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Acne Vulgaris and it's Management

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Published on May 06, 2014 and last reviewed on Dec 30, 2019   -  2 min read


Acne Vulgaris, commonly known as acne, is a common skin condition affecting young adults. Though it is associated with significant psychological morbidity, it can be managed effectively with daily skincare routine and medicines. Read the article to know more.

Acne Vulgaris and it's Management

Acne Vulgaris is a common skin concern in adolescents and may sometimes persist in adulthood too. It is a skin disorder involving pilo-sebaceous follicles or oil glands and is therefore seen to involve areas where oil glands are dense. Hence face, chest, back, upper arms are common sites of involvement.

Though acne is commonly seen in oily skin, it can be involve dry skin too due to blockade of oil glands when excessive creams or greasy thick creams are used to moisturize the skin.

Acne can present as whiteheads, blackheads, papules, pustules, nodules and abscesses. If not treated properly it will leave extensive scarring and pigmentation in the skin.

Common Causes Of Acne

Management of Acne

To understand the management of acne, it is essential to understand it's pathogenesis. Acne is basically seen in excessively oily skin(seborrhoea) due to blockade of oil glands by shedding of ductal cells. This blockade leads to growth of a bacteria known as propionibacterium acnes.

Also androgen(hormone) has a role to play in acne. The medicines used in acne are basically meant to target these underlying causes.

Treatment In Acne

Treatment is suggested according to type of acne.

Skin Care In Acne Prone Skin

Acne prone skin needs proper skin care. If right medicines and products are used, it is easy to manage acne.

It is advisable that one should consult a dermatologist for a proper personalized prescription and skin care regime rather than using home remedies as acne can have long term sequelae in form of scars and marks if not treated adequately.


Frequently Asked Questions


How Can You Differentiate Acne and Acne Vulgaris?

Acne can refer to the simple pimple or spots. Acne is commonly seen in teenage girls. Acne vulgaris is a condition where there is blockage of the hair follicles. This blockage can occur along with the oil and the dead cells of the skin. In simple terms, acne vulgaris is a pus-filled pimple.


What Bacteria Causes Acne Vulgaris?

The bacteria that cause acne vulgaris are:
- Staphylococcus aureus.
- Propionibacterium acnes.
- Propionibacterium acnes is the main causative agent for acne vulgaris. The severity of the acne depends on the number of bacteria involved.


How Does Acne Vulgaris Look Like?

Acne vulgaris can happen both as a non-inflammatory or inflammatory condition. It can present as pustules, papules, or nodules. It is known to affect several areas of the skin. The area which has the highest number of sebaceous follicles can invite acne vulgaris. The other sites where acne vulgaris can occur are the chest and the back portion.


What Are the Possible Triggers of Acne?

The possible triggers for the occurrence of acne are:
- Hormonal changes.
- Stress.
- Diet.
- Certain medications.


It Is Possible to Cure Acne Vulgaris?

In most cases, acne vulgaris cannot be cured fully. It is only possible to treat the symptoms. The symptoms can be alleviated with the help of topical application of medications and other prescribed drugs. You can get help from


Can Acne Be Caused by Masturbation?

Acne is not associated with masturbation. The formation of acne due to masturbation is a complete myth. When there are a lot of physiological changes going on during adolescence, acne can occur.


Which Foods Can Cause Acne?

It is necessary to avoid the following foods as it can cause acne.
- Refined grains.
- Sugars.
- Whey protein powder.
- Fast food.
- Dairy products.
- Foods that are rich in omega-6 Fats.
- Chocolate.


What Are the Ways to Clear Acne Faster?

The following tips will be helpful in clearing the acne faster.
- Application of apple cider vinegar.
- Spot treatment with tea tree oil.
- Apply green tea to your skin.
- Apply witch hazel.
- Moisturize with aloe vera.
- Take a fish oil supplement.


How Can I Clear up Acne Fast?

Medications with Isotretinoin is very helpful in healing the acne faster. This medication is suggested when several other drugs are unsuccessful. It is advisable for faster healing of several other skin conditions also.


Is It Possible to Cure Acne Vulgaris Permanently?

It is hard to achieve a permanent cure for acne vulgaris. The severe cysts and nodules can be treated with oral Isotretinoin. A permanent clearing in the acne is seen after intake of this drug. It has several side effects associated with it. So it is necessary to get a prescription from the doctor.


How Long Can Acne Vulgaris Last?

Acne vulgaris can occur in age groups between 10 and 30. It is known to affect young women. Skin is the common site of occurrence in individuals. In young adults, acne can increase during the time of the menstrual period. The duration of occurrence can vary from one person to another.


Can Acne Indicate Poor Health?

Acne does not necessarily mean the occurrence of poor health. It can be due to a hormonal imbalance. The medical condition of the patient should be considered. If an imbalance in the diet pattern can cause acne, such foods should be avoided.


What Happens if Acne Is Left Untreated?

In most cases, the acne can clear itself after many years. It is not a threatening condition. Acne can develop at multiple sites if it is left untreated. If it appears as a multiple lesion, then it can produce severe scarring and pigmentation.


What Are the Home Remedies for Acne Vulgaris?

The home remedies for acne vulgaris are:
- Aloe vera.
- Cinnamon and honey mask.
- Green tea.


What Is the Actual Cause of Acne Vulgaris?

Acne vulgaris develops due to the obstruction of an oily substance that is plugging the hair follicles. The infections with the bacteria can also trigger the occurrence of acne vulgaris. Anxiety and certain medications can also cause acne vulgaris.


What Are the Precautionary Measures for Acne Vulgaris?

The precautionary measures to be followed for the prevention of acne vulgaris are:
- It is necessary to wash your face twice daily.
- It is mandatory to keep the hair clean.
- Picking at pimples should be avoided.
-Topical retinoids.
- Harsh scrubbing should be stopped.


How Do You Get Rid of Acne Vulgaris Naturally?

The following ways are helpful in getting rid of acne vulgaris naturally.
- You can try making a mask with honey and cinnamon mask.
- Take appropriate Zinc supplements.
- You can moisturize with aloe vera.
- You can try applying green tea to the skin.


What Is the Treatment for Acne Vulgaris?

The initial treatment process should begin with benzoyl peroxide. Topical application of retinoids and antibiotics can also be used. Oral pills of Tetracycline are known to be beneficial. Doxycycline and Minocycline are highly effective drugs. It is necessary to get recommendations from your doctor before going for it.

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