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Fever: a Friend or Foe

Written by Dr. Jayvirsinh Indrasinh Chauhan.  

Everyone experiences an increase in their body temperature once in a while which we refer to as fever.

What I am going to convey here is not a major science or a new finding, but I felt it is necessary to share this with you because I have seen hundreds of patient who have no basic knowledge about fever and often get wrongly treated either by self-medication or with over-the-counter medications suggested by a pharmacist.

Now, let us see where we are going wrong. An increase in body temperature is brought out by our own defense mechanism or immune system to let us know that there is something wrong with our body. It can be due to an infection or something else, but it is not a disease in itself.

When we experience fever, what most of us do is, take an antipyretic medicine such as Paracetamol, which definitely brings the temperature down for few hours but it will never cure the problem. What is harmful is, you have just made yourself blind about the disease process because with the absence of any external sign of internal derangement (like fever) you will never know if there are some bigger issues going on and your body starts reacting more severely to produce more symptoms.

So, instead, what you have to do is, to try to find out the cause of the fever, take proper treatment to cure the disease process and, the fever will resolve by itself. The subsiding of fever without any antipyretic medicine is a sure sign of the disease getting cured.

I am not trying to say that you must never take antipyretics. In case the temperature goes beyond the higher limits, it may be necessary to take such medicines but with a healthcare professional's advice.

I just want you to understand that taking medicines blindly without proper awareness and knowledge does more harm than good.

For more information consult a fever specialist online --> https://www.icliniq.com/ask-a-doctor-online/general-medicine-physician/fever

Last reviewed at: 01.Dec.2018



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