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Shigellosis - Symptoms, Causes, Risk Factors, Complications, Diagnosis, and Prevention

Published on Dec 24, 2020 and last reviewed on Jan 09, 2022   -  4 min read


Shigellosis is a condition that can affect children who have contamination with bacteria. Read this article to know more.

Shigellosis - Symptoms, Causes, Risk Factors, Complications, Diagnosis, and Prevention

What Is Shigellosis?

Shigellosis is a condition that is caused by a bacteria belonging to a family of Shigella. It is a contagious infection. If an individual gets infected with the Shigella bacteria, their stool also gets infected. This is particularly seen in people who do not wash their hands properly after using the washroom or changing the diapers for the babies. The most common route of transmission is through food and water that is contaminated with bacteria. When the bacteria enters the body, it will release toxins that have the ability to irritate the intestine of human beings. The symptoms of Shigellosis might vary from one person to another. Young children are most commonly affected than adults. This is due to the fact that the kids do not know to practice good hygiene measures. They tend to put their hand and fingers in their mouth after playing. Medical reports suggest that approximately five lakh people in the United States of America are affected by Shigellosis every year. The mortality rate of Shigellosis is higher in children who are younger than five years of age. Shigellosis is more common in people who belong to countries such as South Asia and Africa. Vaccines for Shigellosis have not been developed yet, and so the developing countries are having a hard time.

What Are the Symptoms of Shigellosis?

The symptoms might take about one or two days to show up after the exposure to the bacteria. In some patients, it might also take more than one week to show symptoms. The most commonly known symptoms of Shigellosis are:

If diarrhea occurs in patients with Shigellosis, it can last up to seven days. In the case of mild infection, the symptoms might be present for only a few days and do not require any treatment protocol. In complicated conditions, the patients tend to have dehydration issues, and in such cases, it is necessary to consult your doctor immediately.

What Are the Causes of Shigellosis?

The accidental exposure of Shigella can happen due to the following reasons.

What Are the Risk Factors for Shigellosis?

The risk factors associated with Shigellosis are:

What Are the Complications of Shigellosis?

The complication of Shigellosis includes the following:

How Is Shigellosis Diagnosed?

The diagnosis for Shigellosis might require a sample of the stool from the infected person. This will indicate the occurrence of toxins in the body. Also, the Shigella bacteria can be identified if it is present.

What Are the Treatment Options for Shigellosis?

Treatment for Shigellosis aims to replace fluids that are lost in diarrhea. Lifestyle changes should also be made.

What Are the Precautionary Measures for Shigellosis?

By following a few tips, it is possible to prevent infections with Shigellosis.

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