chemical products that lead to hardening of the blood vessels and coronary artery diseases (arteriosclerosis). It is never too late. No matter how long you did this chain smoking, keep in mind that the first step to get out of a dig is to stop digging it.
  • Alcohol consumption poses risk for heart and liver. Alcoholic cirrhosis, getting very common is a major reason for end stage liver disease.
  • In western countries, people are bound to go for regular visits to their primary care physician. It is good as the heart disorders can be diagnosed even at preliminary stages and risk factors can be kept in check.
  • If you feel chest pain, tightness and shortness of breath without a reason obvious to you, pain in arms, shoulders, your jaw and back, you need to call an ambulance or local emergency service.
  • Diabetics need extra care and regular visits to their physician as they may not feel the typical heart attack pain and they may miss it when it was needed the most. It is because of the neuropathy (a complication of longstanding diabetes).
  • Obesity is the mother of all diseases and central or truncal obesity is a killer for creating an extra burden on your heart. With an every 10 pounds of decrease in weight, your blood pressure may decrease by 5 mm Hg. High blood pressure is a direct and serious risk factor for heart diseases.

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