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Where would the blood drain when the mesentery and pancrease has a big bleeding tear?

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Published At February 28, 2020
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Hello doctor,

I did see the facts I was looking for on your site. Maybe you can answer some questions the best you can. This is about a 16-year-old female. If the mesentery and/or pancreas has a tear in one or both and if that tear was big enough to bleed, where would the blood go? Would it go through the tract of the vagina or rectal tract to seep blood out of the body? How long does it take the body and skin to show bruises or an area that has been injured somehow? When you cut let us say your arm or leg with some kind of tool. After the cut, when does the blood start clotting? If someone was sexually assaulted and have tears from stretching or penetration. When do the tears start healing? How long will it take minutes, or hours, or days, or months?


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Pancreas is highly vascular and is surrounded by major vessels. Hence pancreatic trauma may be associated with life-threatening hemorrhage and shock. Pancreatic injury or pancreatic trauma can be as follows. Due to blunt trauma as well and car accidents when the internal hemorrhage ensues into the peritoneal cavity it leads to peritonitis or retroperitoneal hematoma. When it is because of sharp penetrating injury as in stabbing external hemorrhage the wound occurs. A bruise is bleeding under the skin and is due to the rupture of vessels in the skin due to blow or any impact. The timeframe for the appearance of bruise is in relation to the amount of the injury. In case of significant trauma it appears immediately. The classic feature of the bruise is to change its color. The force that is enough to rupture the skin capillaries is all that defines the bruise. When you suffer a cut your body immediately reacts in seconds to stop bleeding by hemostasis. Your blood should clot with in one to nine minutes by primary platelet plug formation. Again the time is variable as it depends on the nature and depth of the wound. If it does not clot in nine minutes, it should be evaluated for platelet dysfunction. Vaginal tears like any other wound start healing immediately after the injury. But again time for healing is based on the degree of the tear. First degree or second degree vaginal years usually heal within seven to ten days. Third and fourth degree may take months to recover. Any vaginal tear longer than an inch requires suturing. I hope this helps.

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Dr. Geetha Priyadarsini Kamminana
Dr. Geetha Priyadarsini Kamminana

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