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Don’t Be Anxious; Stay Positive and Make Corona Negative

Published on Apr 04, 2020 and last reviewed on May 03, 2022   -  6 min read


Along with the existing Coronavirus, increasing anxiety is disrupting our routines. Read this article to know about ways to lead a normal life during such a pandemic.

Don’t Be Anxious; Stay Positive and Make Corona Negative


With the fourth wave nearing, people are already glued to the news portals. The increasing number of cases is definitely creating a fear inside everyone. This is certainly because of the events we witnessed in the past three waves. Though it is understandable, it is important for us to stay mentally healthy in order to face the forthcoming wave.

What Does Anxiety Mean?

Generalized anxiety will involve too much-worrying and nervousness. This can be a personality trait of an individual. Anxiety or fear is often labeled as a negative emotion. The true fact is that emotions do not really have a positive or a negative identity. It is always the perspective that matters. There are many reasons why fear is always seen as negative energy. Here are a few reasons why it is taken in a negative way.

What Can Fear Really Offer?

When you see the fear in the positive zone, it has indeed contributed a lot. Here are afew things to appreciate about fear.

Why Is COVID-19 Causing Anxiety?

COVID-19 has made many people shiver with fear. Before a person is tested positive for the virus, fear is rocking them down. A person might have experienced mild fever earlier in his life. He overcame it very easily. Now, the situation is different. A little rise in temperature is killing us with panic attacks. A study suggests that the COVID-19 pandemic in the year 2020 has caused a 25 % - 27 % increase in anxiety and depression cases worldwide. If you are not sleeping better due to the fear of getting COVID-19, you should definitely consult a doctor. Compulsively cleaning too much, organizing too much, frightening calls that all your clothes might be infected with the virus is an indication that you need help. Washing your hands, vessels, and clothes infinite times a day might be a spotlight of Obsessive-compulsive disorder. Let us try to understand why we fear coronavirus.

Questions to Ask Yourself?

If your answer is yes to most of the questions, there are possibilities that you are facing anxiety issues. In a few years, everyone has become extra-clean, washing their hands even after reading a book. When you make changes to normal lifestyle events, it should be healthy and soothing. Rather, this fast running pandemic world is becoming extraordinarily obsessed with tiny particles. This small particle could be the virus or your fear. Both might be little, yet they can cause drastic changes. What the virus could do to the world is totally out of control for normal citizens. What you could do is combat your fear in a healthy way. Now that we have gained too much detail about COVID-19, we have started to stay isolated and practice better hand hygiene measures. We know that the novel virus spreads by touching the infected objects. It will be totally fine if you wash your hands before and after eating, before and after touching your nose, mouth, and eyes.

What Is the Solution?

First, learn to recognize fear as the one that is making us gain awareness. At least we know how to protect ourselves. We do not need to make the ultimate changes to your lifestyle. Here are a few ideas you can follow.

Count Your Blessings.

The world is a common platform for birds, animals, and other species. Humans have grabbed a major share from the earth. Having taken it with force, did we actually give it back in return? Definitely not. We did a fair job of eating all varieties of animals and plants. We destroyed the forest by deforestation. We polluted the sea with plastics, the atmosphere with harmful gases. It is not empathetic to say only the fittest can survive. Now, humans are locked down, and birds are flying freely. The sky has depreciated levels of nitrous oxide and therefore, has become less polluted. There is something good happening for every effect and cause. Know to be grateful for your blessings.

Find out Your Own Coping Strategies:

When you are in a very relaxed state, your mind and body will remain calm. Your heartbeat and pressure will be normal during this time. When you are in fear and stress, the reverse happens. To keep yourself cool, find out your own coping mechanisms. Explore yourselves and find out what works best for you. This is known as self-soothing. It can be achieved by a sense of smell, vision, hearing, taste, and touch. A few things you could try are:

A Magical Technique:

This might resemble a meditation, but it can give you instant results. Find a calm place to do this technique. Switch off your mobile phones. Keep the objects that can cause disturbances away from you.

This simple visualization method can make you feel better. You will feel lighter and positive.

Think Rationally. You Stay Positive and Make Corona Negative.

Unnecessary fear will give us no growth. It is essential to think in a more rational and intellectual way. Be bold and confident. Remember that there are many who recovered. Listen to the stories of people who have completely recovered, and this might help you feel better. Keep a few points in mind always.

Do you know too much washing and cleaning can lead to obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)? Are you facing anxiety or any unknown fear? Call a doctor online.

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