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How to Stay Active in COVID-19?

Published on Jun 22, 2020 and last reviewed on May 09, 2022   -  4 min read


It is essential to stay active both physically and mentally during the COVID-19 outbreak. Read this article to know more.

How to Stay Active in COVID-19?

Why Is There Pressure to Stay Active?

The pressure to stay motivated and positive is not only arising in this particular situation. Stress is always there in the fast-running world. But now, it seems to be much more than a normal level. Reading a lot of self-improvement strategies to stay active and be more productive is not going to be helpful. We cannot conclude that self-help books, videos, and programs are an utter waste. It is indeed a wonderful way to gain knowledge. Still, there is a motivated vibration only for a few days or weeks. It is difficult for a person to stay in the same zone. This is the point where the public needs to get alert. If you have invested a huge amount of money in the self-improvement process, and still if you could see no improvement, then the changes need to be done from your side. Psychologists say that it takes approximately 21 days to form a habit. If you practice our tips, you can find life-changing benefits happening. This article will help you gain control over your life and be more active and positive.

Green Tea:

Whether you are working from home or you are jobless, we have become less active these days. This is due to the fact that we love to stay in our own skin most of the time. Shedding the old skin will make us come out of our comfort zone and then unleash our complete potential. So the first target should be focused on coming out of the comfort zone. This has many psychological benefits also. The first and best step could be green tea. A cup of green tea with a spoon of honey will make you active instantly. It is sure to be a powerful drive. Starting the day with good vibes will help you stay better. Green tea is a no-calorie alternative for milk.


If you are not a gym type or a fitness freak, then you should start walking. You can use some mobile applications to note the number of steps you walk every day. Do not wear masks when you are walking or exercising. This will make you sweat more and tend to attract more microorganisms. It will obstruct your breathing. Do not walk very fast so that you cannot even speak. Increase your duration of walks gradually. As days go by, you can shift to jogging.


It is not that you have to do very hard workouts. Try doing squats and skipping. If it is possible to play harmless sports, then you can follow it. Exercises help you to sweat more. When you sweat more, your hormones get activated, which makes you feel fresher. Decide which exercise suits you the best for you.


If exercising does not interest you very much, you can try meditation as an alternative. Meditation has different sources of origins and different formats to practice. Some meditation experts say that you should not have any thoughts when you do meditation; some say that is the art of focusing on a particular thing. However, it is always beneficial to do so in the way you best understand.

Aerobics Dance:

If you are a dance lover, then this is definitely for you. Aerobics dance can help you reduce your unwanted body fats. It improves your muscle tone and strength. Your body will gain a better ability for coordination.


Music can have a strong influence on the attitude of a person. Prefer hearing songs that will make you feel energetic instead of sad and lamenting songs. This will spread energetic vibrations in your room.

Have a Personal Journal:

It is nice to record things that you have done the whole day. It will help you become more productive. If there are any lethargic portions in your log or journal, try to compensate by focusing more.

Actively Connect With Family:

Try doing a group activity with your family. Doing different activities and playing unique games will keep you engaged and active. Interactive games will not make you feel tired, like video games.

How to Keep Your Mind Active?

Mental Health:

An idle mind would lead the way to become a devil’s workshop. All the things have changed for youngsters and old people. We can see a few ways to keep our minds active. By doing this, we can also keep our emotional and physical health on track.


Self-care and maintaining well-being is a must. Only then you can retain the things that you learned in your memory. Eat nutritious food. Avoid junk foods and other foods that are rich in fat. You should check on your mental health. Spend time on your hobbies and household chores. Students have had a difficult time in the last two years because they had to study and spend tuitions online. However, now that schools and colleges have resumed, it will undoubtedly have a good impact on students' emotional and physical well-being. They can socialize with their peers and participate in their favorite activities.

Working Professionals:

Many offices have called their employees back to office while others still prefer working from home. It is important to identify a proper working space for you. Make sure you have healthy snacks with you. It is also necessary to keep your digital environment clean too. Do not focus on too many works at a time. You should have a smart goal. Plan sufficient breaks in between works. Place a small green plant near your laptop. Make sure you look at them in your breaks. This keeps you away from eye strains. People who have already started going physically to the office must follow all the covid protocols like social distancing, wearing masks, and giving hygiene the utmost importance.

Senior Citizens:

The senior age group people need additional help to stay active. The family members should not allow them to stay distressed. They can take help from support groups. If they sit in the same place for a longer period of time, then there is a possibility of the muscles to become weak and atrophied.

It is not that we should stay active only during quarantine or COVID-19. Staying active is always a blessing and a grateful thing to do. Stay grounded always if you start a new habit or activity. Consistency is the key to success. Stay happy and healthy.

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