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One Single Food for a Newborn's Complete Needs

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A complete guide to wellness and health benefits of breastfeeding your little loved one. It is a unique bond of affection, love and care that leaves positive impact on the baby's life forever.

One Single Food for a Newborn's Complete Needs

Mother's breast milk is a complete diet for the newborn that suffices all the needs of the baby for the start of a healthy life. Breast milk is:

What Is Colostrum?

The breast milk produced in the first couple of days or so of lactation after delivery, is known as Colostrum. It is a yellow colored secretionthat is full of antibodies, from the breast of the mother, from which the newborn gets protection against the infections.

In 4-5 days after delivery the mother secretes breast milk that contains antibodies to sufficiently protect the baby against diseases and they remain there for the time baby is on breastfeed. It saves the baby from:

With Breastfeeding, Baby Is Fully Satisfied and That Is an Ease for Mother's Too:

Babies need mother's lap to feed properly and for sleep induction under the feeling of full satisfaction. The breastfeeding provides it all and the mother and baby both remain at ease right from the start of a new life.

Advantages to the Mother's Who Breastfeed Their Little Ones:

Important Facts About Breastfeeding:

This is a difficult task for some mothers in the start of lactation and may need the help of a trained breastfeeding coaching from a nurse. A lot of young girls get trained at home from mothers and grandmothers in this regard. In a couple of weeks female's body adjusts to this process. She gets the knowledge of how much milk she is producing and if that is sufficient for the baby's needs. If baby needs more milk and suckles, the body has its own physiologic processes that produce more milk to fulfill the needs of the little one.

Some Facts for a Mother to Keep in Mind:

Your baby's paediatrician will guide you in this regard.

Nutritional Facts Of Human, Goat And Cow's Milk: (Quantity - 250 mL)

Nutrient Goat's Milk Cow's Milk Human Milk
Calcium (mg) 325 275 80
Vitamin C (mg) 3.0 0 12
Iron (mg) 0.12 0.07 0.07
Folate (mcg) 2 10 10
Sodium (mg) 125 100 40
Carbohydrates (g) 10 11 17
Polyunsaturated fats (g) 0.4 0.5 1
Monounsaturated fats (g) 2.5 2 4
Saturated fat (g) 6.5 4.5 5
Total Fats (g) 10 8 11
Proteins (g) 8.5 7.5 2.5
Calories 168 146 172

Consult a paediatrician online for queries regarding your baby's nutrition -->


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