What is the role of calcium in blocking blood vessels?Is it reversible?

Q. What is the role of calcium in blocking blood vessels?Is it reversible?

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Hi doctor,

My medical condition, background information, current lifestyle and medications are as follows. My cardiac calcium score was over 4,500 before four years and is now over 9,400. Angioplasty before six months revealed mid right coronary artery stenosis of less than 50% and diffused LAD 20% to 30% but no focal stenosis visualized. It also shows large diagonal branch from proximal segment of LAD with stenosis of 60% to 70%, left circumflex artery with 30% of stenosis at the ostium and 30% to 40% of stenosis on its proximal segment and one large obtuse marginalo visualized without significant stenosis. RCA is large and dominant. In mid distal segment of RCA there is 70% stenosis. There is moderate degree of calcification in proximal RCA. Left ventriculogram showed estimated ejection fraction of 60% to 65% with no significant wall motion abnormalities. During angioplasty interventionist was unable to place a stent and said RCA was like cement. Subsequent cardiac calcium scan revealed left main and LAD 1575, LCX 1276, RCA 6589. In pericardium there is no evidence of calcification or effusion. Enlargement of ascending aorta is 4.3 cm. I am asymptomatic. I use to do exercise daily and have a pretty good diet. I do have minor ischemia. I stopped taking calcium supplements after the angioplasty. I take 400 mg of Magnesium glycinate daily, 5000 IU of vitamin D about 4 times a week and 45 mcg of vitamin K2 daily. I use a transdermal Magnesium chloride spray (EASE) on the chest area daily. I am taking a variety of supplements including Omega 3, vitamin C, CLA, L-Camatine, Ubiquinol, Strontium for my senior osteoporosis, Pycnogenol, Mycophyto (combination of 6 mushrooms and garlic). I am also taking medications which include Plavix 75 mg daily, Verapamil ER 300 mg, Simcor 500/20 mg and Aspirin (enteric coated) 81 mg. I have been told by three cardiologists that calcification is irreversible and probably genetic. My questions are is cardiac calcification an irreversible condition? Does any significant (and accessible) studies prove that? Whether addition of crystallized magnesium chloride is helpful for decalcification process? If so what are the other forms of magnesium can I take along with it? Whether oral chelation (EDTA supplements) is safe and effective in decalcification and recommended doses? Do Aspirin or Plavix block GLA and cause calcification? I am pleased for your recommendation.



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I assure you not to worry as everything is going to be fine if proper care and treatment is opted in for. I have thoroughly gone through your case and can well understand your genuine health concerns.

The Probable causes:

Cardiac calcification if not yet gone to the level of irreversible stage, can be reversed. But I want to add that we may prevent but not reverse the advanced calcification. Lot of researches available on this topic, some in favor and some against this school of thought. Dr. Dean in her Book The Magnesium Miracle says "Crush a calcium pill and dissolve it in 1 oz of water, some portion will left over undissolved. Now take Magnesium pill, crush and slowly stir it in that water. Miraculously, undissolved calcium will start dissolve. Same happens inside human body". Calcium and magnesium are important parts of the body and coronary vessels also have the same salts in it. Calcium if accumulated, magnesium salts are used for dissolution of the calcium. Same is true with kidney calcium stones. Muscle spasms, hardened vessels in cardiovascular system and even weaker bones and dental cavities can occur if you have less magnesium in the body. Magnesium pushes the calcium in bones and teeth and blood is cleared of the toxic effects of the calcium excess. Bone mineral density is actually under the control of magnesium, not calcium. Very authentic studies have shown all the benefits of magnesium usage for calcification reduction. The level of your calcification and the triple vessel disease which you have all made the three cardiologists more justified to say it is irreversible. But let me add that it will stop it here (if not genetic predominant) and further calcification will be lowered.

Treatment plan:

Yes, crystallized magnesium chloride is beneficial. But should not mix it with other forms of Magnesium. This is a good salt and take it alone if prescribed. But you are already taking a good form and that is Glycinate. Yes, EDTA (Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) (chelation) supplements are effective to some extent. They actually bind to the extra salts including calcium and chelates them and saves body from side effects and toxicities of overload (orally one capsule a day). No, they do not block Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). There is not much research done and a little data available on this issue. But I usually say that whatever Aspirin or Plavix do to the GLA, they are inevitable and the benefits overweigh the risks.

Preventive measures:

I need some answers, to assist you better. Have you been prescribed Magnesium Chloride (crystallized) and EDTA supplements? Which joints are mainly involved in osteoporosis? What is your lipid profile levels? Are you diabetic and taking medications? But I cannot see about it in the history. How much remains your blood pressure? Do you take some dietary fiber supplement? How much water do you take daily? In a follow up query, please do answer these.

Regarding follow up:

Revert back with answers to the above questions.

Thank you for your thoughtful response doctor,

You mentioned the possibility of some decalcification, irreversibility of the advanced calcification and the possible prevention of further calcification. Based on the previous information and the details I am providing in this follow up, could you please let me know approximately. The percentage of the decalcification I should achieve? How specifically can I bring the reversal? Measures to prevent further calcification. I suppose these are the core questions. I understand the explanation of the undissolved crushed calcium being followed by additional calcium. Currently, I have stopped taking calcium supplements but still I have normal range blood calcium. Should I begin calcium again? How can I apply Dr. Dean's findings to my situation? I am taking 400 mg of Magnesium glycinate daily and also transdermal Magnesium chloride. I am going to start adding the crystallized Calcium chloride once daily. But in your answer you said to take either former or latter. Which is preferable, the glycinate or chloride? If glycinate, is 400 mg sufficient? If chloride, which is better, transdermal or oral? Among the other supplements and medicines I described in original query. Is there anything that could promote calcification? Please ensure whether I am taking sufficient vitamin K2? How do I know I have the correct balance between vitamin K2 and D3? Is vitamin K2intake a significant contributor to decalcification? I read a book about a year ago called "The Calcium Bomb," that characterizes the calcium deposits as nanobacteria. Has this been proven wrong, or is it still a viable theory. Answers to your "Preventive Measures" questions: The Magnesium chloride was discovered accidentally. My sister-in-law has taken this for years. When she heard of my problem, she gave us a bag of crystals, stated on the label that they aid in decalcification of the arteries. The crystals are diluted in water and then taken in 1 oz dose mixed in a 4 oz glass of juice. I tried them and had some constipation issues. That lead us to the transdermal form (EASE), which I have been regularly using, spraying on chest and carotid arteries. EDTA - I had never tried this, but have read about it. I recently heard of a doctor here doing a clinical study on chelation therapy, but he is confining study to those who have already suffered a heart attack. I have always been reluctant to take the EDTA supplements because they are not regulated and I have no idea of the safety and effective dosage. Joints involved in Osteoporosis are Mild osteopenia in left hip (18% increase in density since 2004 - 2% decrease since 2009), Severe osteopenia in right hip (5% increase since 2004 - 3% increase since 2009), Normal lumbar spine (34% increase since 2004 - 10% increase since 2009), Right femoral neck 74% of expected value, T-Value -2.2, Lumbar spine L2 through L4, density 1.233, T-Value -0.1, Left femoral neck density 0.888 g/cm^3- 83% of expected value, T-value -1.4, Lipid profile - cholesterol 137; HDL 65, LDL 56, triglycerides 78. I am non diabetic. I am taking medications (cardiac) Verapamil 300 mg, Simcor 500/20 mg, Plavix 75 mg, Aspirin/enteric coated 81 mg. My BP is in normal range between 120 to 130 mmHg over 70 to 80 mmHg. I take dietary fiber supplements such as Benefiber daily and Align probiotic daily. Normally I drink water of 4 glasses (12 oz) daily along with 4 oz aloe and 4 oz pomegranate juice, about three cups decaf coffee and a glass of red wine with dinner.



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The Probable causes:

If I take into account cumulatively all of the information provided by you so far and answer your recent queries. It is a very subjective question, so is the answer. It depends on the intake of quality food, active lifestyle, control of comorbidities and other factors. That reversal is already on its way no matter to how much extent but it will go on as you have a good diet and lifestyle is very conducive for the same. You may specifically prevent further calcification by reducing salts intake in diet especially calcium fortified foods, etc. Keep the lifestyle and diet as you are already on. It is a very nice combination for you and you are already on. There is no need to start with calcium again. Dr. Dean's findings were just to tell you the miraculous role of magnesium in dissolving the calcium inside the body and the heart vessels. It meant that magnesium dissolves the excessive calcium from the blood vessels and do not let it precipitate and clog the blood vessels. Magnesium supplements work like that. Glycinate 400 mg is good and sufficient and leave all the others. None of your supplements or medicines promote calcification. Your vitamin K2 supplement dose is well sufficient. Your blood work and serial investigations reveal the correct balance between Vitamin K2 and D3. As far not much research available to prove that vitamin K2 is a significant contributor to decalcification, but generally it is considered to some extent. The theory given in the book "The Calcium Bomb" regarding calcium is still viable and I remember the words somewhere in my library shelf "The Calcium Bomb". Your joint issues are mostly age related changes. Lipid profile is not so bad. Overall, there is nothing found remarkable that may harm you much.

Regarding follow up:

For further concerns, consult a cardiologist online.

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