Nasal Congestion

Nasal congestion is when the nose feels stuffy due to swelling of the blood vessels caused by excess fluid accumulation. It is a symptom of many health conditions like sinusitis, cold and flu, allergy, deviated septum, drug addiction, enlarged adenoids, nasal polyp, etc.

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I have chronic nasal congestion, and my lymphocyte count is high. Will you Suggest any solutions?

Query: Hello doctor, I am a 20-year-old male. I have had nasal congestion for the past three weeks, which is not getting cured. I was also suffering from nausea and increased bowel movements. The nausea is cured, but I feel sick inside. Is it anything serious? In my CBC reports, the neutrophils are 44 %, ...  Read Full »

Dr. Goswami Parth Rajendragiri

Answer: Hi, Welcome to You have not mentioned the medication that you are taking. According to your CBC report, you have high lymphocytes count. It is suggestive of a viral infection of the upper respiratory tract. Therefore, I suggest you do the following investigations. Rhinoscopy nose exami...  Read Full »

My baby has been making snoring noises while breathing, sleeping, and playing for the past two days. What should I do?

Query: Hello doctor, My baby is 11 months old. My baby has been making snoring sounds while breathing, sleeping, and playing for the past two days. Her nose is blocked mildly, but she has no runny nose. I can also feel the sound with my hands over her back. What should I do? Does she need medications? Kind...  Read Full »

Dr. Jeffrey Aaron

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Thank you for your query. I understand your concern. Congestion can indicate a viral upper respiratory infection. I suggest you follow a few instructions mentioned below to relieve congestion. Use normal saline nasal drops, two drops in each nostril every three to...  Read Full »

What can be done for swollen turbinates due to rebound congestion?

Query: Hello doctor, I am on rebound congestion because of misuse of the nasal spray. I have used it seven days not knowing that will cause me rebound effect. My ENT doctor says to continue my spray due to my dry nasal congestion I think. Now I went back to him saying that, I had rebound congestion and m...  Read Full »

Dr. Shyam Kalyan. N

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Why do you feel the turbinates are not getting reduced? Is it because you see those big in the mirror? Is there any symptomatic improvement in nose block after the use of Mometasone? Turbinates usually increase and decrease in their size a few times a day. Additional...  Read Full »

Is there any other way besides nasal spray to relieve my congested nose daily?

Query: Hi doctor, From the past 3 or 4 years, my nose has been reliant on nose sprays. I wake up, and I am congested. I go through my day, and I am congested. My sinuses feel like they swell up. I do not have a runny nose. It is just swelling. I do not believe it is allergies because I would take Benadryl ...  Read Full »

Dr. Prathap

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Chronic usage of decongestants leads to a condition called as rhinitis medicamentosa. This will cause an increase in symptoms, in spite of treatment. Gradually taper and stop the decongestants therapy, as it will be harmful you further. Continue with tablet Dazit (Desl...  Read Full »

Does Montelukast given for nasal congestion cause mental side effects?

Query: Hello doctor, I visited an ENT Doctor for my persistent nasal congestion. He found out some issues with my internal nasal anatomy, but he said that it is not much deviated and can be managed by medications. He prescribed furoate nasal steroid spray for one month and tablet Odimont-LC for 20 days. I ...  Read Full »

Dr. Sugreev Singh

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I understand your concern. Actually, tablet Ondimont-LC is a combination of Levocetirizine and Montelukast, an anti-allergic and excellent drug for allergic rhinitis. So I suggest you use this drug. All the nasal congestion and runny noses are caused by allergies such ...  Read Full »

During dental treatment, my airway becomes blocked, and I cannot exhale through my nose. Why?

Query: Hello doctor, During dental examination or treatment, my airway becomes blocked, and I cannot exhale through my nose. The dentists tell me to raise my hand if I need a break, but no one seems to know anything about this. It is very uncomfortable and exacerbates my anxiety. Kindly advise.   Read Full »

Dr. Krishna Swaroop Achanta

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I totally understand your concerns. I am a maxillofacial surgeon, and I will need a further chat with you regarding your medical history. Coming to the point, because you are on calcium channel blockers and ace inhibitor drugs that are given for your blood pressure and...  Read Full »

Kindly explain nasal CT scan taken for rebound congestion in nostril.

Query: Hi doctor, My nasal CT Scan reports say: Deviation of the nasal septum to the left side with a septal spur on the left side impinging left interior turbinate visualized. Inferior turbinate hypertrophy visualized on both sides. Mild middle turbinate hypertrophy visualized on both sides. Mild bilater...  Read Full »

Dr. Subhadeep Karanjai

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Let me help you understand your report point by point. Deviated nasal septum means the midline partition dividing your nose into two cavities is not straight. It is deviated to the left side. Inferior turbinate is a small curved bone in the side of the nasal cavity. T...  Read Full »

What can be done to relieve blocked nose at night?

Query: Hello doctor, I am a 73-year-old male. Due to nostril blockages at night, my sleep is limited to around two hours at a time. I then turn over and the other nostril blocks and get around two hours of sleep. I use an inhaler which works for a short while. Please advise what I can do. I usually get aro...  Read Full »

Dr. Mahmoud Ahmed Abdelrahman Abouibrahim

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Thanks for your query. I understand your concerns. The nasal block is a common issue, and it is usually due to allergy and increase in the winter season. Also, there is Aspirin-induced nasal block and it should be excluded. I suggest Physiomer nasal spray before be...  Read Full »

I am facing breathing difficulties after getting exposed to chemicals. Please help.

Query: Hi doctor,I have been experiencing one new problem, which has unfortunately caused me a bit of an issue. Three months back, I went to the bathroom to use a mold spray as it had quite a bit of mold on the wall that needed removing.Unfortunately, I made a mistake that led to the problem I am currently...  Read Full »

Dr. Fazil Shajahan

Answer: Hello, Welcome to The symptom you are experiencing is probably due to the chemicals you inhaled, which have irritated your nasal mucosa. You can take the antihistamine tablet Allegra (Fexofenadine) and nasal decongestants like Xylometazoline. If you are still getting persisting symptoms...  Read Full »

I am suffering from sinusitis, a congested nose, and a headache for the past 10 days. Kindly help

Query: Hello doctor, I am a married woman and a mother of a small baby. My doctor said that I am suffering from sinusitis. I have had a cold for the past ten days. My right nose is congested and the mucus is thick, and greenish. There is a sharp pain in the left side of my forehead and it hurts a lot when ...  Read Full »

Dr. Akshay B K

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I went through your query and understood your concern. However, I have a few questions. 1. Have you been prescribed antibiotics? 2. Are you sure you have pain in your left forehead? Because you said your right nose appears congested, please be clear. 3. Do you have...  Read Full »

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