A bruise is also known as a contusion. It is a skin injury that creates discoloration of the skin. Blood from damaged blood vessels gets collected beneath the skin, giving it bluish or black marks. It often occurs due to trauma, septic infection, intake of medications like Aspirin, ankle sprain, and sports injuries. It can be managed by giving rest to the injured area, applying ice, giving compresses using an elastic bandage, and elevating the area.

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My toenail is bleeding and bruised for the third time, but I have a sports event in three days. What precautions should I take?

Query: Hi doctor, My toenail is bruised and bleeding.. This is the third time it has happened and I have a sporting event in two days. What precautions should I take? Thank you.  Read Full »

Dr. Veerabhadrudu Kuncham

Answer: Hi, Welcome to My advice, Clean the area around the injured toenail with warm water and soap, and gently pat dry. Avoid rubbing the area with a towel. Apply an ice pack to the injured toenail for 15 to 20 minutes, several times a day. This will help reduce swelling and pain. Keep your ...  Read Full »

After getting a Heparin injection in my stomach to prevent blood clots, I have been experiencing intense pain at the injection site. What should I do?

Query: Hello doctor, I was in the hospital for 3 days for the flu. A nurse came in and said she was going to give me an injection in my stomach that would help me not to get blood clots. The medication is called Heparin. I told her that I had stomach ulcers before. She said it was fine. I was so sick with ...  Read Full »

Dr. Mahmoud Ahmed Abdelrahman Abouibrahim

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I understand your concerns. Heparin injections in low doses are given routinely in the hospital for patients who are not moving much in order to avoid blood clotting in their leg veins. Heparin in such low doses is safe, and you should not worry. Why do you think the...  Read Full »

I have a painless bruise in my gums caused by a trauma during extraction. What to do?

Query: Hello doctor, I have a question regarding my gums. Two to three months ago, I went to a dentist to get a cavity pulled out, and while he was using the instrument, he accidentally hit my front teeth with full force. It hurt a lot. The sides (where the cavity was) were numb and still hurt. Later, I re...  Read Full »

Dr. Geethanjali. S. S

Answer: Hello, Welocme to I have read through your query and the relevant details and looked at the picture you have attached (attachment removed to protect the patient's identity). If it had happened during the dental treatment, it should heal independently as the gums can heal naturally. Yo...  Read Full »

When does the blood start clotting after an injury?

Query: Hello doctor, I did see the facts I was looking for on your site. Maybe you can answer some questions the best you can. This is about a 16-year-old female. If the mesentery and/or pancreas has a tear in one or both and if that tear was big enough to bleed, where would the blood go? Would it go th...  Read Full »

Dr. Geetha Priyadarsini Kamminana

Answer: Hello,Welcome to is highly vascular and is surrounded by major vessels. Hence pancreatic trauma may be associated with life-threatening hemorrhage and shock.Pancreatic injury or pancreatic trauma can be as follows.Due to blunt trauma as well and car accidents when the internal ...  Read Full »

Why am I getting bruises on my legs often?

Query: Hi doctor, I keep getting bruises on both of my legs and they are in different colors. I have not banged recently and I do not know the reason. What can it be? I am regularly using an inhaler for asthma.  Read Full »

Dr. Rakesh Kumar Bahunuthula

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Easy bruisability is not an uncommon complaint and has multiple causes for it.As a baseline, you would need to undergo a panel of investigations to know regarding the status of your bleeding and clotting profile.Reasons can vary from simple normal skin tendency to vitamin...  Read Full »

I have a yellow itchy bruise on the top of my areola. What could it be?

Query: Hello doctor, I am a 21-year-old female with 5'7 height and 168 lbs in weight. I have a yellow bruise on the top of my areola. And when I noticed it over two weeks ago, my whole breast started to itch, and it never stopped. There is no discharge or pain. I have not done anything to bruise it. I hav...  Read Full »

Dr. Sushil Kakkar

Answer: Hello, Welcome to A bruise is due to tissue bleeding and is usually bluish or bluish-red. It is never yellow. Moreover, a bruise is never itchy. Therefore the condition that you have is not a bruise, and it is something else. I would keep a possibility of either eczematous dermatitis, t...  Read Full »

Are stings, breast lump, bruising, and hair fall signs of cancer?

Query: Hi doctor, I am an 18 year old girl. I am feeling stings in my upper body for quite some time. The stings are sometimes in my chest and sometimes in my lower abdomen. They last for nearly 40 seconds, but are occasional. And there is a lump in my right breast. It is a solid lump and it does not ca...  Read Full »

Dr. Naresh Kumar M.

Answer: Hi, Welcome to First calm down and be relaxed. By stings I understand sting like sensation that lasts for 40 seconds. I need more details on that. Do they occur more when you are tensed? Because, it is rare. Second problem you said was that you have a lump in the breast, which is...  Read Full »

The bruise on the face of my child has not healed yet. Why?

Query: Hello doctor,The bruise on the face of my child has not healed yet. Kindly help.  Read Full »

Dr. Goswami Parth Rajendragiri

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I read your query and understand your concern. Kindly answer the following questions. After trauma, has any investigation been done? Was there a fracture over the facial bone at the time of injury? Was any treatment taken? A bruise is because of the rupture of ...  Read Full »

What can be done for the bruises on my daughter's leg that appear without injury?

Query: Hi doctor, This query is regarding my 8 year old daughter. She has been constantly getting bruises on her legs. We think this bruise occurs automatically and may not be due to injury. We have been noticing these bruises for the past 6 to 7 years. It fades away automatically after few days. We c...  Read Full »

Dr. Veerendra Channabasappa Patil

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I have seen the attached reports (attachment removed to protect patient identity). Your description of the symptoms of your child seems to be significant, as the bruises are spontaneous. I would be interested to know the following points. Was there any swelling at the ...  Read Full »

I have a bruise on my arm after plasma transfusion. Why?

Query: Hi doctor, I have a really bad bruise on my arm after giving plasma. I think it might be a blood clot. I am an 18 year old male.  Read Full »

Dr. Nagaraj

Answer: Hi, Welcome to By looking at the picture and history provided (attachment removed to protect patient identity), I think it is a small dispersed hematoma because of leakage of blood from the blood vessels. As it has happened at the site of venepuncture, it is mainly because of inad...  Read Full »

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