Choking is a hazard commonly seen in young children. For an adult, mostly choking happens while eating something fast. Whenever a foreign body gets stuck at the windpipe or at the junction of the airway and food pipe, one starts to choke. It is very important to do the needful to remove the obstruction and clear the windpipe at the earliest. The lack of oxygen supply may lead to death.

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I choked on an N-Acetyl Cysteine capsule two months back, and now I feel a lump sensation and hoarseness in my throat. Why?

Query: Hi doctor,Two months back, I accidentally choked on the supplement capsule N-Acetyl Cysteine 600 mg that has gelatin.I, of course, went to the hospital and first had a computed tomography scan. I had lots of hoarsing but could breathe just fine and eat etc. I first took an X-ray with normal results,...  Read Full »

Dr. Muhammad Zubayer Alam

Answer: Hi, Welcome to can understand your concern.According to your statement, you had a history of accidental choking by gelatin-made capsule, and a follow-up computed tomography scan showed that the gelatin-made capsule was dissolving. But you are still suffering from chest pain around the ...  Read Full »

I am scared that the swallowed supplement entered my lungs. Please help.

Query: Hi doctor,I swallowed 600 mg of NAC supplements three hours ago. It went down the wrong pipe, and I could not cough it back up. I had choking, which was scary, and my mother made me sit down and calm down and take sips of water. I did this, then tried burping and choking it up, and a tiny piece came...  Read Full »

Dr. Fazil Shajahan

Answer: Hi,Welcome to understand your concern. According to your symptom, the supplement you took has entered the trachea causing severe discomfort. Usually, supplements in tablet form should disintegrate when it comes in contact with fluid unless it's a capsule which might take a little more ...  Read Full »

Does hypoxia occur if breathing is completely cut off?

Query: Hi doctor, I am worried about a parent whose child tried the popular choking game. They used a tie to go around their neck a few times. She told me the child did not pass out and continued to breathe when the cord was around their neck. Breathing was constricted, not as deep as when they would typi...  Read Full »

Dr. Gursimran Singh

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Hypoxia to the brain occurs when breathing is completely stopped for a few minutes. There are signs and symptoms of hypoxia brain injury, and in that case, walking, eating, and almost every other daily activity will be affected. The judgment will be affected for a fe...  Read Full »

Why is my baby not eating anything even when given forcefully?

Query: Hello doctor, I have a 2.5-year-old toddler who will only drinks milk. He refuses to eat anything. He will put the food in his mouth for the taste, then spit it out. He told me the other day that he is scared to eat. This has been going on for a year, and I took him to three doctors, but it is only...  Read Full »

Dr. Adithya Sunka

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I understand the kind of distress you are going through currently. Definitely all your concerns will be addressed.  Read Full »

I have breathing difficulty with cold while lying down. Please help.

Query: Hi doctor,I do not know what happened, but I stopped being able to breathe the last night. It was terrifying. My nose was stuffed up and I have been trying to get over the cold for almost 16 days now. I was laying on my back and had a dream (it was not scary at all). During the dream, I realized tha...  Read Full »

Dr. Sagar Ramesh Makode

Answer: Hi, Welcome to The most probable explanation is nasal stuffiness and especially during sleep it makes one choked. While awake and mobile nasal stuffiness decreases and we tend to breathe through the¬†mouth, which is not always during sleep. It can happen again if nasal stuffiness is not...  Read Full »

I feel discomfort after accidental choking for a few seconds. Why?

Query: Hi doctor, I am a 21-year-old healthy male with no underlying conditions. Today about six to seven hours ago, I was getting a haircut and the barber had the cape/blanket around my neck pretty tight and so I asked him to loosen it and when he did, he yanked it back before unbuttoning it and it choke...  Read Full »

Dr. Mehak Agarwal

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Your symptom seems to be temporary. You need not worry about it. You can take a plain Paracetamol 750 mg (Tylenol) twice daily for three days after food. Tylenol will not only reduce the pain and discomfort but also the inflammation post-injury. Instead of Semitheco...  Read Full »

Is it normal for cough after choking to last the entire day in a child?

Query: Hi doctor, My niece, who is 1 year and 8 months old, got choked today when she drank her milk. She got cough because of the choke, but the cough keeps coming back the whole day. I thought it was just a simple choke as it is just milk. Why does it last for the whole day?  Read Full »

Dr. Arti Sharma

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Choking while drinking occurs because infants airways are small. Also, if the baby is drinking milk fast some of it can go into the windpipe. Cough reflex immediately after choking is the body's protective mechanism to expel it out. Your niece is still coughing, so it...  Read Full »

I experience hand trembling, chest pain, choking feeling, light-headed,etc. Do I have a panic attack?

Query: Hello doctor,I think I have a panic attack or panic disorder because I experience hand trembling, chest pain, feeling choking, light-headed, difficult to breathe, numbness, nausea, a sudden fear of death, sometimes fainted, and tightness in my throat but my parents do not believe me. I am sick, and ...  Read Full »

Dr. Ajit Naik

Answer: Hello, Welcome to You are right, these are panic symptoms. You can get yourself checked for a thyroid function test and a clinical examination from a doctor nearby to find out if there is some other reason for these episodes, which can happen in thyroid problems. If your doctor finds ...  Read Full »

Why is a vascular dementia patient having choking?

Query: Hello doctor,My 89-year-old husband is on Coumadin, no other medications. He has vascular dementia. I took him off all antipsychotic drugs a year ago and he is no longer aggressive. A few weeks ago he began choking. I took him to the ER. They diagnosed acid reflux. I disagreed as he does not have th...  Read Full »

Dr. Ashaq Hussain Parrey

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I went through your post. Well, choking is one of the leading causes of death in elderly with age more than 75 and causes are usually food related like too spicy for age, hard food or hot food abs sometimes aerated drinks. The condition is aggravated by what is calle...  Read Full »

I have severe anxiety issues with eating and drinking. Can you help me?

Query: Hello doctor, I have been recently having severe anxiety issues, especially with eating and drinking. Recently, I was eating peanut butter and I was afraid some of it may have gone down the wrong pipe. There was no urge to cough except for me coughing out of being scared of aspirating it. It did fe...  Read Full »

Dr. Penchilaprasad Kandikattu

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Have you choked any time? What is the result of your reports? You may be suffering from anxiety neurosis/ phobia while eating. If you are feeling dysphagia, that may be due to acid reflex but it will not cause aspiration in the daytime. During night time acids reg...  Read Full »

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