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Double Masking - Proper Technique and Benefits

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Double Masking - Proper Technique and Benefits

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Double masking is considered a safety barrier against the spread of COVID-19. Read the article below to know more benefits of double masking.

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Dr. Sugreev Singh

Published At April 30, 2021
Reviewed AtJanuary 9, 2023

Why Is There a Need for Double Masking?

At the time of the tremendous rise in COVID-19 cases worldwide, every one was taking the necessary precautions to ensure the safety. The only priority at that point of time was safety by all means. In 2019, when Coronavirus took its turn, the major concern was every one should need to wear a mask, not only the individuals with symptoms like sneezing, coughing, and cold needed to wear it. With the excessive spread of COVID-19 infection the health experts recommend wearing double masks. This article will throw some light on the need, benefits, ways, and purpose of double masking.

What Is the Purpose of Wearing a Mask?

With the whole world fighting against this deadly virus with the available vaccines and medicines, all that people can do to protect themselves and others is only by wearing a mask. Certain reports say that even if a person is a carrier of COVID-19 and asymptomatic, they can stop the spread by wearing a mask. So basically, people are protecting themselves and others by wearing a mask. COVID-19 generally spreads from one person to another through respiratory droplets, which travel through the air when a person coughs or sneezes. Masks are a barrier that prevents respiratory droplets from reaching others. Basically, masks are a weapon to be used in this war against COVID-19.

Which Is the Right Way To Wear a Mask?

While wearing a mask, make sure it covers the mouth and nose, and do make sure that there is a proper ventilation so that a person can breathe through the mask. Wash the hands with soap and water before and after wearing the mask. A person should wear and take off the mask by only touching the bands or ties. A person should not touch the masks elsewhere. If a person do so, make sure they must wash their hands immediately.

What Are the Different Types of Masks?

There are different types of masks such as:

  • Surgical/ Disposable masks.

  • N95 respirator masks.

  • Cloth/Homemade masks.

What Are the Types of Masks That Are Not Effective In Fighting Against COVID-19?

There are some types of masks that work better in fighting against COVID-19. Similarly, some types of masks are not recommended for fighting against COVID-19 like:

  • Masks that do not fit properly.

  • One layered mask.

  • Wearing a scarf or handkerchief.

  • Masks with exhalation valves or vents.

  • Masks that are made from fabric that is loosely knitted.

  • Masks that are made from materials that are hard to breathe.

When Do People Need To Wear a Mask?

  • In public gatherings or crowded places.

  • Any time when a person is traveling by public transport.

  • Any time when a person is around too many people who do not live with the person.

Do One Need to Wear a Mask at Home?

It is better to wear a mask at home if someone lives with is sick with COVID-19 symptoms or tested positive for COVID-19.

What Is Double Masking?

While wearing a mask on another mask, it is called Double Masking. It is basically wearing two masks. In inections like COVID-19, the cases are rise tremendously, and health experts were finding out ways to control the spread of this deadly COVID-19 virus. They consider double masking to be a strategy to fight better against this COVID-19.

How To Wear Double Masks?

There are many benefits of wearing double masks. Now people will wonder about how to wear double masks safely. Here are a few tips that one can follow to wear double masks and to ensure safety. The first thing people have to do is to choose the combination of masks wisely as certain combinations of masks may not fit properly or in some combinations, people may find it difficult to breathe then they should avoid such kinds of combinations. Here are such kind:

  • Avoid wearing two surgical masks.

  • Avoid wearing any other type of mask with N95 respirator masks as people do not need to wear any other type of mask along with it.

From various studies and reports, health experts recommend wearing a cloth mask over a surgical mask.

What to Ensure Before Wearing Double Masks?

Before wearing double masks in public places, try wearing them at home.

  • People should make sure that they can breathe properly through the double masks.

  • Make sure that both masks are tightly fit. The outer mask should press the inner mask close to the face.

What Are the Benefits of Double Masking?

There are many potential benefits when people wear double masks. The benefits are:

  • It offers better protection.

Usually, COVID-19-infected respiratory droplets transmit from one person to another while talking, coughing, or sneezing. Wearing a mask prevents infectious respiratory droplets from entering the body. Health experts generally recommend using masks with at least two or three layers of fabric. Wearing an additional mask can offer better protection.

  • It gives a better fit.

While wearing masks that are loose or improperly fit, then there are chances of respiratory droplets escaping through the mask. This can be prevented by double masking.

  • Double masking ensures increased filtration.

The layers in the mask filter the virus-containing respiratory droplets before the person get to inhale them. While wearing double masks, people should ensure increased filtration. The power of filtration increases when people wear double masks.

These are some of the benefits of wearing double masks.


During pandemic situations, where safety is the primary concern, and when health experts suggest double safety with double masking, who will refuse to take it? Even though the available vaccines and medicines protect everyone from COVID-19 infection, it is still essential to wear face masks, and for an added safety, people can also wear double masks. Mask is the only weapon available to fight this war on COVID-19. Along with wearing a mask, maintaining social distancing, washing hands frequently with soap and water, and getting vaccinated as per the guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions


What Is Meant by Double Masking in Skincare?

Double masking was using two different masks on different areas of the face at the same same time. One can actually layer face masks which best is to start with a softer textured mask and then layer.


Was Double Masking as Effective as N95?

Double masking reduces the wearer's exposure as the filtration efficiency is improved. A combination of a three-ply mask and fabric face mask increases the effectiveness of filtration when compared to N95 respirators.


How Can One Use a Double-String Mask?

In the double strap mask, one strap goes over the ear and the rest at the back of the head. The bottom strap was positioned around and below the ears. One should not crisscross the straps, and if the air leaks around the nose, it should be readjusted.


Was It Ok to Do Two Face Masks on the Same Day?

Yes, a double mask can be used. That is called double masking or multitasking. This multitasking provides one to customize skin care and maximize the results.


What Is a Double Mask Design?

A study design in which the investigators and subjects know the treatment of group assignments of the individual subjects.


Which Is the Best Way to Double Mask?

The double mask was wearing a cloth mask over the surgical mask. The best types to use or induce are three-ply cloth masks and three-ply disposable surgical masks.


Can One Wear KN95 Masks More Than Once?

It simply depends on one's own skin type, individual skin needs, and the kind of mask one is using. Some of the masks are best to be used once per week, whereas others are used more frequently, up to three times per week.


Which Is the Best Mask for COVID?

Well-protected fitting disposable surgical masks and KN95 may offer more protection, and well-fitting disposable surgical masks and KN95 even more protection and well-fitting approved respirators offer the highest level of protection.


Why Is Multi-Masking Needed?

Multi-masking was the technique of applying different masks to specific areas of the skin.


How Will the Masking Reduce Biases?

The treatment of allocation of each patient was not revealed until the patient had been entered into the trial.
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Dr. Sugreev Singh

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