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What are my neurological symptoms pointing at?

Query: Hi doctor, I am a 21-year-old male with a weight of 50 kilograms and a height of five feet five inches. I have extreme fatigue for few days. I have unbearable pressure in my head, behind my eyes and ears. I have neck stiffness lasting for 40 minutes. I am unable to move my head in any direction a...  Read Full »

Dr. Aida Quka


Answer: Hi, Welcome to I have gone through your query and test reports. Regarding your complaints, you can have any metabolic disorder. Check your vitamin D levels. You have phosphorous levels in borderline. You need to do a brain MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) to rule out the cause for...  Read Full »

Are antibody detection testing confirmatory?

Query: Hi doctor, My 26-year-old daughter had a tick bite and tested positive for Lyme disease this summer. She took a month-long round of Doxycycline. She re-tested last week, and she was still testing positive for Lyme antibodies on the Western blot test. Her first antibody test was 1.91 antibodies. The...  Read Full »

Dr. Penchala Prasad Kandikattu

General Medicine Physician, Internal Medicine Physician

Answer: Hi, Welcome to There is no need to take one more antibiotics course because Lyme disease antibodies may stay in the body for years. Only antibody detection is not confirmatory for diagnosis. Few false-positives may be seen in viral fevers, autoimmune diseases, and viral infections. So...  Read Full »

What are the diagnostic tests for Lyme disease?

Query: Hello doctor, I have chronic migraines with pituitary hyperplasia. Can someone interpret what my report indicate?  Read Full »

Dr. Nasir

Pain Medicine Physician, Internal Medicine Physician, General Medicine Physician

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I have gone through the report that you put up (attachment removed to protect patient identity). If I am not mistaken, all three antibodies done for Lymes disease are absent, which means that you do not have Lyme's disease. If any of the three columns had positi...  Read Full »

Why do I have confusion and significant short-term memory loss?

Query: Hi doctor, I recently had a serum PEL IFE with a free light chain analysis. PEL and IFE were normal, but elevated kappa 39.86 mg/L and lambda 19 mg/L with the ratio of 2:1. The test was done due to persistent and worsening polyneuropathy. Currently, I am having confusion and significant short-term m...  Read Full »

Dr. Anshul Varshney

Criticalcare Physician, Diabetologist, General Medicine Physician, Internal Medicine Physician, Medical Gastroenterologist, Nephrologist, Pulmonologist, Rheumatologist

Answer: Hi, Welcome to We are here to help you. These reports need evaluation for the cause of multiple myeloma. However, I do not strongly suspect it based on these reports as a lot of the asymptomatic general population has an elevated kappa chain with no significance. Still, a bone marrow e...  Read Full »

Can Lyme disease remain asymptomatic for about 20 years?

Query: Hello doctor, Can you have Lyme disease for 20 years and not know until now? I am diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2001. The same year, I went camping and came home with tick. Tick was found and removed by a physical therapist. I feel all symptoms of Lyme disease. My fingers are curling at the first ...  Read Full »

Dr. Rajiv Ranjan Kumar

Rheumatologist, General Medicine Physician, Internal Medicine Physician

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Lyme disease is generally divided into three phases: early localized, early disseminated, and late phase. Late Lyme disease occurs months to a few years after the onset of infection and may not be preceded by a history of early localized or disseminated Lyme disease. Ar...  Read Full »

Is treatment necessary for Lyme disease?

Query: Hi doctor, One laboratory report says that I am positive for Lyme disease and another lab report says it is negative. Both used serum and western blot. I was in tick borne Lyme areas overseas but do not recall a bite specifically. I have positive ANA test (speckled pattern 1:80), anti ds-DNA 8 iU/...  Read Full »

Dr. Durgesh Srivastava


Answer: Hi, Welcome to Your ANA (antinuclear antibody) report is not much significant. Lyme disease test IgG positivity reflects its chronic presence. Many of your neurological symptoms could be attributed to it. However, few symptoms need further evaluation by a rheumatologist, because the p...  Read Full »

What can cause very sore joints and muscles?

Query: Hi doctor, I have been sick for the last two years with the following symptoms. Fatigue, ringing in ears, very sore joints, sore muscles, follicular carcinoma, passing out, and extreme headaches. I am taking Synthroid currently. I just had a flow cytometry and numerous bouts of blood work. I have a...  Read Full »

Dr. Prakash H Muddegowda

Geriatrician, Hematologist, Pathologist

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Based on test results, my opinion is, it could be chronic Lyme disease. Low CD57 with additional symptoms provided except follicular carcinoma, could be due to chronic Lyme disease. Chronic Lyme disease is associated with a decrease in the CD57 lymphocyte subset that m...  Read Full »

Are my joint pain, depression, and Lyme disease related?

Query: Hi doctor, Recently, I visited my primary doctor's office, but he was on vacation. I was seen by a nurse practitioner. My main complaint is leg swelling, joint pain, and stomach aches. She asked me to do a series of lab tests and to return a week and a half later. When I went back, she told me that...  Read Full »

Dr. Muhammad M. Hanif Md.

Cardiologist, Criticalcare Physician, General Medicine Physician, Internal Medicine Physician

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I assure you not to worry at all as things may get settled with proper care and follow-up.  Read Full »

Can Lyme disease cause any change in the ECG report?

Query: Hi doctor, Can you please review my ECG? I am on long-term Azithromycin and Minocycline for Lyme disease.  Read Full »

Dr. Isaac Gana


Answer: Hello, Welcome to I have gone through your ECG result (attachment removed to protect patient identity), and I can see evidence of a second degree AV block (atrioventricular block), which is a common finding amongst patients with Lyme's disease. Since you have already been placed on a...  Read Full »

Epstein-Barr IgM is positive, but undetectable in PCR. Still, I am sick, could it be chronic fatigue?

Query: Hi doctor, I have had reactivated Epstein-Barr for a year. I recently got a blood test, which said, faint monoclonal band detected in the gamma region, repeat blood test in six months. There is no immunoparesis, and my levels have risen in the last four months, but still in the normal range. What d...  Read Full »

Dr. Shinas Hussain A P

Family Physician, General Practitioner

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I have gone through your query, and I can understand your concerns. The brief history you have described suggest a possibility of past infection with EBV (Ebstein-Barr virus). Probably you had an episode of IMN( infectious mononucleosis) in the childhood, which is quit...  Read Full »

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